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Chapter 2679 - Forbidden Secret Treasure  

Chapter 2679: Forbidden Secret Treasure

“During the battle with the Hunter Dirty Demons, a group of us were trapped on Blood Island, and we were surrounded by many Hunter Dirty Demons. We were waiting for them to take turns digging our intestines out. Our superiors had given up on us, but the South Wing Mage Group came to rescue us. I thought it was dozens of South Wing Mages, but it turned out to be just one person. But he alone made way for us despite being surrounded by many Hunter Dirty Demons. That person was Chief Mu Bai.”

“The Fourth Group was sunk to the bottom of the sea by the Ocean Demons. We survived only with the help of the Fanxue Mountain Elite Patrol Team.”

“Yeah. More than a month ago, I was on guard on the Isolated Island. I would be long dead if not for the patrol boats of Fanxue Mountain.” The words of the major general resonated with many people.

It had been a year since Lin Kang arrived at the North City. He had not contributed at all in the early stages of development of the Flying Bird Base City. Despite that, he was dispatched to the North City, possibly to enjoy the fruits of labor of other people. Many people did not like him.

Now, he wanted to overthrow Fanxue Mountain. Fanxue Mountain was one of the earliest forces in Flying Bird Base City. Their purpose was to fight against the ocean demons and protect the residents of the city. It had saved many people and they had built quite an honest reputation for themselves. Members of the North City Legion were also chosen from different Magic Domains. Most of them had served as members of the Fanxue Mountain before being recruited by the North City Legion. In this case, how were they going to manage to overthrow something like this?

“Deputy Head, you don’t need to use military order to pressure us. We know the cost of disobedience. However, we must look at the consequences of everything. Mu Bai is one of the leaders of the North City Legion. While he is alive, we simply cannot disobey him. If he dies, we’ll follow the dispatch. It’s that simple,” said the major general bluntly.

“Yeah, there should be a way out for us. If something happens to Mr. Lin, granted that the probability is very small, all of us will be shot to death if we kill the chief’s tribesmen.”

“Do you guys really think he is still alive?” sneered Zhou Yi, the Deputy Head.

“As long as he is alive, we dare not do anything.”

“Alright! You just wait and watch! When the City Lord returns with his head, I will report to him your brazen words that you uttered just now!” said Zhou Yi.

The major general and other military leaders of the North City did not care for the threat.

Lin Kang wanted to destroy Fanxue Mountain. He had ordered military leaders such as themselves to do the deed. He had no one to rely on when faced with the threat of the ocean demons. If he was that dangerous, why not do it himself?

Deputy Head Zhou Yi ran to Zhao Jing. As Zhao Jing saw him approach, he understood the worthless role Zhou Yi played in front of the North City Legion.

“They don’t want to take any action until and unless Mu Bai is dead,” whispered Zhou Yi to Zhao Jing.

“After being cursed by Lin Kang, he suffers a fate worse than death. It seems that Lin Kang has regressed in power. In the past, when he took over, everyone was willing to work for him. But now, no one seems to want to get involved,” said Zhao Jing with disdain.

This was expected. Zhao Jing did not really presume for one moment that the legion would act while the most important personnel of Fanxue Mountain was still alive.

The situation was different from a battle against some enemy country. The outcome of the battle then would have been determined by the leaders and their authority. Almost everyone would have willingly jumped on the bandwagon if that was the case.

“Isn’t it time for the Nanrong family to take action?”

“Could it be that you think I’m not actually observing the battle?” asked Nanrong Ni unhappily.

“Hahaha, I didn’t mean that. I have heard stories about Nanrong Xu, leader in the south, of unfathomable strength. I sort of want to see it today.” Zhao Jing smiled.

“Brother Zhao, you can say it outright if you want to test what other cards the Fanxue Mountain holds. I am not a petty person. But I don’t mind being your pawn as long as the Fanxue Mountain can be destroyed,” said Nanrong Xu.

“You worry too much. I’m just waiting for Lin Kang. After Lin Kang kills Mu Bai, I will join forces with him immediately to eliminate all the main figures of Fanxue Mountain, and I won’t let the Nanrong family work like dogs during the fight,” said Zhao Jing.

“You make it sound like we don’t want to join the fight. We came for Fanxue Mountain, so we want to contribute.” Nanrong Xu bowed respectfully to the two old men behind him. “Second Uncle and Fifth Uncle, I need your help.”

The two old men were the elders of the Nanrong family. One was a fat man in a robe and the other a thin one in a Chinese tunic suit. They had black hair and their faces were old.

Their eyes were closed as though resting. It appeared, at a glance, that they did not care about any dispute at all.

“I don’t like being used as a cat’s paw,” said the old thin man.

“The resources and private land of Fanxue Mountain will belong to the Nanrong family,” said Zhao Jing.

The thin old man then nodded. “Let’s go,” he said to the old fat man next to him.

“Okay.” The old fat man walked forward.

Nanrong Xu was full of admiration for them. They were experienced. They had helped the Nanrong family gain a huge share of resources with just a few words.

Zhao Jing looked at the backs of the trio and smiled for a different reason. A lot of manpower and money was required to acquire private land and resources. Even so, how could those be comparable to the Earth Fire Pistil?

Not many people were aware of the fact that there was only one thing that could even scratch the surface of Forbidden Curses. That sole thing was the Earth Pistil. It was supposedly full of energy. Zhao Jing had reached the peak of the Super Level. Granted he hadn’t reached the Perfect Realm like the old mages, but the goal would not be so far fetched after accumulating a little more power for a few more years.

The old mages probably had no intention of dabbling into the realm of the Forbidden Curses. The criteria for becoming a Forbidden Mage were too harsh, after all.

Zhao Jing was different. He was still young. He had the willingness and infinite room for improvement. Besides, he was supported by a rich sponsor like the Zhao family. He could certainly get the Zhao family to contribute for him to kickstart his road down the realm of Forbidden Curses. Aside from getting them to collect the Earth Fire Pistil, of course. That was difficult. What he wanted the most was the Forbidden Curse.

Meanwhile, these people only thought about the riches of Fanxue Mountain, or the power to dominate the North City, their personal grudges, and private lands and resources. These puny rats only cared about the pleasure they obtained from the rotten stench of worldly materials. How could they even fathom the satisfaction of being a lion of the jungle who could feast upon whatever it wanted after conquering the entire plain?

‘What a bunch of ignorant fools! Soon, all of you will be unworthy of even wiping my shoes with your faces,’ thought Zhao Jing to himself.

The bloody fog gradually dissipated. The Undead Purgatory that Lin Kang cast on the battlefield was undeniably terrifying. The ancient battlefield was shrouded in layers of thick bloody fog. When one stepped in it, it felt like walking into a Ghost World.

Zhao Jing’s face lit up in joy. Although it had taken a while, the battle was finally over on Lin Kang’s side.

It was finally time to take action. He had not quite experienced the effect of the Moon Charm, but he was sure that there was no need for him to be overly cautious at the moment. The important thing was that he had the Moon Charm, and if he fought with it, nobody would possibly be able to stand against him as he made his way to Fanxue Mountain.

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