Versatile Mage

Chapter 2351 - Higher Absorption

Chapter 2351: Higher Absorption

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Zhao Manyan had to keep his disguise even though he knew the enemy had the upper hand. He immediately burst out laughing.

Even the unknown enemy was struggling to take him down. He had definitely made the right choice to become a pure defensive Mage.

He might have difficulties beating his opponent, but his opponent had no way of beating him either!

“But, it seems to be heading toward the Scorching River,” Eagle Eyes frowned.

“Seriously!?” Zhao Manyan glanced in the direction of the lake, but the mist had thickened even though the rain had stopped. He could not see what was happening to Mo Fan at the lake.

“What the hell is Mu Bai doing? It’s taking him too long to get rid of the Venomous Insect Shamen!” Zhao Manyan swore despite himself.

They desperately needed backup from the ground army. It was meant to be a battle with over a hundred thousand men on each side, yet it felt like they had been fighting the enemy alone, while their teammates were merely reporters observing like bystanders, instead of backing them up!

Those unreliable pricks!

Zhao Manyan scanned the enemy camp with all the brown flags waving in the air.

The Eagle Horse Skyriders were being hunted down one by one by the enemy. It was only a matter of time until they were wiped out. Zhao Manyan did not want them to suffer such a tragic fate.

“What did you say that area was?” Zhao Manyan asked.

“The command center of the Brown Rebels,” Eagle Eyes stated.

“Let’s take a gamble and clear a path to it!” Zhao Manyan made up his mind.

He did not want to sit still and wait for his death. The Eagle Horse Skyriders were the strongest air force of the Federation Army. It would be a pity for them to be slaughtered by the enemy.

“Are you joking? Didn’t you see there were ten watchtowers imbued with Plant Magic around it? They will take down our Eagle Horse Skyriders before they can land!” Eagle Eyes said.

“If I can protect them as they land, can you take out the watchtowers?” Zhao Manyan asked.

“Well, if we can land on the ground, we should be able to destroy them. Our men are strong fighters on the ground too,” Eagle Eyes agreed hesitantly.

“Let’s do it, then! I don’t want to stay in the sky and wait for my death. We must make them realize they don’t want to mess with us!” Zhao Manyan said in a heavier voice, like he was a real commander of the Eagle Horse Skyriders.

Zhao Manyan’s idea was extremely bold.

They were clearly taking a beating, yet they were choosing to invade the enemy camp that was heavily guarded by the Plant Magic towers.

However, it did not mean his suggestion had a zero chance of working. The area did not have a lot of strong Mages, because it was guarded by the Plant Magic towers. If Zhao Manyan could guarantee the Eagle Horse Skyriders safety while they were landing, they could destroy the towers and the command center before the enemy could react!

“Tell the riders exactly what I’m about to say,” Zhao Manyan said.

“Don’t mess it up, remember you are still disguising yourself as Lieutenant General Dutch,” Eagle Eyes shook his head.

“I had enough of your bullshit. If it wasn’t for me, the Eagle Horse Skyriders would be dead by now. Do you think I really care about your lives if we aren’t in the same boat now!?” Zhao Manyan swore impatiently.

Eagle Eyes was left speechless. After all, Zhao Manyan had stopped the enemy’s attacks and reduced the Eagle Horse Skyriders’ casualties by a huge margin.

As a matter of fact, even if Lieutenant General Dutch was still alive, the Eagle Horse Skyriders would not have come so far!

“The Venomous Insect Shamans have been killed. Our army is on its way here. We just need to destroy the enemy’s command center to make it out alive!” Zhao Manyan told Eagle Eyes.

“Are you out of your mind? Our ground army is nowhere close to backing us up. Your lie isn’t going to make a difference!” Eagle Eyes protested.

“Don’t you know how to quench thirst by looking at plums? Don’t you know what people are capable of when they have a strong will to live?”

Eagle Eyes might be experienced at leading an army in a battle, but he did not understand what people sought in desperate straits!

“Charge with me, and I will use my trump card to protect your lives, but if you don’t believe me, there’s no reason for me to stay here. I would rather go to my brother, as he’s more reliable than you all!” Zhao Manyan yelled.

Zhao Manyan had finally decided to use the magic artifact. He had no idea why he would bother doing so much. Perhaps it was true that no one could really be a bystander in a war like this.

“Fine, let’s hope you can bring us a miracle,” Eagle Eyes agreed helplessly.

Zhao Manyan’s strength had exceeded Eagle Eyes’ expectations. Dutch was more like an assassin who increased his men’s morale by taking down enemy leaders, but Zhao Manyan’s ability to guarantee the riders’ safety was even more effective!

The Eagle Horse Skyriders were more motivated to push forward when they had a reliable shield protecting them!

“We’ll clear a path for the riders into the enemy camp!”

Zhao Manyan used his Water Magic, and a shocking circle of water appeared around him. Every Eagle Horse Skyrider that flew through the circle was granted a layer of watery scales as extra protection to absorb the enemy’s destructive spells.

It did not apply just to the riders; the Eagle Horses also had a layer of watery scales on them!

The Water Scales Armor had ancient Seals on it with a unique light. They were Baxia Seals that Zhao Manyan had unleashed with the wooden clapper, which would triple the damage absorption of his defensive spells!

Even though the Eagle Horse Skyriders had to share the protection of Zhao Manyan’s Sacred Water Ring, their protection was imbued with the Baxia Seals. The thin layer of protection could still absorb a lot of damage to increase the safety of the riders and their Eagle Horses!

It was difficult to hurt the Eagle Horse Skyriders once they had the protection. After all, not every soldier of the Brown Rebels was an Advanced Mage. The only threat to the Eagle Horse Skyriders was their group spells!

Sacred Water Ring!

Zhao Manyan was protected at the center of the formation. The Eagle Horse Skyriders sensibly spaced themselves out evenly around the Sacred Water Ring to receive its protection.

Zhao Manyan came up with a slogan on top of his mind and shouted it out, “Eagle Horse Skyriders, not even a blade of grass grows wherever we go!”

The Eagle Horse Skyriders seemed to think the slogan was great too. They all mimicked it.

“Not even a blade of grass grows wherever we go!”

The ten watchtowers attacked the Eagle Horse Skyriders as they approached, but the combination of Basic and Intermediate Magic struggled to break through the Sacred Water Ring’s defense!

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