Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 635 For Convenience Sake**

Chapter 635 For Convenience Sake**

Making up his mind, Lith went behind Lilith and without warning her, penetrated her deepest recesses in one strong thrust.

Lilith let out a muffled moan in Lucifer's mouth.

Lucifer, watching Lilith moan suddenly, looked around, only to find Lith standing behind her and thrusting his hips.

'Bitch!' She cursed internally and knitted her brows. 'Why wasn't I first!?' 

Lucifer broke the kiss with Lilith and gulped down the sweet semen in her mouth. She then put her hands on Lilith's shoulders and pushing her down slightly, looked Lith in the eyes and said,

"Hey! Why are you there?" 

"What?" Lith didn't get her.

Lucifer clarified, "I mean, why are you doing her? Shouldn't you be doing me first?'

For being played by him before, shouldn't Lith be compensating her right now by giving her a good pounding? Why did he start doing Lilith instead? This wasn't right, such were Lucifer's thoughts. 

Lilith, being brought into the topic, raised herself up and blocked Lucifer's view of Lith.

She looked her in the eyes and said, "don't disturb him. He prefers his mama."

"Say what?" Lucifer squinted her eyes and glared.

"You heard me." Lilith said while shaking due to the thrusts from behind.

Lith, although could stop the two from bickering once again, didn't do so and just continued to pound his mother from behind and watched them.

Such a nice scene couldn't be seen everyday. Two beautiful women fighting for your shaft while you're inside one of the two said ladies

'Ah… what a nice feeling…' Lith thought to himself while feeling Lilith's insides tighten up and massage his shaft as she bickered with his aunt.

A battle of words began between Lucifer and Lilith as they argued over why Lith should be doing them.

Lucifer cursed Lilith and she cursed back.

In just a few minutes, Lucifer said the word 'bitch' almost ten times, breaking all past records.

Although being called a bitch may come off as rude, since it was Lucifer, she had the privilege to do so without any problems.

It was because her cursing in such a manner was actually her showing affection to her close ones. Lucifer was very bad at expressing gratitude and showing love, but at least via her actions and gestures, some hints of it could be seen.

An example of it being the current instance where she was cursing Lilith because she wanted Lith in her. Lucifer had started liking Lith as her nephew and it was also an undeniable fact that he was pretty good at his craft.

She wasn't a shy young girl who would say directly that she wanted love and attention. She was a prideful demon and her love language was through abuses that expressed how much she wanted to be dicked down.

Lilith obviously knew it but she didn't want to back down. She wanted love and affection from her son too and so she opted for a smarter choice.

Since Lith was doing her already, why not bicker with Lucifer and keep her busy? This way Lilith would end up spending more time with him while Lucifer was involved in these meaningless arguments.

Meanwhile Lith, the reason for their argument, was enjoying himself to the fullest and didn't intend to stop them.

After a few ten minutes more of hurling abuses at Lilith, Lucifer finally realized that it was meaningless to do so.

"Urgh… I am not talking to you anymore!" She looked at Lilith and said.

"I don't want to talk to you either." Lilith shrugged and replied.

Lucifer harrumphed and getting up, stormed towards Lith.

Reaching him, she grabbed his shoulder and said, "hey! Stop doing her. It's my turn now." 

She turned around and bent down, putting her big ass on full display for Lith to see

Lith put on an amused look but before he could do anything next, Lilith turned her head back and said, "baby, you must not! Finish doing mama first, mama isn't satisfied!"

Surprise was visible on Lith's face as he was now put in a dilemma.

But thankfully, he had a solution to satisfy them both.

"Put your hands on that wall and stick your butt up, aunt. I am coming in a second." Lith said while pointing at a glass wall.

Lucifer didn't question and did as asked. She then turned her head back to see what Lith was upto.

Lith smiled after she was gone. He put his hands under Lilith's knees in front of him and picked her up, making her feel surprised.

"Baby?" Lilith looked at Lith and asked, wondering why he put her in such a position.

Lilith's entire front was now visible to Lucifer as Lith had picked her up. He also hadn't stopped sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

Lith smiled and answered, "Relax, mom. It'll be good." 

Saying so, he walked towards Lucifer and as he reached, put his mother down on Lucifer's back, stacking Lilith up against her.

This position dumbfounded Lucifer and the same was the case with Lilith.

