Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 50 Exploring the D Class Dungeon

At the border of Darkwing and Nightingale.

Two figures were walking in the darkness to a nearby valley. The silver moon was emitting crimson and silver brilliance. The figures were wearing simple pants and shirts along with jackets. They had black hair and red eyes and looked very ordinary.

The figures were of Lith and Lucy in disguise who were walking towards the D class dungeon.

Soon, the two arrived at a valley where there was a half a kilometer long grey coloured tower. There were people going in and out of it and there was a small plaza near it around which were many small stalls. They walked near the grey tower’s entrance and two people stopped them and asked about their identity cards.

Lith and Lucy showed their cards and were let in. Soon they came into a dark hallway. The hallway had stairs leading upstairs. They soon climbed upwards. They found nothing on the first few levels. They kept walking.

“Big sis, why is this place so empty?” Lith asked.

“Must’ve been because we arrived a little late. We should’ve come early I guess? I didn’t know this place would get busy. When I found out about this dungeon, there was hardly anyone here. The land around it would have the monsters come out and roam there. It was probably around six months ago. There shouldn’t be many people coming.” Lucy said, a bit confused as to why it was discovered so suddenly.

“Big sis, don’t you think people would have known it from the online forums?” Lith said.

“Probably I guess. Anyway, it’s still a D class dungeon. It shouldn’t have been cleared so early. Come let’s go higher.” Lucy pulled Lith’s hand and said.

They went higher and higher. Soon they reached the middle floors. They found green liquid on the floor. It was almost everywhere.

“Why are you not sure even after noticing these things.” Lucy said in a neutral tone.

“Oh it’s because these liquid should have been much more thicker than it is right now. A green poison rat has green poison secretion from it’s body all the time and thus it should be a little thinner because something thick like this is cannot be secreted as it would hinder the rat’s movement and make it slow.”

“But what if it’s an old green poison rat? They release somewhat thick green poison liquid like this.” Lucy questioned back.

“That is also not possible as there is too much liquid present all over the floor.” Lith calmly answered.

“Alright, that’s pretty much a good thinking. But you forgot one thing, dear. The liquid is although everywhere, it shouldn’t be on the walls or ceiling like that. The rats cannot fly you know?” Lucy chuckled.

“Ah. I didn’t observe properly I think. It’s my mistake. I ll be more observant from now.”

“Alright, so now, what do you think this is?”

“This is probably from a terahorn bonger.” Lith said.

Terahorn bongers were creatures which looked like big spheres with a lot of openings and protrudings and were green in colour and very deformed. They were like plants. They were alive but they didn’t have consciousness and their only role was to go around and secrete poison and absorb the dead remains of other creatures. They were just some very low level F class monsters.

“Correct. Now what should we do next?” Lucy smiled and asked.

“Create a wind spell and wrap ourselves with it and move to the higher level.”

“Oh but we can do a space jump too. I know you cannot cast the high level one but you already know the rank 1 spell ‘Distance Warp’ so why not use that?” Lucy questioned again. She was asking him so many questions to test his knowledge of what he learnt and his adaptive capabilities.

Space Jump was a series of spell which people with Space affinity use commonly. It had ‘Short Jump’ which was a basic teleportation spell which goes all the way from rank 1 to rank 5. One could teleport to a few meters or a few kilometres when using the rank 1 spell and the distance increases with the rank. The maximum short jump can provide is a few thousand kilometres teleport.

Then there’s ‘Long Jump’ from rank 6 to 9 which provides teleportation from thousands to hundred thousands kilometres as the rank increases.

After that there’s ‘Provincial Jump’. You can teleport upto millions of kilometres. It was upgraded from ‘Long Warp’ by a guy who wanted to visit his village in one province from the other one and thus got it’s name. It is the most powerful teleportation spell under King rank.

At King rank we have ‘Intercontinental Jump’. You can travel from one country to another with it. Usually, the countries have billions of kilometres distance between them and thus it was a useful spell. It is used by Half Emperors as well.

At Emperor rank we have ‘Continental Jump’. Emperor ranks can teleport from continent to continent.

At Supreme rank there’s ‘Dimensional Jump’. The Supreme ranks, if they know about the coordinates of particular dimensions, they can directly teleport there. There are only three people with Space affinity currently known. It was Dragon Empress Mayzin, Heavenly Emperor Alex Paladin and Human Ancestor Darren Whitter.

The Legendary rank spell wasn’t known by anyone. Lilith didn’t need to cast any spell to teleport. She could just feel her connection to the world and whatever place she wanted to go, she could search through the connection and instantly find the coordinates and teleport there. Same applies to any dimensions she wanted to go. She didn’t really feel the need to upgrade the spell ‘Continental Jump’ as she could teleport to anywhere she wanted instantly without needing to cast a spell.

After casting the spell, a portal would open up and one just needed to jump into it and they would teleport.

People couldn’t use long distance spell to travel short distance and thus even all the low rank spells were in use too.

Lucy cast ‘Short Jump’ from Langerhan city to the border because of such a reason and she was now asking Lith why he wouldn’t cast a ‘Short Jump’ to go to another level.

Lith looked at his big sister as if he was looking at an idiot. Lucy looked at him and smirked and asked


“Big sis, are you taking me for an idiot or are you just bring stupid right now? Why would I cast Space jump when there can be traps or something on the other side. It is simply dangerous.” Lith explained.

Lucy knew her question was dumb and was only teasing him with asking that.

“Hehe. Is that so?” Lucy chuckled and didn’t wait for him to answer. She cast a wind spell on herself and started walking towards the next floor. Lith followed her.

Nothing of particular happend. Lith defeated some low level monsters along the way and they came to the middle floors of the dungeon easily.

They were walking along the floor when they started hearing some cries.

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