Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 48 Registering at a guild

Langerhan city, Nightingale.

The the day was dark. The silver moon was shining brightly with crimson hue on it. Darkness was prevalent everywhere. It might have been a scary thing to many people but for the creatures of night, that is, the Vampires, the day was very beautiful and comforting.

Langerhan city was on the outer edge of the Nightingale country. It had many towns and villages connecting to it. It lied just a few days away from the border between Nightingale and Darkwing country managed by Duke Veranz. But, it was still far away from the Belial Ocean.

The world was huge and each of it’s continents and oceans were huge too. The Vampire continent, although had been explored roughly as a whole, there were still too many areas which hadn’t been explored. The world also had many dimension gaps connecting to alternate smaller dimensions.

Dimensions weren’t the same as a world. A dimension was a part of the world, although independent in itself. To understand better, one can assume a pair of pants with many pockets. The main use of a pant is to accommodate a person’s bottom half of the body and the pockets carry the miscellaneous things. In the same way, the world was the main area to which many other dimensions were connected. The dimensions were independent but without the main world, they wouldn’t exist either.

The Vampire continent was very big. Nightingale was in the southeastern part of the Vampire continent. It was located at the center and surrounding it were the other four countries managed by four Dukes. The fifth Duke was constantly trying to expand territories and one third of it would belong to their Clan. Thus, as of now, a sixth country hasn’t been formed yet.

Each country occupied a billion square kilometres in area. Lith’s previous world was only half a billion square kilometres in area. The fact meant that each country could occupy two worlds like Earth! It was still far from enough though. The world was too big. The five countries only occupied one fourth of the continent or one corner. The reason being, the population was too small.

Lith and Lucy were currently in the outskirts of the Langerhan city in an adventurers village. This place was small but it was bustling with activities. There was a Tavern for adventures to get drunk, a weapon shop, inns for rent and normal villagers who were either farmers or the workers in these shops.

“Why are we here, big sis?” Lith asked looking around.

The place he was in, seemed like a village from the mediaeval era. He didn’t know why his big sister had taken him to this place. After saying goodbye to their mother, they teleported to the Langerhan city and from there, Lucy carried Lith on her back and brought him to this place in ten minutes, casting space jumping spells.

She could’ve just held onto his shoulder and space jumped but Lith didn’t know about it and she took this advantage to spoil him.

“You have been training for thirteen years with me, dear. Isn’t it about time you do a little adventure? It may seem like training to you again, but for me, to be able to accompany you on your first adventure , it is very much like a vacation.” Lucy smiled and explained happily.

“I know we are on an adventure, big sis, but this is just a small village.” Lith said in a confused way.

“Dear, why do you think it is called adventures village? It’s obvious because there are adventures and when there are adventures, they are bound to be places to adventure, right?” Lucy explained smiling.

“Right. So what adventure are we doing?” Lith asked.

“It’s simple really. There’s a D class dungeon a few hundred kilometres from this place. We’ll be exploring the dungeon.” Lucy explained the purpose of their adventure.

“Oh, I see. Then let’s go to that place.”

“Not yet. You cannot explore dungeons without an identity card. You have to register yourself at a guild and get one. You can also get a fake one and us being mom’s children, we can even get it delivered to our doorstep by a Queen Witch but that takes all the fun out of it, right? Therefore, we will be registering you at a small guild, a few kilometres from this village. Got it, dear?” Lucy explained smiling.

She didn’t say Royal family of Vampires but her mom because she knew full well that, without their mother, such a privilege wasn’t possible. They could even be an ordinary family and still have such a privilege if their mother was with them. This was the benefit of being a powerhouse.

Lith nodded his head and they soon arrived at a small three storey tower. It seemed to be built out of thick grey stones. It seemed a bit run down and shabby. Nevertheless, it was still a guild which has the stamp of World Adventurers Association.

This stamp meant that the guild was a registered one in the World Adventurers Association list and it wasn’t just a place that would scam you. The identity card provided would also work in every other guild and give you access to dungeons, ruins, restricted areas and many other places. The identity card also showed your power. Not your rank but it somewhere roughly explained how strong you are by telling your class.

The identity card at start would be made of F class and to upgrade it, one needed to do certain missions. The classes were

F, E, D, C, B, A, AA, S, SS, SSS, disaster and Catastrophe.

The general trend was that F class things could done by anyone from rank 1 or 2.

E class by rank 2, 3 or 4.

D class by rank 4 or 5.

C class by rank 5 or 6.

B class by rank 7 or 8.

A class by rank 9 or Half Saint rank.

AA class by Half Saint or Saint rank.

S class by Saint rank or Half King rank.

SS class by Half King rank or King rank.

SSS class by Half Emperor rank or King rank.

Disaster class by Emperor rank.

Catastrophe class by Supreme rank.

The reason why only the Catastrophe Class and Disaster class had an absolute measurement of rank was because before one becomes an Emperor rank, he isn’t really invincible in his own rank.

There are different factors taken into account of one’s strength such as bloodline, race, experiences, artifacts etc. These things can make someone much more stronger than their actual rank.

A person, therefore, before Emperor rank, isn’t invincible in his own rank. An experienced King rank can easily defeat an experienced Half Emperor if he has a strong bloodline or a good artifact.

The Emperor’s case is different. He has mastered all his elemental affinities and only needs to comprehend and understand the nature and mysteries of the world to become a Supreme rank.

Such a person cannot be defeated by anyone below his rank. Mastering elements is a very difficult task and those who cannot do it, maybe stuck at the Half Emperor rank forever. Thus, an elements master cannot be defeated by a person who has not even understood his own affinity well.

As for Supreme rank, understanding the nature and mysteries of the world is a feat only done by freaks. Beings in this realm is invincible. They cannot even defeat one another in a one on one battle let alone thinking a lower rank can challenge them. Even dying is near impossible in battle amongst themselves. They would’ve become Gods if it weren’t for the fact that there was another rank above them. Thus, they were known as Demigods. Beings just a step away from the realm of Gods.

As for Legendary rank, no one knows how it feels in this realm or how to properly ascend to this rank except for three beings among which two do not exist anymore.

Lilith Evure, the Vampire Queen, is the only one in the world with this knowledge and power!

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