Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 32 Time Spells**

[A/N: The mc was a 19 year in previous life who reincarnated with his same conciousness. 13 years have passed upto this chapter and so, he isn’t underage. Please do know about this fact.]

“I love you, mom.”

Lith looked at his mother and said his heartfelt words. Forgetting the teasing.

“I love you too, baby.” Lilith said to Lith.

Lith didn’t waste anymore time. He went down and parted Lilith’s legs to have better view of the forbidden flower. He was looking intently at the place he wasn’t supposed to be in and started burning up. He felt a strong desire looking at her pussy. He must have it! Only a fool would let go of something so beautiful! His mother belonged to him and he must have all of her.

He loved Lilith a lot just like the way she crazily loved him. He may have reincarnated but currently, Lilith’s blood ran in him and he was bound to have a personality like her.

He was rubbing his cock on his mother’s wet pussy. Lilith shivered in excitement a little after feeling her son’s cock teasing her lower lips.

Lith was about to go in when

“Wait, baby.”

Lilith interrupted him and sat up. Lith didn’t know what was up and made a face that said ‘why stop now?’

Lilith chuckled and said “Mama wants to have her full grown baby in her.”

Lith didn’t understand what was she saying. What did she mean by full grown? Did he need to wait for more years until he grew up? Impossible! That wasn’t possible for him. He needed atleast ten more years to reach the full potential of his body. He couldn’t wait that long. He was about to interrupt her but then Lilith did something unexpected and left him dumbfounded.

He could see his yet to mature dick grow in size. It was growing and growing and then after a few seconds it stopped. It was now at such a size that it would make experienced ladies drool both from their upper and lower mouth and virgins tremble in fear. He had the shock of his life!

Lilith was an all elemental Mage, a literal God. She naturally could cast spells based on Time. She just cast a Time Acceleration spell on Lith’s dick and made it grow much older than it should be. She then cast a spell which stopped the aging of his shaft and it would only start to age along with his body when his body reaches the age which his shaft had now matured to. They’ll be in sync at a later date so there were no worries of there being an imbalance in his body.

The spells Lilith casted were complicated and sophisticated. Time Acceleration spell was a basic spell which could be used by rank 1 mages but they could only do it for a few seconds and the Time would only accelerate for around an hour in those few seconds. Lilith cast the spell and time accelerated for around ten years in just a few seconds. She wasn’t a Legendary rank for show. The sophisticated part was that she cast it on a certain spot. Time Acceleration spell was an AOE spell.

She also cast another basic AOE spell, Time Stop. Time Stop can be cast by a rank 1 mage but it would stop time only for a few seconds. Lilith on the other hand, casted it and put it on his shaft which caused time to stop until the body catches up to this part and be in sync. She did it, as if it was a trivial matter.

Of course, Lith was ignorant about all of this and was just too shocked to ask about anything. ‘Magic is such a convenient thing!’ He thought to himself. Alas, if only he knew that what his mother did was something which couldn’t be done by many.

Although spells were complicated like these, there were other methods to increase size but why would Lith need it when there was Lilith, the Goddess herself present here.

There were all sorts of bizarre methods, techniques, pills and things available in the markets of this world to do a bunch of weird stuff. Magic indeed makes people’s imagination run wild. More about that later on.

“M-mom…t-t-this…” Lith had many questions in mind but he was too shocked to say anything and he stuttered about what he wanted to say and forgot all about it when Lilith interrupted him by lifting his chin and making him look in her eyes.

“Like I said, I want my baby to be fully grown, if we are going to put it in me. I want to experience the best of my child. It’s my first time too, you know baby?”

Lilith said to him gently and gave him a kiss on his lips.

Lith was again dumbfounded.

His mother’s first time? Oh, right. She said something about her being a virgin too before. I thought she was joking. So she gave us birth without losing her virginity? What! How?! Is this even real?

He was about to get lost in his thoughts when Lilith gave him a flick on his forehead and brought him back to the current world.

Lith woke up from his stupor and just as he was about to ask her something, Lilith bent down and took his cock in her mouth. Lith felt electric current running across him. He wanted to say and ask many things but now he forgot all about them.

Lilith tasted her son’s cock and since last time when she for the first time had his taste, it became her all time favourite. There were two favourite things in the world she liked to taste now, one of it was her son’s taste of his cock and semen and the other was her daughter’s love juices. She was a little twisted motherly lady. She loved her kids a little too much.

Lilith savored the taste and started making her head go back and fourth. She swirled her tongue around his shaft in her mouth. She looked up at him while she was doing so and found that her son had a face of pure ecstasy. She wanted to continue doing it and have the taste of his seeds again but stopped. She only wanted to lubricate it so he could put it in her easily. It was a little difficult to not have his seeds in her mouth again but she let go thinking that she could finally be one with her dear baby.

She laid back down and made her legs in a M shape. She looked at the side towards her daughter, chuckled and said

“Come closer dear and watch carefully. Last time, I couldn’t show it to you but you can see clearly now.”

Lucy was a bit embarrassed but she came close nonetheless.

Lilith moved one of her hand spread her pussy lips to give a good view of the insides to her daughter and son.

“Come, baby, be one with mama.” Lilith said to Lith lovingly while her hand was keeping her pussy lips spread open.

Lucy looked at her mother’s pussy which was spread open. She looked at the small hole which was contracting and relaxing as if excited for what was to come. She then looked at her brother’s cock which was twitching a lot as if it couldn’t wait to go in. She then looked again at her mother’s small hole and felt worried and wondered to herself ‘Will it go in? Will she be able to take?’ She then spread her own pussy with two fingers and put one in and thought ‘Will I be able to take it in if he puts that? My size is almost the same as mother if not then just a little smaller.’