Both of them looked back at Lith with questioning gazes.

Lith let out a chuckle and spanked them, inscribing his handprint onto their soft marshmallows.

"I am not being weird, this is for convenience's sake." 

Lucifer squinted her eyes. "Putting your mother on top of your aunt… you call this convenience?" 

Lilith nodded her head as well. "Baby you could do mama on the bed… why such a position?" 

"Oh well… it's for a technique."

Lith rubbed his fingers on Lucifer's butthole while slowly moving to and fro within Lilith and chanted a spell in his mind.

"Technique?" Lucifer asked.

Lith finished chanting the spell by now and smirking in response to Lucifer's question, he said softly,

"Double trouble."

Lucifer immediately felt a poke on her backdoor but before she could even realize it, Lith's entire shaft slid inside her with a deep thrust.

"Nngghhh…" Lucifer grunted as she felt discomfort.

Lilith too felt the same powerful thrust like Lucifer, but since Lith's shaft was already lodged inside her, the impact was a bit less.

Lith began moving his hips and Lucifer's discomfort washed away as pleasure took over her body.

The two ladies didn't question Lith anymore as they understood the things he was doing.

Lith, penetrating two holes simultaneously, felt an otherworldly pleasure from it. Along with the pleasure, he could also easily feel the difference between the two.

Lith enjoyed himself to the fullest and since he had two shafts now, the pleasure also doubled for him. 

His hips rammed on his mother and aunt's ass and while pounding the two simultaneously, he had a look outside the room.

The tower Lith was in was in the middle of a big settlement.

All around the tower were villages and a small town.

Due to Lith's immortal vision, he could clearly see what everyone was doing in the village and in the town.

Devils of various shapes, sizes, and color were roaming around, either eating, sleeping, or having sex. They seemed like they were running on their instincts to follow the carnal desires and pretty much nothing productive could be seen from them.

Lith looked at them for a good while and thought, 'this should be expected from the First Floor. They are all mortal devils with a very limited lifespan. In any case, watching them have sex is not fun. I'll change positions.'

Thinking so, Lith increased the intensity of his pounding and made Lucifer and Lilith moan in response.

Half an hour later, he could feel the two of them squeezing him tightly and he knew that they were about to orgasm.

Timing himself accordingly, with a few more long plunges in them, Lith shot off his load in the two and orgasmed.



Lucifer and Lilith moaned in satisfaction as they felt a warm sensation within their insides.

Lucifer closed her eyes and her legs trembled slightly. Her tail swayed side to side, clearly indicating how satisfied she was.

Lilith, having recovered, got down from Lucifer.

As she did, Lith could see Lucifer's black tail with a heart-shaped end sway clearly in front of him.

'Damn… I must not. It's risky…' Lith thought to himself as he looked at it.

But his body and mind weren't in sync and putting his hand out, he grabbed Lucifer's tail.

"Hiiiii!" Lucifer felt a shiver down her spine as Lith grabbed her tail.

She turned to look back with a red face and hissed like a startled cat at Lith.

'Oh shit!' Lith thought to himself. But despite knowing the consequences, he rubbed her tail and also pinched the heart end slightly.

"Ahhh… don't… stop!" Lucifer felt weak with pleasure suddenly hitting her despite feeling pain.

'Don't stop?' Lith misheard her. He shrugged and said with a smile, "alright. As you say."

Lith brought her tail close to his mouth and nibbled on its end while rubbing it.

"Ohhhhh!" Lucifer's toes curled up and her lower lips quivered, giving rise to a waterfall of love juices leaking out of her.

Lucifer's body trembled and she seemed like she would fall any minute.

Lith let go of her tail and went in front to give her support. He picked her up and took her to bed and Lilith joined them.

A few seconds later, as Lucifer recovered and her hazy eyes became clear, she saw Lith's smiling face in front of her.

Lucifer immediately got up and holding Lith's shoulder, looked him in the eyes and said with an angry face, "Damn you! I told you not to touch my tail!" 

"Oops. I forgot, sorry." Lith tried to play dumb.

Lilith chuckled from the side but then shook her head as she knew he wouldn't be spared by Lucifer.

Lucifer knitted her brows and pushed Lith on the bed. She got on top of him and said,

"Bad children need to be punished. You crossed a line you shouldn't. Now get ready to face aunt Lucifer's wrath." 


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