Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Need to Resolve Your Needs Again?

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As soon as Luo Lisha’s guess came out, Xie Xingen and Song Wei were stunned…

Luo Lisha continued to guess, “Previously, I found it strange. With Song Xiaocao’s aptitude, how did she enter Sky Palace? But her family background is indeed ordinary, and it seems like the higher-ups in the company have no relation with her either…”

Song Wei wiped the sweat off her forehead. “I’m just a bit luckier.”

Luo Lisha raised an eyebrow. “Not necessarily. Secretary Xie always appears in such a timely manner like a hero rescuing a damsel in distress—although you’re not very beautiful. This probability isn’t high, right?”

“It’s just a coincidence. It’s just a coincidence.” Song Wei weakly defended herself.

However, in her point of view, having a scandal with Secretary Xie was better than being suspected of having a relationship with Jiang Mingxu…

Xie Xingen obviously didn’t know that he would be forced into this ‘role’ by Luo Lisha, so he could only cough dryly and explain somewhat stiffly, “These things are indeed just coincidences. Miss Xiaocao and I aren’t familiar with each other. Since the storm has subsided, I won’t disturb the two of you any longer. I still need to make a trip to the police station.”

Luo Lisha still wanted to ask more questions, but Song Wei waved in advance and said goodbye.

As Luo Lisha watched Xie Xingen leave from their spot, she turned around and looked meaningfully at Song Wei. “Ooh, that’s pretty impressive. You even managed to win over Director Jiang’s secretary. Although it sounds like his title isn’t high as the Director’s secretary, he’s still someone close to the director. He’s very useful.”

“I already said that I’m not familiar with him.”

They were really not familiar with each other. This was their second meeting!

However, Luo Lisha bore an expression that said she understood everything. “Afraid that others will say that you relied on connections? Ha! If you can show some level of achievement, you don’t have to be afraid of others saying that. However, previously, you said that you can make Exquisite Eye famous… Were you thinking of relying on Secretary Xie’s connections?”

“… No!!” Song Wei felt helpless. Even if she explained, Luo Lisha would not listen!

In Luo Lisha’s eyes, Song Wei and Xie Xingen’s relationship was already set in stone!

Forget it, as long as I don’t expose my identity, anything will do!

After a dangerous meal, Song Wei rushed to look for Lin Xuanxiang, but the door was indeed closed very tightly this time.

She knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered…

Could he have run away again? She had asked Uncle Dong to find this residence by mobilizing his connections. She didn’t expect him to run away again! And he ran away with the specimen of Exquisite Eye!

However, her eyes clearly told her that Lin Xuanxiang was a good person… Could it be that her eyes were wrong?

At this moment, a child passed a box to her. “Big Sister, the uncle who lives here asked me to pass it to you. He said he is leaving. He hopes that your work will really sell well.”

Song Wei opened it and inside lay the modified Exquisite Eye. Although the working period was very short, Lin Xuanxiang didn’t skimp on the materials at all. He practically followed her design plans and created the Exquisite Eye according to its drawing.

The dark green jade sparkled under the light with a subtle brilliance, truly like an eye gazing at all living beings.

She recalled how she had bumped into Yan Zhixing after leaving the place that day.

Was Lin Xuanxiang’s second disappearance caused by Yan Zhixing?

When they reached home, Uncle Dong said that Jiang Mingxu was already back.

He had been very busy these two days, and Song Wei had not seen him since that night.

Coincidentally, Uncle Dong was about to send some fruits up. Song Wei volunteered to carry the fruits up for Uncle Dong to treat it as her gratitude for his investment in the drama.

She realized that Jiang Mingxu was taking a shower in the bathroom after she entered the room. The sound of water masked the sound of her opening the door.

She placed the fruits on the table and paused for a moment. Then, as if guided by something, she walked guiltily towards the bathroom door.

During the two nights she had spent with him, she had either been too terrified to take a look or because it was too dark to see clearly.

It was truly a pity that she could not admire his figure.

So, driven by the devil, she reached out her claws and turned the doorknob of the bathroom…

However, she didn’t think that halfway through her turn, the door would suddenly be pulled open from the inside, and a hand dragged her in immediately.

Under the sprinkler, Jiang Mingxu’s wet chest was pressed against her. Water flowed down his chest and onto her body. There was a fiery and intimate atmosphere. “What? Do you need to resolve your needs again?”

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