Versatile Mage

Chapter 2283 - Weaving Through the Battlefield

Chapter 2283: Weaving Through the Battlefield

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Zhao Manyan realized something as they were discussing the topic.

“That’s right, that goddamned monk knows how to control the rain!” Zhao Manyan exclaimed.

Wu Ku had gathered the raindrops and turned them into a three-layered barrier around himself at the Eighth Mound!

Zhao Manyan was also a Water Mage, but his control of the Water Element was nowhere as strong as Wu Ku’s. He’d had a strange feeling about Wu Ku’s Water Magic, too!

“The Evil Herbalist knows how to produce the Frenzy Liquid. If Wu Ku is the Head Priest, he must have his uses to Salan!” Mo Fan stared at the crystal orb.

The image in the crystal orb was extremely small, yet he could still see Wu Ku releasing his Water Magic.

He was like a mist-producing machine.. Mo Fan noticed a cloudy gas rising into the sky, like a moving gray mountain!

Is Wu Ku the one controlling the rain?

Mo Fan suddenly remembered something.

When he and Mu Ningxue were having a walk on a sunny day close to the Potala Palace, a rain started falling out of nowhere, just before he stumbled into Wu Ku, who was worshiping on the street!

Lhasa rarely had any rain. If it too was not a coincidence…

Salan had to risk her life just to save Wu Ku, meaning that Wu Ku was playing an irreplaceable role in her plan.

Every calamity had something to do with rain, and Wu Ku was the one controlling it!

Everything made sense now…

Blue Bat used her death to regain the Black Vatican’s trust, just so Wu Ku would not be suspicious of her.

The crystal orb had helped Mo Fan and the others to find out how important Wu Ku’s role was in Salan’s plan. If they could take down Wu Ku, they could stop Salan’s plan too!

“Wu Ku is at the Scorching River. We might not be able to intervene with another country’s business, but we must take him down at all costs!” Mo Fan clenched his fists.

They had to take down Wu Ku, whether it was to make up for Blue Bat’s sacrifice or to avenge those who had died in Bo City!

The list he gave to the Enforcement Union only had the names of people with minor roles in the Black Vatican. As long as Salan, the Chief Extraditor, the Evil Herbalist, and the Head Priest were still around, Salan could keep using the same trick over and over again.

The Frenzy Rain could already influence people’s emotions. It was worse than provoking demon creatures!

Salan could keep causing the same calamity with the Frenzy Rain. It would be difficult to predict where she was going to target next.

Wu Ku was a crucial part of her plan. If they could take him out, it would be a heavy blow to Salan’s assets!

Mu Bai had already experimented and determined the Frenzy Liquid was not water-soluble.

If so, how did Salan mix the Frenzy Liquid with the rain and make sure the rain would keep falling?

Wu Ku had to be the answer they were looking for. It was most likely what Blue Bat was trying to tell them!

“He’s really controlling the rain. Look!” Zhao Manyan pointed at the crystal orb.

Wu Ku was using his magic. A hole had appeared in the clouds right above him, like a well connected to the sky.

A red liquid was rising into the eye of the storm. It split rapidly into tiny droplets after it reached the eye and spread throughout the clouds.

“Is that the Frenzy Liquid?” Mo Fan asked urgently.

“Yes, he’s spreading the Frenzy Liquid through the clouds. This Wu Ku must be a Water Mage with an Innate Soul-grade Seed!” Mu Bai judged.

An Innate Soul-grade Seed!

This person could bring disasters to anywhere he went with an Innate Soul-grade Seed!

He was just like Qin Yu’er, who was not allowed to live in the cities, as the city she stayed in would be covered in snow throughout the year, making it impossible to plant crops. Transportation would be paralyzed, too.

Such people were normally referred to as disaster-bringers. They were so powerful that they could even control the weather.

If Qin Yu’er was able to bring a snowfall, Wu Ku was able to bring a heavy rain!

The Rainbringer had colluded with Salan to cause one calamity after another!

Mo Fan finally realized the truth about Salan’s plan.

The Evil Herbalist’s job was to produce the Frenzy Liquid.

The Chief Extraditor was responsible for recruiting members and planting spies.

When the Frenzy Poppies matured, the spies would be ready to carry out the plan.

Wu Ku would then show up to call up a huge downpour. He would mix the Frenzy Liquid with it to bring destruction upon the place.

It was how Salan had caused the calamities!

In the end, Salan was never the God of Death. She was merely relying on a seemingly complicated trick.

It was like sleight of hand.

If they did not know the truth, they would not understand how the magician pulled off the magic trick. It was like the magician had some kind of supernatural power.

However, after they learned the trick, they would think it was not that impressive.

Salan was not a god. She was just a cunning schemer, patient and cautious when planning her conspiracies.

“We can’t stop the revolution, but we can take down Wu Ku and stop the rain!” Mo Fan declared.

They were finally able to do something this time.

They were no longer swaying aimlessly, like a wooden raft in the middle of the raging sea that had trouble protecting itself.

They would be able to deal a serious blow to Salan’s faction with the help of Blue Bat’s crystal orb.

They would eliminate the Black Vatican’s Head Priest and stop Salan from using the Frenzy Rain again!


“Sir, our superior is asking us to retreat,” Miyamoto Shin informed Mo Fan.

“What superior? I’m not from the Enforcement Union,” Mo Fan replied.

“But the situation is already out of control. If you use your magic here, they will think you are trying to put up a fight. Your involvement won’t make any difference in a war like this,” Miyamoto Shin pointed out.

The country was in a total mess. The area between Banlo City and the Scorching River was a complete war zone. Rules, restrictions, and laws were no longer applicable. It was either friendly or enemy.

If Mo Fan wanted to go to the Scorching River, he would have to cross the battlefield!

It was not a match with teams of nine fighting one another, but a battle that involved thousands of Mages. It was no longer about his capabilities!

“You might die at any second,” Miyamoto Shin pressed him.

It was more important to guarantee their own safety in a situation like this. The Enforcement Union was not willing to risk the lives of its Field Enforcers. Why would they bother with such a meaningless struggle?

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