Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 525 Lith Knows What To Do

Chapter 525 Lith Knows What To Do

Looking at Lith's evil smile, Luna couldn't help but ask, "Is there something His Highness needs from them?"

Lith turned to face her and chuckled. He then got up and said gazing in the direction of the Human Continent,

"Of course. I need more blood of the Konzak Tree. But you know… there's no Konzak Trees anymore."

Luna, understanding what Lith was trying to say and reading in between the lines, couldn't help but smile as well and ask,

"So is His Highness planning to cause a war in the Human Continent?"

"Hey! I didn't say such a thing." Lith turned to look at Luna and chuckled after saying so. "Do I look like a bloodthirsty villain to you?"

Luna, keeping the same smile on her face, replied, "But aren't you a Vampire, Your Highness? A being from a race always thirsty for blood?"

Lith chuckled again and walked towards Luna. He patted her shoulder and said, "My little maid, I am a being who would never even hurt an aunt. What makes you think I am thirsty for the blood of the humans?"

Luna smirked and looking Lith in the eyes, replied, "When did I say His Highness was thirsty for the blood of the humans?"

Luna caught Lith red-handed and both laughed it off together.

After bantering for a bit more, Lith stretched a bit and said, "I think I know what I must do from here on."

He then held Luna's hand and said, "Alright, let's go to the treasury. I need something."

"As His Highness wishes." Luna bowed and said politely, eventually teleporting away with Lith.


Royal Treasury.

It was a place in its own separate dimension, created by the Vampire Queen herself.

There didn't need to be anyone to guard it as this place had such high defence and was locked so tightly that even the breath of any immortal couldn't pass it.

Lilith had made it so secure because this place had all the treasures she had accumulated during her journey from being a mere mortal to the world's strongest.

She had everything placed in the Royal Castle before but after the suggestion from the servants, she ended up making a secure place for them as she realised that these treasures could later be used by her children as well.

She had stopped filling the treasury after she became pregnant. She had come to a realization that she could get anything she wanted for her children in the blink of an eye so why bother to collect things?

Despite such a thought, she had already collected a lot of things and the treasury was constantly being filled and also replaced with things by the servants.

Lith and Luna walked through the many levels of the treasury and eventually arriving at the Saint Rank level, Lith decided to get himself a few things.

Lith searched through the level and finally his gaze fell onto a black colored sword attached on a wall.

As Lith neared it and touched it, inside he could feel an extremely cold sensation on his hand.

Luna, standing beside him, explained about the sword to him.

It was a Saint Grade Destruction sword that was forged by the dwarves of the Elven Continent a hundred thousand years ago with an extremely rare ore called Neolite.

Having such a rare element used and being forged by the best of the best in the world, the sword had a high durability and strength.

It could also provide great boosts to the user and with the use of the Destruction element, it could also blend in with the surroundings and disappear momentarily.

The sword could also be upgraded as one rose in ranks. All one had to do was imbue pure Destruction energy into it and sharpen it more with the Neolite ore in case there are some cracks or problems.

Since it was an upgradable weapon, Lith felt it was something he could use.

Holding the sword in his hand, Lith inwardly said to himself, 'Can this be used as a material for that art?'

[Answering Host: Yes.]

'Perfect.' Lith thought to himself.

Lith had browsed through the inheritance he got and although it was only 60% of the total, Lith wanted to see if he could find something useful in it that could help break the curse.

Lith ended up finding something good and now that he had plans on what he must do in the Human Continent, he was gathering materials to act on his said plans.

Lith soon searched through more treasures and not being able to find anything, he temporarily gave up and went outside the treasury to work with what he had.

Lith soon parted ways with Luna and went to a big and empty hall in the castle.

He started engraving a spell on the ground and got so absorbed in it that he didn't notice his mother arriving in the hall and standing at a corner, gazing at him with an interested look.

After Lith was done making a magic circle on the ground, he placed orbs of elemental energies around the periphery of the magic circle to ensure he didn't have any lack of energy during the process.

Lith then hacked the sword in the middle of the circle and placed many other miscellaneous things into the circle.

Once he was done, he stood at the edge of the circle to give it a final look and asked to himself, 'Is there anything missing?'

[Answering Host: No. The ritual can be started at any time.]

Lith nodded his head. Finally everything was done and he could now start with the final steps.

However, just as he was about to do so, Lilith, standing at the corner, couldn't help but walk towards Lith and ask, "What's going on?"

"Hmm?" Hearing a familiar voice, Lith turned behind, only to see his mother coming close to him.

"When did you arrive?" Lith asked with a smile. He completely didn't see her.

Lilith chuckled, "Just a bit ago." She then pointed towards the magic circle and asked, "What are you trying to do?"

"Oh well that? It's nothing really. Just…"

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