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Chapter 2812 - Human Body Mural

Chapter 2812: Human Body Mural

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The herdsmen knew the weather in Helan Mountain very well. After two days, the sunlight dazzled the mountain terrain in the morning.

Mo Fan stretched and smiled. He never thought there would be such a day when cultivation could be so easy. It would have been great if Little Loach had reached such a level from the beginning. He would probably become the youngest Forbidden Mage in the world who was skilled in multiple elements.

His Fire Element had reached the third level!

The form of the Flame Demon King was Mo Fan’s strongest ability, and it could even compete with strong ruler-level creatures. His Fire Element had entered its peak. His entanglement with Little Flame Belle, as well as the Great Heaven Seed, Chongming Divine Fire, and Tiandi Flame Calamity, would make him comparable to the Goddess Soul Shadow from during the catastrophe of the Ancient Capital.

At that time, it even defeated the Mountain Zombie. Mo Fan’s mood was as bright as Helan Mountain in the brilliant sun!

“What did you dream about?” Mu Bai asked seeing him so happy.

Mo Fan touched his face and found that his cheeks were hot, and he grinned like an idiot. He wanted to hide his advancement and show his skills only when it was critical. But it turned out it was harder to hide his excitement.

“The sky is clear. Let’s hurry up and find the Underground Holy Spring quickly!” Mo Fan said.

Song Feiyao had woken up earlier than the two of them. She washed up with the clean water she carried before leaving the tent. She was looking for a suitable viewing angle.

When Mo Fan and Mu Bai found Song Feiyao, she seemed to have already determined the location.

“Would you like me to take you for a ride? I can fly very high.” Mo Fan wanted to show off his Black Dragon Wings to her.

“No, that’s okay.”

On Song Feiyao’s palm, there was a greenish-red seed constantly absorbing sunlight. The seed slid down to the barren soil and quickly spread out its strong roots beneath the soil. After the roots stabilized, a slender vine moved toward the air like a small green snake. The vines were very long. After it climbed for a while, Song Feiyao grabbed one position, and she flew into the air with the rapidly rising vines.

“This environmentally friendly sightseeing elevator is good,” Mo Fan commented.

Afterward, the two followed the vines that had grown to the sky into the air together. When they reached the same height as Song Feiyao, Mo Fan looked at the marked rock paintings.

All the rock paintings were to the east of them. At first, Mo Fan could not understand them, but as his field of vision became wider and his observation angle increased, Mo Fan was surprised to find that the rock paintings were getting closer!

Of course, the rock paintings weren’t moving.

All the rock paintings were arranged according to the shape of Helan Mountain. A large rock painting occupied the entire mountain wall in that area as far as the eyes could see. They saw the end of the rock painting on the sloped cliff when they looked down from a height.

On the mountainside on the left was an engraving of another rock painting. From their current angle and height, the peak of the mountain touched the rock painting on the edge of the cliff.

Several rock paintings merged owing to the different heights, sizes, and locations of the mountains. They had become one complete rock painting at the mountain pass!

In Mo Fan’s opinion, the designer was too bored to think of such a mural.

But Mo Fan also had to admit that the ancients were very good at making these fancy puzzle-like drawings. If Song Feiyao did not know how to observe them, they would never have been able to decode the meaning of the paintings.

“The mountain pass is just to the east. An underground tributary of the Yellow River flows into it. The people who live in isolation won’t be affected even if some huge mountains cover it,” Song Feiyao said confidently.

The rock paintings marked the secluded place of the clan that guarded the Underground Holy Spring and marked a special underground valley. They could easily find where they wanted to go if they followed the water source.

“There won’t be people living there, right?” Mu Bai asked.

“It’s unlikely to have people living there. Bo City, Licheng Afterglow Island, and Weiju Clan have all assimilated. No matter how isolated the places are, the residents must have left such a place,” said Mo Fan.

“We’ll know after we go in and look around. I hope these people didn’t disappear. The Underground Holy Spring will be very weak if no one was there to protect it,” said Song Feiyao.

They found the mountain pass, but there was no river there. Instead, an obvious alluvial fan had formed, like a completely dry delta. It was not a natural phenomenon in Helan Mountain.

They walked along the gravel-filled mountain pass. Those steep peaks were like gates of heaven that would fall at any time in front of the three of them. Without stepping into it, they could only see the dangerous mountain. They never thought that there was a road below. There was still sunlight in the morning, but it became very dark in the afternoon.

The passage through the mountain pass was not stable, and a lot of gravel and thick soil slid down. If it was the rainy season, there would be a disastrous flood. Mud, boulders, and sand would flow like wild beasts.

Fortunately, it had not rained recently.

The deeper they went, the more traces they found of life lived in this place. They even saw a few stone houses standing alone by the cliff. They looked at the outpost of the village. People might have used that to guard the entrance.

However, the stone houses had long been abandoned, and it was not clear when.

“The guardians of the Underground Holy Spring of Helan Mountain seem to like rock paintings, murals, and geoglyphs, and they were mostly represented by human body shapes, movements, and postures.” Mu Bai observed.

The floor they walked on and the cliffs on both sides had a ‘human’ shape that had been cut. The way it was cut was very fascinating. It seemed like when the cement had not even dried completely, a cat and a dog had accidentally stepped on it. Their small footprints had been immortalized on the wall and the floor.

It was the same for the human shapes. They had different postures. It seemed that when everything was still being fabricated and shaped, many people posed differently to leave their mark.

It was some sort of sculpture art. Most of the mural sculptures were convex, but some were concave.

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