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Chapter 1941 - Who Wants Him Dead? Part Two  

Chapter 1941: Who Wants Him Dead? Part Two

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“Tata, Haylon, there’s no need to trumpet your stance so eagerly. I won’t let you both down… Brother Mo Fan, don’t worry too much either. What I just said is just a rough assessment. Mu Bai’s condition isn’t looking too great. Normal Healing Spells are not going to save him, but luckily, he managed to save his last breath with the ice silkworm. Many terminal illnesses are critical not because they have no cure, but because we couldn’t stop them from draining away the patients’ life in time. We need time to figure out a way to save him and time to make the preparations. Mu Bai’s life is currently in a stasis, which gives us plenty of time to come up with a cure,” Xinxia told them.

“As long as you don’t use the Spell of Resurrection, I won’t mind you trying to save his life. The Spell of Resurrection is my limit,” Tata stated firmly.

Tata already made it clear. Unless Mo Fan was dead, Xinxia was not allowed to use the Spell of Resurrection on anyone else!

“I agree with her, my suggestion is to wait until Her Honor is elected as the Goddess to claim the Soul of the Parthenon Temple. We can then save this man’s life slowly,” Haylon said.

Xinxia shook her head, signaling them to keep quiet for the time being.

She saw the anxious look on Mo Fan’s face. She went up to him and held his hand. She looked into Mo Fan’s eyes and said, “Brother Mo Fan, don’t you worry, I won’t let you down.”

Xinxia clearly understood Mo Fan. He was something of a male chauvinist. He would not bother coming to her if it was something he could handle himself.

“Give me some time,” Xinxia said.

“Alright, Old Zhao and I will find a place to stay down the mountain,” Mo Fan nodded.

“Sure,” Xinxia pouted.


Zhao Manyan kept grumbling beside Mo Fan while they were going down the mountain. He was obviously displeased by Tata and Haylon’s attitude.

“Seriously, they keep using the big picture to apply pressure on us. I hate people like them the most,” Zhao Manyan cursed.

“Let’s wait. We’ll have to find another way if Xinxia can’t find a solution,” Mo Fan had made up his mind.

“Find another way? Are you kidding me? Where else can we find someone to save Mu Bai if even the Parthenon Temple can’t save him? Mo Fan, I think you should stay on the mountain for the night and help Xinxia think it through. Otherwise, those scumbags of the Parthenon Temple might brainwash her by saying how important it is to focus on the big picture. Such bullshit, it’s called the big picture because it won’t be affected by one or two people, or one or two incidents. It’s more about if they are willing to help or not!” Zhao Manyan kept going.

“Don’t you worry. No matter how long Xinxia has stayed here, she’s always on our side. However, I do know the consequences of using the Spell of Resurrection. I’m pretty sure Xinxia can’t use the Spell of Resurrection now. Otherwise, what does Izisha have to compete with her?” Mo Fan said.

“Oh, I guess Green Tea Man is seriously going to die, then. Really? Is he going to die just like that? I’ve gone through so much to reach the Super Level, yet he’s going to die so easily? What does he mean by that!?” Zhao Manyan protested.

“We’ll talk tomorrow. We should also figure out who would want Mu Bai dead,” Mo Fan said.

“I have a feeling the culprit isn’t just an ordinary Mage… wait a second, don’t you know that gorgeous information vendor? The culprit is most likely no ordinary person based on his capabilities. Perhaps you can learn something from that woman?” Zhao Manyan advised him.

“You’re right!”

After finding an inn not far away from the sacred mountain for the night, Mo Fan proceeded to set up a meeting with Asha’ruiya.

Mo Fan found it strange that Asha’ruiya seemed very free all the time. She would show up very quickly whenever Mo Fan called her.

The fragrance of roses Asha’ruiya bathed in all the time assailed Mo Fan’s nostrils as soon as she came into the room. Mo Fan felt like he was being enchanted by some evil spirit before he could see the woman clearly.

“I was wondering if you’re going to meet me since you are in Athens… but this is clearly outside my expectations. I thought you were only going to find me when you weren’t satisfied after having some enjoyable time with Ye Xinxia.” Asha’ruiya wore a slightly disgusted look after she saw it was an ordinary inn.

“We can hook up next time. I need your help.” Mo Fan had no choice but to go outside when he saw the woman did not want to come into his room. They took a walk down the street.

“Mo Fan, please understand that you are supposed to owe me a favor since the World College Tournament. Why am I always the one helping you instead?” Asha’ruiya said in a displeased voice.

“Didn’t I cause a huge scene during the battle at the Parthenon Temple in your favor? You will have to pay me back multiple times for that… My friend was ambushed by an Undead Warlock. We have no clue whether he’s going to survive or not. I need your help to find the person behind it. It will be even better if you can tell me his background,” Mo Fan told her.

The Undead Warlock was extremely cunning. Even Mu Xumian’s Queen Bee of Revenge had failed to track him down. The culprit was most likely familiar with the Poison Element’s capabilities, and was not showing any weak points.

“My information is quite expensive, even more valuable than myself. Why don’t I just pay back the favor with my body? We’ll be even after that!” Asha’ruiya proposed.

Mo Fan began to hesitate when he heard the offer.

(Sigh), he still had to save Mu Bai’s life…

“It’s fine if you don’t know who the culprit is. I just need to be a little more patient. Chances will come eventually,” Mo Fan said.

Mu Xumian’s Queen Bee of Revenge was not ineffective. The culprit was just not making any move for the time being, probably because he was extremely cautious about her ability.

“I do know a thing or two,” Asha’ruiya said.

“Oh?” Mo Fan raised his brows. As he thought, there was nothing this information vendor did not know. They still had no clue why Mu Bai was being targeted, yet Asha’ruiya already knew some information about it. It had to mean some organization had wanted Mu Bai dead for quite some time, or perhaps the person who wanted Mu Bai dead was also part of organizations that were unknown to the general public.

“The guy you are looking for is Spectre,” Asha’ruiya stated confidently.

Mo Fan’s eyes widened. He was wondering if Asha’ruiya was telling the truth.

Asha’ruiya smiled easily, “Why are you looking at me like that? I already explained to you once.”

“Tell me more about this Spectre,” Mo Fan said.

“He’s from the Hall of Assassins, the same organization as the people who tried to kill Zhao Manyan. However, this guy has ties to multiple organizations. It’s difficult to say who he’s working for now. As for why your friend is targeted, I do know the reason behind it, but I don’t dare give you the answer,” Asha’ruiya said.

“You won’t dare tell me the answer?” Mo Fan was puzzled.

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