Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 46 Crazy Vampires**

Lucy looked at her brother being so proactive. She thought to herself ‘Sigh, so he is finally starting to become like mom.’

Lith looked at Lilith and he didn’t wait anymore. He got down and pulled Lilith’s red dress up. He turned her panties to the side and rubbed his shaft on her lower lips.

Lilith looked at her son and had a smirk on her face. She was looking forward to what he was about to do. She didn’t stop him at all and she was waiting.

Lith found that it wasn’t wet enough. He took out some type of liquid from his spatial ring and poured it on his shaft and also some on Lilith’s lower lips. Then, without waiting anymore, he thrust it one go.


Lith groaned in a little pain. He then looked at his mother and found her smirking. He said in a bit of pain

“Why is it so tight? Didn’t we do it just a few days ago?”

“Fufufu….baby, did you forget who we are?” Lilith chuckled and said.

“Huh?” Lith didn’t know what she was speaking about.

“Baby, did you forget that we are Vampires? We have the most superior self-healing ability. This was bound to happen.” Lilith explained and giggled.

Indeed, Vampires did have the most superior healing abilities. They were a very troublesome bunch to kill. Vampires under rank 5 could get killed by being under the sun and above those ranks, they were all immune to it. Another way to kill them was to turn them into meat paste. One cannot leave any body part intact of a Vampire or else they may get healed some time later.

The healing ability depended upon the strength of a Vampire. A commoner rank 1 Vampire who has a cut on his palm would get it healed within a few mins whereas if it is a noble rank 1 Vampire with strong bloodline, the wound would heal in a few seconds.

All in all, due to this, the Vampire ladies would have their insides healed after some time depending upon their strength. They may not get back their hymen after losing their virginity but they sure would go back to being how they were, when they were virgins.

Due to this reason, many preferred Vampire ladies to have a night with and there would thus be a red light areas in every city in the Vampire continent. Their sizes would vary depending upon the city size. There wasn’t a red light area in the Evernight city. It was because it was the Queen’s city, a place where she lived and people didn’t want to commit blasphemy in such a sacred land. Thus, Evernight city was the only exception in the Vampire continent.

The ones who needed some action would have to travel atleast for a day to Red Leaver city which was known for it’s minerals and mining. It was to the west of Evernight city and it was the area which produced a lot of precious materials such as ores and magic stones. It provided a lot of revenue to Clan Evure as all of these mines were under them. The city also had the biggest red light area. The area was known as red lake district. It’s name was as such because it was located near a big lake which had some parts of it red due to certain natural phenomenon.

While it was a good experience for the others, it was annoying to the ladies who had to endure a little pain everytime. Thus, the alchemy department of the Vampires came up with special oils and medicines. The ladies who didn’t want to experience healing down there would buy these oils and medicines. The oils could be applied beforehand on the man’s shaft and after penetration, they would only need to wait a little. After the inner walls have been adjusted, they could continue their session. The effects of the oils would last from a few days to a few years depending upon the quality of the oil. They ones which last for a few years cost a lot of money and are only purchased by ladies who are rich and do it frequently or by ladies who have a very strong self healing ability. The effect of the cheap quality oils wouldn’t even last for a few hours on strong ladies and the highest quality oils only last for about a few months at best.

The medicines are cheap and they were just some painkillers. They didn’t work like the oils and only helped in relieving the pain. The medicine also had quality. From cheap to premium. The ladies with a very high strength would need to buy the premium ones. These ladies were generally the noble ones in the Vampire continent.

They would frequently have sex with their husbands or they would commit adultery on a regular basis. This was very common among the noble Vampires. The reason being, it spiced things up. Many bizzare things happen among the Vampires and they weren’t called as the craziest bunch for nothing. One can find every fetish and every dark or immoral things in the Vampire continent on a daily basis, the Evernight city being an exception of course.

The Vampires also had many conflicts too, on a day to day basis. The Vampire men who would get cucked would either kill the other man and the lady or they would join into the sinful acts. There was no in between. A Vampire couple would sometimes even invite people to do immoral things together. Truly a very crazy bunch.

Thankfully, Lith was a human before he was born as a Vampire and from a place like Earth where such deeds weren’t out in open. He was more or less against the darker sides of such things. He would never do things which do not lie in his interest and also, he is very inexperienced as of now. He has only taken his first step into this crazy world by punishing his mother, which, he currently is doing now.

Lith still didn’t understand what his mother was telling him about. Lilith then explained to him about the healing abilities and about the special oils and medicines.

Lith listened to his mother speak and after she finished, he was in a little thought. After a while, he smirked and looked at his mother and then at his sister and said shamelessly

“The oils and medicines definitely won’t work on mama and you big sis. You two are very powerful. I think, I may need to keep pounding you both everyday. It won’t hurt that way.”

Lucy turned embarrassed and Lilith giggled at her son’s joke.

“Fufufu…. Yes, yes, do it everyday. Mama likes having such intimate session with her babies.” Lilith chuckled and said as if it were a common thing.

Lucy was very red right now. Her mother was too much and now her little brother also had started to become more and more shameless like her. Just how long will she have to get embarrassed like this? The inexperienced adult Vampire thought to herself.

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