Versatile Mage

Chapter 1269 - : The Power to Decide One’s Fate

Chapter 1269: The Power to Decide One’s Fate

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 “I won’t let you take her!” Yu Shishi declared firmly.

 Lots of blue moths flew out of the canopy as she was speaking. The moths were just as numerous as the leaves on the trees. They quickly surrounded the people that were trying to snatch the giant cocoon.

 Zeng Guanglie was utterly annoyed by the noise of their beating wings.

 He smirked as he saw the number of moths continued to increase, “You were desperately trying to save them before, why would you bother summoning them out to die now?”

 Yu Shishi bit her lips. There were not many moths left after the recent massacre. Some of them were not even adults yet. The lifespan of these moths was already very short, yet they could not even live until their final moments. It was a great torture to Yu Shishi to send these moths to their deaths.

 However, she could not afford to let this group of people take the giant cocoon away, either. The creature that was asleep in the cocoon was the queen of these fragile little creatures who had no chance of surviving on their own. She was their only hope!

 These moths were not as strong as other demon creatures. They normally ended up as food to other creatures while wandering around aimlessly. They were like a bunch of tiny insects living in the little gaps of the world. Their life and death was never nature’s concern.

 The situation improved slightly after the Moon Moth Phoenix was awakened. They could finally live a peaceful life after claiming their own territory. Their numbers slowly grew into a pack and soon a horde. They were finally able to protect themselves…

 As such, even if it meant sacrificing every moth in the adult phase or the youth phase, they had to stop the humans from taking the Moon Moth Phoenix! These blue moths were left with no other choice. If they could not survive until the Moon Moth Phoenix was born again, they would surely be eliminated by nature’s ruthless law of jungle!

 Yu Shishi had been abandoned by her family. She was only well and alive because of the Moon Moth Phoenix and the moths. The moment she was born again, she swore an oath to protect the moths until her death!

 “You can only bring the Moon Moth Phoenix away over our dead bodies!” Yu Shishi swore.

 The blue moths flew toward the giant cocoon swiftly and formed a barrier to prevent the people of the Research Union from moving any closer.

 “What a joke, it’s too easy killing these little creatures!” Zeng Guanglie said disdainfully.

 The golden flames rose once again and swept at the barrier that the moths had formed like a wild golden-red tide.

 The blue moths had connected their bodies and wings together to form the barrier. The tide of flames soon ignited them. However, the moths that were set on fire quickly separated themselves from the barrier to prevent the flames from spreading to their friends. They soon burned into ashes, scattered across the surface of the pond.

 The pond received the remains of the burned moths. At the start, only the remains of several moths were floating on the water like wilted petals of a flower, but the whole surface of the pond was soon covered by their remains.

 As the flames continued to grow stronger, the moths were dying quicker. Yu Shishi’s eyes were rolling with tears. She could not bear to watch the deaths of the moths any longer.

 It was true that these moths only had a short lifespan, but each of them still lived a magnificent life. Yu Shishi could sense their curiosity, passion, and joy toward nature. To some extent, Yu Shishi believed they were richer in emotions and more sincere than cold-blooded humans. Yu Shishi had met many people that had let her down. She was definitely not feeling great after witnessing the continuous deaths of the remaining moths as they were protecting the Moon Moth Phoenix.

 “Don’t be sad, from what I know, these moths can only live for seven days. Seven days are gone in the blink of an eye. They either die to the fire here, or die after their life comes to an end. What’s the difference if they can only live for an extra day or two!?” Zeng Guanglie mocked her.

 The words had greatly infuriated Yu Shishi!

 Most moths could only live for seven days, yet were their lives meaningless simply because they had a short lifespan?

 “The Moon Moth Phoenix is a Totem Guardian. She was once the protector of humans, but you’re trying to make her your slave instead! Yes, these little creatures can only live for seven days, but they are giving their all to protect their queen because she’s their only chance of survival. They are unwilling to give up even if they have to face destruction! Look at you humans, biting the hand that feeds you! Not only are you not grateful for what the Totem Beasts have done, you’ve massacred the Totem Beasts in the past! The Totem Beasts voluntarily left your territory and gave up their control over the land, but you continued to mistreat and harm them with your filthy acts! You filthy humans will never change, even if you live for another thousand or ten thousand years!” Yu Shishi condemned angrily.

 The Moon Moth Phoenix had granted her a second chance of life, including the power and lineage that transformed her into a moth woman. The Moon Moth Phoenix was like a mother to Yu Shishi, since she had taken care of her. Yu Shishi also learned about the past from the Moon Moth Phoenix!

 Why did the Totem Beasts go into hiding? Wasn’t it because the ungrateful humans were trying to kill them all as they could no longer control their desires and wild ambitions!?

 No Mage was willing to mention the Totem Beasts, no human would dare to admit that it was they who had killed the Totem Beasts and driven them out of their territory, even though they had been protecting the humans all along.

 “I never thought a moth woman like you could come up with such nonsense! I have to say, I’m quite amused. Both you and these stupid Totem Beasts seem to have not realized that nature has always followed the law of jungle. Your moths are unaware of how weak they are. The only possible outcome for them is death! Those Totem Beasts that assumed they were unbeatable because of their extraordinary strength were defeated by our magic too! We should really thank our ancestors who invented so many Elements, granting us, their descendants such formidable power! The truth is, the same principles apply to us humans too. If you can climb to Mr. Su Lu’s height too, you can also decide one’s fate with a single sentence!” Houndman was sitting on his Dreadful Curse Hell Hound, greatly amused by Yu Shishi’s words!


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