Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 44 - You are Just Toying with Me

Chapter 44: You are Just Toying with Me

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Song Wei had actually thought of it a long time ago. If she called Liang Shuyin out directly, it would be easy for her to expose her own identity.

She had to rationalize the entire process of Song Xiaocao completing the bet to avoid falling into the loopholes of her identity.

One of the most unreasonable segments was that Song Xiaocao, a poor intern who had just entered the industry, had no connections to make friends with celebrities.

Moreover, the last time Xie Xingen helped Luo Lisha and Song Wei out of their predicament in the hotel, Luo Lisha had even teased them about their relationship. Therefore, this was the only concrete connection that could be used at the moment.

If ‘Song Xiaocao’ could use ‘Xie Xingen’ to pull strings with Song Wei and expand her reach to Yan Sini, everything would be reasonable in the end.

The risk of getting rid of the danger of exposing her true identity in this way was most minimal.

However, how did ‘Song Xiaocao’ meet Xie Xingen, and why would Xie Xingen help her? These required her to use her imagination to spin a story.

Song Wei had already come up with the outline of a melodrama. They met when they were young, and they were reunited when they grew up. Xie Xingen had been helping her because of their childhood friendship.

In this way, she wouldn’t have to bring Song Wei’s identity out in the open. It was like she was skirting the rules that Jiang Mingxu had set.

He wouldn’t let her use money or remove her alias, but he didn’t say that she couldn’t use someone to help her, right?

The key was that Song Wei had seen Xie Xingen’s attribute label: kind, enthusiastic, and responsible. Basically, he appeared to be a decent guy. He would probably cooperate as long as she asked for a favor.

Fortunately, although Uncle Dong was bewildered, he still gave Song Wei Xie Xingen’s phone number cooperatively.

Song Wei immediately made a call to him.

“Hello, may I know who you are?”

“I’m Song Wei.”

“Madam Jiang, are you looking for Director Jiang?”

Song Wei spoke briefly and hastily, “No, Assistant Xie, I need your help with something.”

“Ah? Please tell me. As long as it’s something that I can cooperate with, I will definitely help you.”

“I need you to cooperate with me in acting out a scene. I’ll text you the details of the character’s background…”

There was no response from the other end of the line. Song Wei hung up the phone first and organized the story that she had woven into words. She even specially picked out some details that might cause trouble and added notes to them before sending them to Xie Xingen.

However, on Xie Xingen’s end, there was no reply for a long time. She could only send another message.

“Assistant Xie, this matter is very urgent. Please help me! Also, don’t let Director Jiang know that I looked for you yet. That petty man definitely won’t let you help if he knows.”

A moment after sending the message, her phone rang.

It was Xie Xingen’s number. She quickly picked it up and started to persuade him. “Thank you, Assistant Xie. You just need to appear for a while when Miss Yan comes to Sky Palace to discuss their collaboration…”

However, Jiang Mingxu’s bone-chilling voice came from the other end of the line. “Who are you calling petty?”

“…” Song Wei’s heart skipped a beat.

She had been too careless!

Xie Xingen could be regarded as Jiang Mingxu’s personal assistant so he must have been by his side during work. She had really walked right into a trap with this call!

Jiang Mingxu’s cold voice continued traveling from the other end of the line. He seemed to be reading Song Wei’s ‘script’ calmly but with a faint sense of oppression. “We met when we were young, and we became each other’s best friends. When we reunited after we grew up, our relationship was still very good…?”

The sound of Assistant Xie coughing frantically drifted over from the other end…

Song Wei really wanted to hang up the phone and pretend that nothing had happened.

However, Jiang Mingxu seemed to have guessed what she was planning to do. “If you dare, try hanging up.”

After Song Wei confirmed that there was no one else outside, she lowered her voice and said, “Young Master Jiang, I only came up with this plan to obey the rules of the game with you. You won’t give me money or allow me to use my identity. It should be fine if I borrow someone from you, right?”

“What if I say ‘no’?” Jiang Mingxu’s voice was clearly suppressing some emotion.

“…” On the other side, Song Wei was silent for a moment before telling Jiang Mingxu, “Director Jiang, actually, I have been suspecting something for some time.”

“…” Jiang Mingxu did not respond, obviously waiting for her to continue.

“Did I offend you in the past? So now, you’re just toying with me.”

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