Versatile Mage

Chapter 1801 - Order Manipulation

Chapter 1801: Order Manipulation

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Mo Fan could feel his heart pounding heavily after leaving Canton Tower.

Should he figure out a way to secure the rest of the Receiver Crystals from Apas? He might be able to make a fortune from them!

“I would have taken all of them if I knew they were so valuable. Why do I bother to be a democratic master? A master should act like an exploitative tyrant!” Mo Fan mumbled to himself.

Little Flame Belle was lying on Mo Fan’s shoulder. She nodded in agreement, like she greatly supported Mo Fan behaving like an exploitative master.

“If only Apas was as obedient as you. Seriously, she has been causing me so much trouble!” Mo Fan fondled Little Flame Belle’s head. Little Flame Belle complained how the strange man had taken her portion of the grilled chicken wings. She wanted another helping!

Mo Fan had no choice but to buy Little Flame Belle another portion of grilled chicken wings. He said, “Let’s go to the training ground. I would like to practice my Chaos Magic.”

“Ling!~” Little Flame Belle was overjoyed. She enjoyed training with Mo Fan. For some reason, she would always celebrate whenever Mo Fan brought her along.

Mo Fan was still preoccupied by Feng Zhoulong’s words when he reached the training ground.

“Little Flame Belle, should we trust Feng Zhoulong for once and go all in and secure many additional effects for my Earth Element, so we’ll be able to show it off in the future?” Mo Fan asked her.

“Ling~” Little Flame Belle nodded. She liked the idea of having more additional effects.

“But, if we sell the Receiver Crystals, we might be able to get ourselves a Heaven-grade Seed of the Earth Element, or maybe we can buy a Heaven-grade Seed of the Lightning or Fire Element, or we can also buy a Summoning Element material that can help with your growth. We could still overpower our enemy!” Mo Fan went on.

“Ling~” Little Flame Belle nodded. She liked the sound of that idea, too!

Mo Fan flicked Little Flame Belle on the forehead and grunted, “It’s useless asking for your opinion if you simply agree with everything! Go, stand over there and toss a fireball or something at me.”

Little Flame Belle obediently followed her master’s instructions, flying to a spot around a hundred meters away from Mo Fan.

Little Flame Belle could easily make something as basic as a fireball quite huge, and toss it with a single finger-flick. As Mo Fan thought, Little Flame Belle had serious trouble understanding his intentions. Mo Fan had only asked her to toss a single fireball at him, but she simply whipped up a whole row of them and fired them at Mo Fan like multiple cannons going off!

“Order Manipulation!”

Mo Fan suddenly spread his fingers. A faint glow flickered at the tip of his fingers.

The fireballs flew parallel to the ground, heading straight at Mo Fan. Little Flame Belle knew her spell was not going to hurt Mo Fan due to his Fire Resistance, so she did not go easy on him. Each of the thirteen fireballs was as big as a rice jar. They were a spectacular sight!

The fireballs began to fall as they approached Mo Fan. They landed on a spot around ten meters to his right.

The sandy floor of the training ground was blasted into the air. A portion of it splattered at Mo Fan, who casually raised a hand to stop the dirt from reaching him.

“Ling?” Little Flame Belle was puzzled when she saw her fireballs missing.

“Look at you, you’ve been eating so much that you can’t even land a basic attack. I’ll give you one more chance. If you fail to hit me again, I’ll be taking away your chicken wings!” Mo Fan mocked Little Flame Belle.

“Ling!” Little Flame Belle was nervous when she heard she was going to lose her chicken wings. The flames engulfing her grew rapidly as the Calamity Fire and the Ardent Sunset merged into one.

The flames gradually grew stronger, as Little Flame Belle’s appearance shifted from a porcelain doll to the alluring figure of a Flame Belle. Her skin was made of lava, while the tongues of the flames served as her clothing.

“You’re being serious?” Mo Fan asked alertly.

Little Flame Belle nodded. Her chicken wings were at stake! How could she not give her best?

The Flame Belle let out a pleasant-sounding yet imperious cry. She lifted her hands and Summoned a huge Hellish Flame meteorite above Mo Fan!

The meteorite was scorching. If Mo Fan had not warned Little Flame Belle not to overdo it in the first place, the entire training ground would have been lit up by the meteorite.

Mo Fan looked up, but did not move his feet. He spread his fingers once again, and they emitted the same glow.


The meteorite landed on the training ground with a huge blast. Terrifying fiery waves surged in all directions.

Mo Fan was unmoved. He had used the Space Element to shield himself from the flames. The fiery waves split in half when they reached twenty centimeters away from him. It looked like a force field protecting him!

“Tsk tsk tsk, Little Flame Belle, hand over the chicken wings at once. You should start practicing diligently. How did you even miss when I was standing still!?” Mo Fan had not suffered a direct hit from the meteorite.

The flames that had reached him were produced from the impact. The landing spot of the meteorite was where most of the damage was inflicted. Unfortunately, Little Flame Belle had missed again!


The Flame Belle stomped the ground angrily, but she was willing to admit defeat. She obediently gave the chicken wings back to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan took the chicken wings and started munching on one in front of Little Flame Belle…

“Are you going to train diligently from now on?” Mo Fan asked when he saw Little Flame Belle drooling.

Little Flame Belle nodded, implying that she would focus on her training after eating the chicken wings.

“Fine, go enjoy them at the side. I’ll practice a little more,” Mo Fan told her generously.

Little Flame Belle happily flew around Mo Fan in circles after reclaiming her chicken wings, rubbing her little cheeks against Mo Fan’s chest.

Mo Fan glanced at the spot where the meteorite had landed after Little Flame Belle left to enjoy her chicken wings.

“It changed the flight path by about twenty degrees. The Chaos Element is indeed insane,” Mo Fan mumbled to himself.

Only an innocent child like Little Flame Belle would believe Mo Fan’s nonsense. Little Flame Belle was very close to achieving the Ruler-level. How could she possibly miss a target who was standing still? Little Flame Belle did not make any mistakes. The angles and paths of her fireballs were supposed to hit Mo Fan, but Little Flame Belle was unaware that Mo Fan had learned a strange spell: Order Manipulation!

It was the Basic Spell of the Chaos Element!

Order Manipulation was capable of manipulating the proper functions of magic, such as the path of a spell!

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