Versatile Mage

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Did Water Flood Your Brain?

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“Our Mu Family received some cultivation resources for the Fire element a while ago; unfortunately, most of the people in the manor are Ice elemental users. Your fire-elemental talent is not bad at all; your cultivation even surprised me. Thus, I’d like to give these resources to you. From now on, when you’re not attending classes, you may cultivate with Mu Jiangming,” Mu Zhuoyun said as he stroked his beard.

These words were said in public!

From Mu Zhuoyun’s point of view, doing this also gave Mo Fan a lot of face!

The branch disciples within the manor scheme, wanting to display their abilities to me; yet, I don’t even give them the slightest bit of attention. A person like Mo Fan, who isn’t even a disciple of the Mu family, receiving this kind of opportunity is simply a huge leap in fortune!

In this society, there would always be some exceptions. With him being the Head of the Mu Family, he couldn’t just be narrow or small minded and only pay attention to the disciples within.

“Brother…this…how could this be? Mu Bai’s talent is even better. Perhaps he was just a bit nervous today; thus he wasn’t able to display his utmost abilities. Also, he is from our family, to begin with…..” Mu He was extremely shocked; he hastily spoke to Mu He.

After Mu Bai, who felt as though his heart had been pierced by thousands of arrows, heard this, he seemed as if he were a corpse being viciously whipped all over. It was a hideous appearance!

Damn, that was the opportunity to become an inner disciple which Mu Bai was looking for!

Mu Bai racked his brain so that he could erase the title of being just a branch disciple. Only after becoming a true core disciple of the Mu Family would he receive even more generous cultivation resources and no longer be that half a young master who freeloads under someone else’s roof.

It doesn’t matter if he didn’t receive it, but it was taken away by the person he hated the most!

This corpse was so pissed off; it almost resurrected!

“I have already made the decision. Mu He, you do not need to speak anymore,” Mu Zhuoyun waved his hand, his face maintained that slight smile as he looked at Mo Fan.

What’s wrong; are you getting too happy?

Hurry up and thank this Master for his kindness?

Mu Zhuoyun was relatively pleased with the fact that he could forget the former enmity and recruit the student who had no background. It seemed like he was a very understanding ruler.


“Mo Fan, why are you still startled? Hurry up and thank Master for his good grace,” Xue Musheng hastily urged Mo Fan.

Zhang Xiaohou, Lu Xiaobing, and Xu Qinglin were admiring him to no end.

In the past, Mo Fan was just a small, insignificant thing that one wouldn’t be able to find in the sea of people. In just a flash, he had become Mr. Perfect!

Mo Fan looked at Mu Zhuoyun who had a slight smile on his face; his own expression was quite startled.

Mo Fan regained his senses; he squished his lips together.

After a period had passed, Mo Fan finally opened his mouth, “Did your brain get flooded with water or something?”

“What did you say?” Mu Zhuoyun’s face was filled with doubt; it seemed like he didn’t hear what the kid said.

“I said, did water flood your brain or something?!” Mo Fan asked what he had before, word for word.

Everyone was able to clearly hear these words; however, their expressions were filled with confusion.


Brain get flooded?

He said Mu Zhuoyun’s brain was flooded?

Heavens, this Mo Fan has gone crazy!

Mu Zhuoyun heard this very clearly. He ferociously blew his beard as he carried a bit of rage and replied, “Your next few words better be a good explanation, or else…”

“An explanation? Of course, I have one,” Mo Fan nodded as he continued, “Don’t act like you didn’t suppress my family three years ago with your strong sense of justice. I, Mo Fan, am not someone who you can slap and then give some benefit for me to devote my life to you. Three years ago, you said things to my dad and I that were as if you were looking at a dog. Your memory may be bad, but I remember it very clearly. I’ll just tell you like this, you old scoundrel; don’t say that you want me to join your family as a disciple for my sake. Even if you were to send Mu Ningxue along with a dowry to me so I could enter your family, I still wouldn’t do it! Do you really think that all the people in the world revolve around your Mu Family? And you even expect me to be moved to tears?? Other than your brain getting flooded, I can’t think of what other kinds of problems you would have today!”

As he cursed, it was as though the suppressed anger within his heart was completely spat out. The entire process was completely smooth.

The Principal, the school directors, director Deng Kai, Mu He, Mu Bai, Zhao Kunsan, Xue Musheng, the students of eight class, as well as Mu Ningxue were completely shocked.

Mu Zhuoyun’s face was exceedingly gloomy at this point.


As he was angered by this, beneath Mu Zhuoyun’s feet grew a frozen, firm crystal ice. The cold aura emanated from the person’s anger was pervading throughout the air!

Mu Zhuoyun was angry, really angry!

He didn’t know how many years it had been since someone spoke to him like this. Calling him the tyrant of Bo City wasn’t completely wrong. The high tiered people of the same generation, the Principals of the Magic schools, the high-status people from Magic Association, and even Deng Kai from the Hunter’s Union would always treat him with respect. Even the people from the manor would be unable to breathe when they were in front of him. Who just gave this kid, Mo Fan, the guts to talk to him like that??!!

The aura filled the grounds.

A frightening ice ground!

The grounds filled with sand and grains were completely frozen into a solid ice crystal in just a few seconds with Mu Zhuoyun in the center!

The icy aura was vicious. The hot, summer day suddenly became winter. The training grounds also turned into an ice floor, like a gigantic mirror!

This mind-blowing scene scared the school’s students and caused them cry out in fear!

The training ground turned into an ice floor in just an instant. Mu Zhuoyun didn’t even cast any magic; he only relied on his aura to freeze the entire training ground. Just what kind of boundary had his cultivation reached?

Comparing Mu Bai’s previous, small Ice Spread, Mu Zhuoyun was simply a huge monster, incomparable.

“Zhuoyun, control your mood. This is a school, and there are also students with no defensive capabilities,” The school director who was also from the Hunter’s Union, Deng Kai, suddenly stood up, standing between Mu Zhuoyun and Mo Fan.

As Deng Kai stood in between them, Mu Zhuoyun’s intimidating power became somewhat weaker. However, the people in the surroundings were still intimidated to the point where they had difficulties breathing.

As Deng Kai stood in between them, a few people who could still move and Mrs. Tangyue’s pace came to a halt.

Tangyue didn’t permit Mu Zhuoyun to harm her students, even if she wasn’t a match for the Mu Zhuoyun, the Ice elemental Family Head.

* * *

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