Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 18 Wings (2)

Lucy after finding that her mother had calmed down and her brother was stable too, went to them.

Lith looked at his big sister coming towards them with swollen red eyes and dried up tears on her face. It was apparent that she too cried a lot. He felt pained. If he knew that their reaction would be this exaggerated and they would feel so much pain because of his little yell, he never would’ve done it. He swore to himself to never make his mother or big sister feel such king of pain ever again.

Lucy came to her mother and brother’s side and went on her knees and hugged both of them. Lith gave Lucy a loving kiss on her cheek and also to Lilith once again. They stayed like that for few mins, enjoying the warmth of each other.

Lucy pulled back first and smiled and looked at Lith and said “Dear why don’t you show mom and me your wings and do a little test flight?”

I kissed mother on her lips and pulled back from her hug. She would never let go if I don’t separate myself. I look at big sis and nodded.

I got a little away from mother and started to feel the wings on my back. It was actually not complicated. It felt as natural to me as moving my arms or fingers. Well, of course it was natural because wings are a part of my body in the end. The flight was a little messy and the take off and landing weren’t good either due to me not understanding proper aerodynamics. I somehow did my first flight and during landing I would’ve fell butt down by Lucy caught me in her arms in time. I thanked her and retracted my wings.

I look at my big sister and said “Big sis, I want to see your wings too.”

She smiled and said “Alright dear but this place is too small, come let’s go outside.”

Before we could go out, mother grabbed both me and big sis by our waist and vanished into thin air. The arena was now empty without any signs of life.

Lilith with her two children in her arms came into mid air above the Royal Castle.

“Alright dear, you can show him here.” Lilith said smiling and kissed Lucy on her lips and let her go.

Lucy after being let go by her mother didn’t really fall down. She just walked away a little from her mother and brother and stood still on the air. It was as if it wasn’t air but ground. Walking in air was as natural as walking on ground for Lucy.

Lith was bewildered. One second before he was in the arena and he knew he was talking to his sister but then he felt darkness all around his eyes and the next thing he knew, he was in his mother’s arm, who was currently standing in mid air as if it was ground. He looked down and felt that he could fall at any time. He grabbed his mother’s neck tightly and stuffed his head into her bosoms.

Lith trusted his mother 100% in anything and everything so he calmed down and let go of her neck and looked at his sister, clearly not wanting to look down. He was actually a little afraid of heights due to being killed once at very high height.

Lucy noticing that two pairs of purple eyes were looking at her smiled and


The wings extended out of Lucy and swept the air around creating a breezing sound of wind passing.

Lith eyes went wide as he looked at his sister’s wings in shock. It was huge! Her wings extended who knows how long and wide but they were huge! He looked at his side and at Lucy’s backside but he couldn’t all there was were darkness. It was caused due to Lucy’s wings. He looked down and up but it was still covered with Lucy’s wings. There was only the gap formed due to the diverging wings extending out of Lucy’s back.

Lucy then retracted her wings and then extended again but this time they weren’t so huge. They were only 5 meters long and 2 meters wide. They looked good on her. She looked even more beautiful with her wings extended.

“How was it dear? Did you like it?” She asked smiling.

“Yes big sis, it was very amazing. You look very beautiful with your wings out big sis.”

Lucy felt happy hearing her little brother’s praise. She flew towards him and gave him a kiss on his lips.

“Mama, can you show me your wings too? The same way big sis showed just now.” I asked my mother and said the last sentence clearly hoping she didn’t just show me a small version of her wings.

“Anything for you, my baby.” Mother said giving me a kiss on my lips and then handing me over to big sis carefully.

Lucy brought Lith on the roof of the castle.

Lith looked at her and said “why are we here big sis?”

“Dear you cannot have a good look at her wings if you stand in front of her.” She said smiling.

I nodded and looked up, waiting for my mother to unfold her wings. She went up above in the air and extended her wings.

Lith’s jaw dropped, he was shocked senseless looking at his mother or to be precise her wings. He couldn’t even describe what they were. If Lucy’s wings were huge then these couldn’t be described with words anymore. The whole sky was covered by darkness. It was dark all the time in the Vampire continent but he knew that this darkness was due to his mother’s wings. His mother’s wings looked the purest of black. It was beautiful beyond belief. He did not know till where they extended, how wide and long they were but he knew that they definitely were way bigger than Lucy’s.

The people in the Vampire continent were panicking due to finding out that the silver-crimson moon had been blocked and the whole sky was covered in darkness which was darker than they have ever seen before.


“IKR! the moon is gone!”




“Shut up idiots! The moon isn’t gone, it is just covered due to her majesty opening her wings.”


“Her majesty is really amazing!!!”

“I didn’t know that anyone’s wings would be this big!”

“I’ll work harder to make my wings look like her majesty too!!!”

“Dream on dumbass! Nobody can be as majestic as her majesty!”



The Vampire forums online went crazy in just minutes. They had never seen such a scene before. An Image had started to circulate and it was clearly taken from the sky. It showed two gigantic pair of bat wings extending outwards from the center of the Vampire continent and towards the Belial and Treant ocean! It was very majestic!

Lith on the other hand had no idea how big the wings really were and just thought that they were very big and bigger than his big sister’s for sure. Lilith retracted her wings and made them smaller and came down and stood in front of her daughter and son.

“You look very pretty and beautiful with your wings out mama.” Lith said extending his hands outward asking for a hug. Lilith walked over and took him from Lucy and kissed him on his lips and said smiling

“Thankyou, baby.”

“Mom everytime you show your wings, I am mesmerized. I love seeing your wings.” Lucy said excitedly like a fangirl.

“Thankyou, dear.” Lilith kissed Lucy on her lips too and said smiling. She once again held Lucy’s waist and with Lith her arms vanished from the spot.

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