Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 29 Thin Skinned

Three similar looking figures were standing in front of a mirror, naked. They looked very good together.

At one end there was a silver hair and purple eyed lady who appeared to be in her early 30s and next to her was a pretty young boy who looked as if he was just hitting puberty. The young boy had silver hair and purple eyes and looked like a male child version of the lady in her early 30s. Next to the child was a lady who appeared to be in her early 20s and she too had the same silver hair and purple eyes as the other two. She looked like a younger version of the lady in her early 30s.

They were Lilith, Lith and Lucy respectively.

Lilith and Lucy had no idea why Lith was holding them like that and was looking at their figures in the mirror with so much warmth and love but they let him do as he pleased. They didn’t say anything and waited for him to wake up from his thoughts.

Looking at Lith who was still in his own world, Lilith sighed. Her dear son was always like this. Once he started thinking about something, he would overthink more and more and make a mountain out of a molehill for simply no reason. She flicked his forehead gently.

“Mhm?” Lith woke up from his train of thoughts and looked at Lilith with a confused look.

“What are you overthinking about again, dear?” Lilith smiled and asked.

Lith didn’t say anything and extended both his hands and pulled his mother’s face gently towards himself and gave her a long, warm and loving kiss on her forehead.

Lilith was surprised with her son’s such a gesture suddenly.

Lilith was surprised yet again listening to her son’s words which were filled with love and care for her. She felt warm in her heart and smiled happily and said

“I love you too, my baby.” She didn’t ask him why he said that to her out of nowhere because she knew if he wanted to, he would’ve done it.

Lucy looked at her brother with an amused look. Why is he being so cheesy today? Not that she mind it and just had a passing thought.

Lith then looked at his big sister and pulled her face close to him and gave her the same warm and loving kiss on her forehead.

Lucy who was in her thoughts was startled. She nevertheless, felt warm in her heart when she felt her dear little brother’s kiss oh her forehead.

Lith pulled back looked her in the eyes and said

“I love you, big sis.”

Lucy got surprised by listening to her dear little brother’s warm and loving words for her.

“I love you too, dear.” She bent down and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“Let’s go, I am tired.” Lith pulled their hands and dragged them to bed with him quickly, not wanting for them ask any questions to him. Would he say, he made up his mind to cherish and love them forever? Of course not. That’s too cheesy and he isn’t thick skinned enough to say it to his mother and sister.

The two ladies soon got distracted again and didn’t ask him anything and simply complied.

They got on bed and Lith slept in between his mother and sister like always. Lith hugged his mother and slept facing her. Lucy wrapped her arms around his little brother and mother and Lilith too did the same, sandwiching Lith in between. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all and he then slept soundly without a care in the world.

The next day.

Lith was half awake. He moved his hands around and felt the softness he was looking for. He brought his face closer and latched on the nipples to suck milk.

Lilith looking at the half awake son sucking milk from the wrong breasts chuckled. She pulled him away from Lucy’s breasts and made him suckle milk from the right place, that is, from her. She looked ar him and caressed his hair lovingly. This was her favourite thing to do. She really liked watching her children drink her milk while she caressed their hair.

Lith felt a pull but he wasn’t woken up by it. It happend many times before. After a while, he woke up.

He looked at his mother who was looking at him with a smile and he too smiled and said

“Goodmorning mama.” And kissed her on her lips.

“Goodmorning baby.” Lilith smiled and said.

“Goodmorning big sis.” Lith greeted Lucy and gave her a kiss on her lips too.

“Goodmorning dear.” Lucy smiled and said.

Lilith felt a poke on her stomach and looked down and found it was Lith’s morning wood. She smirked and looked at Lith, pointed downwards and teased

“Ara sweetie, looks like someone else woke up too apart from us three.”

Lith looked down and found that he had morning wood. He felt embarrassed from his mother’s teasing. He hid his face in her bosoms and hugged her tightly. Not wanting to show his face to her.

Lucy looked to where her mother was pointing and was surprised after she saw her little brother’s morning wood. She felt like time passed too quickly. Her little brother was growing up very quickly. It felt as if it was only yesterday when they were teaching him how to walk.

Sigh, my dear little brother is growing up so quickly she thought to herself.

Lilith looked at her embarrassed son and giggled. She liked looking at her children’s embarrassed faces. She could clearly see his face was as red as a tomato. She smiled and said

“How do you want mama to relive you baby? Do you want mama to use her hands, mouth or..”

Lilith went close to Lith’s ear and whispered

“….mama’s pussy.”

Lith was now burning with embarrassment. ‘Mother have atleast a little shame! It’s only a thirteen year old little Vampire you are talking to! Your son on top of that!’ Lith cursed inwardly and denied any possibility of him being thin skinned and blamed his mother. His mother was definitely very crazy!

What Lith didn’t know was that, Vampires in general were the craziest bunch. They really liked to spice things up whenever and wherever possible. They had a very long lifespan and on top of that if they have a high magical rank, then they were immortals. They always were eager to find entertainment wherever and whenever possible.

Lilith had lived for more than half a million years and had seen almost everything. She was familiar with incestuous relationships and these things were all a small matter to her. She was a true god. She had seen everything there is to see and experienced everything there was to experience, of course, apart from having sex with any male. She didn’t like men. Her son was the only exception.

Having lived for so long, the concept of age didn’t matter much to her. She loved her son and daughter and would do anything for them. Having an incestuous relationship with them was just a form of being more closer and intimate towards their children.

Would not having an incestuous relationship cause any changes in her? The answer is no. But, having an incestuous relationship would make her tremble with happiness because she would know that her children loved her so much that they wanted to do such things and be more close and intimate with her. It was like icing to the cake. She felt more complete like that.

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