Lith didn’t waste more time and put his cock in his mother’s pussy which was already very wet. He put the tip in and slowly started going in.


Lilith had a small orgasm just from having his tip in.

Lith thrust his cock deeper and felt a resistance in between. He looked at his mother and she nodded to him indicating it was okay to push further. He didn’t waste more time and pushed it all the way in one go.


Lilith moaned a little loudly and orgasmed after his cock reached all the way in her and broke her hymen. It felt painful to her but she liked this pain because she finally became one with her baby!


Lith, feeling his mother’s inside tightening a lot, almost came. He held it back but and let her recover. He kept his shaft inside to let her pussy get used to his size and after a while he started thrusting.

Lucy looked at her mother who was in ecstasy. She wondered if it felt painful or pleasurable to her. She could see blood dripping down her mother’s pussy. She felt how would she feel with the big dick of her brother inside her.

“You can move now baby.” Lilith said to him with a smile.

Lith nodded and started moving his hips. He took support of her knees and started sliding his cock out of her and pushed it slowly back inside again. His mother had told him to be gentle at first and he was following her words.

Lilith nodded in satisfaction looking at her son’s work. He took her words seriously and was now gently pounding her. She then moved her attention away from him and looked at her daughter. She smiled to her and said

“Looked enough dear? Come here give mama a kiss.”

Lucy was looking closely at her mother’s pussy being spread by her little brother’s cock. She was amazed by the fact that such a little entrance could still accommodate this big monster inside. Her graceful and elegant self of substitute Queen was now all gone and she was like a cat with a lot of curiosities. She was in her world when she heard her mother’s words. She didn’t bother about her teasing at all and went in for a kiss.

Lilith pouted a little in dissatisfaction. Are her children starting to get immune to her teasing?

Lucy went to her mother and started having a hot kiss with her.

Lith looked at his mother and sister have a passionate kiss he felt his libido increase. He started thrusting more and more fast.


Lilith made muffled moans in her daughter’s mouth while feeling the increased pace of her son.

Lith moved one of his hand and started kneading Lilith’s breast. Milk started spurting out of Lilith’s erect nipple.

Lith was almost at his limits now. He started going faster and faster.



His lower region banging against his mother’s made clapping sound as he increased his pace and made stronger thrusts.


Lilith broke the kiss and started moaning. She felt too good. She didn’t expect that getting pounded by her son would feel so good to her. She nevertheless enjoyed it to the fullest.

Lucy finding her mother breaking the kiss, went down and started sucking on her nipples. She pinched her other nipple and started playing with both of her breasts.

Lilith feeling that her son was almost there, started going in sync with his movements.

“Ahh…baby…c-come…inside mama…ahh..”

Lilith moaned. She was feeling too good. Her daughter was playing with her nipples and her son was pounding her senseless. She now had a feeling of pure ecstasy on her.

Lith after hearing his mother’s words went faster. Lilith’s insides started tightening up. Lith couldn’t take it anymore. He gave her a one final thrust and climaxed.



Lilith arched her back and orgasmed too after feeling the warm semen of her son in her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and she was now on cloud nine.


Both started panting heavily.

Lucy looked at them, a bit amused. Does this feel very good? She knew it did by looking at the faces of her mother and brother. They both had the face of pure bliss. They were collapsed but still smiling like a fool. She wanted to try too but was too shy to ask for it.

Lith felt too good. It was a heavenly feeling and doing it with his own mother, the taboo element mixed in, just added more to his pleasure.

Lilith recovered and looked at her son with a loving smile. She was now much more closer to her baby than ever before. She gave him a kiss on forehead and caressed his hair and waited for him to recover.

She could feel his cock still inside her pussy, although it was now limp and could come out anytime. She could also feel cum dripping, both her’s and her son’s from her pussy. After a while, Lith recovered.

He looked up and saw his mother looking at him with the same old loving smile of hers. He moved forward and gave her a loving kiss on her lips. He then smiled and said

“I love you, mama.”

Whatever little maturity he had due to his previous life and this life, were all gone now. He was no more than just a baby of hers now. He thought he shouldn’t put up a tough or mature act in front of her anymore. In front of his mother, he was nothing more than just a baby and he should be like that, he thought. It was already very difficult for him to put up a mature front in front of her.

What Lith thought was true. She thought of both Lith and Lucy as her babies and she also had tried a lot to make them not put up a mature front in front of her. She wanted them to believe that they could be free and unrestrained in front of her and let loose. Lucy had managed to do just that.

She was although a substitute Queen, in front of her mother she behaved like a baby who wanted to be spoiled by her mother. Lith avoided getting spoiled by his mother much before because in his mind he thought he was mature enough but later he started to realize that it was not the case and he, in a corner of his mind, thought of wanting to let loose and get spoiled by his mother.

Only now did all barriers broke and he, for the first time felt like a baby in front of his mother and he started acting out his true self. That is, a baby who wanted to be spoiled by his mother. He let go of all maturity in front of his mother.

There were only two people in front of whom he could do that now and they were his mother and big sister.

“I love you too, baby.” Lilith smiled and kissed his lips with love. The love being of course, motherly love.

“Hey, am I the only one who is not loved?” Lucy joked and pouted cutely.

Lilith giggled at her daughter’s joke.

Lith looked at his sister and smirked. He went close to her and held her by the shoulder. He pushed her down beside his mother, smiled evilly and said

“Of course not, big sis. Let me show you some love.”

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