Vengeance: Ex-Husband CEO, Please Love Me

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Too Early to Apologize

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“This isn’t an officially released design yet. The designer’s temper is also relatively unpredictable. I’ll try asking first…”

Yan Sini said, “The designer you approve of is definitely not an ordinary character. I can wait, and money is not a problem either. Also, if possible, I hope it can be released as soon as possible because I’m attending the press conference of ‘Bright Moon Illuminating the Southern Nation’ in three days.”

Song Wei exclaimed in ‘surprise’, “Wow! You still got the role back?”

Yan Sini was also in disbelief. “I don’t know either. All of a sudden, someone invested a sum of money into the production team and specifically asked for me to act in the supporting role that was decided before. Although I don’t know who the Good Samaritan is, I’m really grateful. As long as I can act, there’s still meaning in my life.”

Song Wei smiled. “Sini, you have no idea how brilliant you can be.”

However, Yan Sini was still very humble. “I’m just an outdated actress now. I don’t dare to ask for too much. Anyway, please help me to contact her. The design of Exquisite Eye really suits my role in the show. I hope that people will remember my image during the opening ceremony.”

Song Wei said, “No problem. Leave it to me.”

Three days had already passed since the bet with Luo Lisha.

However, Song Wei seemed to be continuing with her daily work in the company. She didn’t do anything special, but she didn’t seem anxious.

After a week, if she still couldn’t make Exquisite Eye stand out, then not only would she have to pack up and leave, but she would also have to get a loan to buy Exquisite Eye’s specimen.

Although the materials for Exquisite Eye were not as expensive as those used by the Tear of the World, the materials used for the filigree craft were rare and complicated. Historically, such things had only been used by the royal family. Now, there were not many filigree craftsmen left, and the cost of their labor was frighteningly high. As for that jadeite bead being used as an eyeball, the glass quality of Natural Green Jade was only one step beneath the Imperial Green Jade.

The cost price was estimated to be hundreds of thousands, and Luo Lisha could definitely set the price at more than a million.

This meant that ‘Song Xiaocao’ had incurred a debt of a million yuan after merely working for one month. It would probably be difficult for her to repay this debt for the rest of her life.

Xiao Xiao began to advise her, “Xiaocao, go apologize to Sister Lisha. She’s a stubborn person, but her heart is soft. As long as you say that you’re wrong with sincerity, she definitely won’t make things difficult for you.”

However, Song Wei said, “It hasn’t been seven days yet. It’s still too early to apologize.”

“But we have to get into marketing as soon as possible. If we don’t do our advertising properly, we won’t be able to sell a single item then,” Xiao Xiao sighed.

“No hurry, no hurry. It’s not too late to start promoting after I fail. As long as I’m there to buy one item, you won’t have the problem of being unable to sell any.”

Xiao Xiao knocked on Song Wei’s head. “You really… Optimism is your forte, huh.”

When she got off work in the evening, Song Wei did not return home immediately. Instead, she rode her scooter to Fengjin Village in the southern suburbs.

This village was very inconspicuous. There was no tourism development or relocation. The entire village still retained its appearance from decades ago. The houses were so old that paint would fall off the walls at the slightest touch.

There were almost no young people here. There were only some elderly people who were in their twilight years, doing a bit of manual maintenance work that the city did not care about for their livelihood.

Song Wei rode on a small electric scooter and wandered around the village for a long time before she finally found a shabby black wooden door that was left ajar. From inside came the clanking sound of something pounding away.

She knocked on the door, and an old man’s impatient voice came from inside. “Who is it?”

Song Wei said, “Master Lin, I’m here to ask for your help to alter an accessory.”

However, the old man said straight away, “There’s no Master Lin here, only Blacksmith Lin. If you want to make an iron pot, please come in. If you want to make jewelry, I’ll give you a word. Scram.”

This old man was really hot-tempered.

However, Song Wei didn’t care. She pushed the door right open and went in. “Master Lin, you are someone who worked with PARADISES for the Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens. I believe in your workmanship, and I believe that you won’t give up on filigree craft.”

Song Wei could see the word ‘Ingenuity’ above Lin Xuanxiang’s head. The annotation was: Focused, Stubborn, Not Tempted by Money.

However, Song Wei’s words seemed to have triggered Lin Xuanxiang’s anger. A pair of old and sharp eyes glared at Song Wei. “Who are you? Are you in cahoots with that b*llshit company?!”

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