Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 823 - 823 Evolution of God Eleven (6)

823 Evolution of God Eleven (6)

However, he just had to eat it.

The more it could eat, the higher the initial proficiency level of the Demon God Body.

This was what Ji Mengzhu said.

At this moment, meteorite fragments entered Eleven’s body one after another. Eleven felt especially good.

One, two, three… Initially, Shi Yu and Susu were still wondering if they should use the Sea Cleansing Spirit to relieve Eleven.

But from the looks of it, for the current overlord-level Eleven and the almost invincible overlord-level Eleven, controlling them was too simple.

Soon, Eleven ate eight pieces in one go.

At this moment, it finally felt a trace of pressure. Its expression was serious and solemn as it felt a dark deer thumping in its heart.

After eating eight pieces, including the previous one, it was nine meteorite fragments. Eleven finally felt the burden and the corrosion of the dark power.

“Can it still be eaten? Do you want the Sea Cleansing Spirit to help?”

“Wuu!” Eleven nodded. Of course, it could be eaten, but there was no need to help. Its white lightning power could also suppress the power of the Yun An Demon God.

Initially, Shi Yu and Eleven even said that they wanted to leave two pieces for Senior Panda and the beast-eared girl, but seeing that Eleven didn’t seem to have any limit, Shi Yu didn’t plan to keep them for the time being. He directly let Eleven eat as much as possible.

After Eleven evolved, he and Eleven would directly help the two seniors hunt Yun An’s main body!

At that time, there would be enough fragments.


Eleven picked up the meteorite fragment and continued eating. At this moment, its body was already intertwined with white and black lightning. It was extremely magical.

After eating, Eleven’s aura reached an extremely terrifying level.

It was as if a Thunder Demon God had descended into the world.

The power of the Demon God contained in the eleven meteorite fragments happened to allow Eleven to reach the limit of its current state.

At that moment, what excited Eleven the most was the inscription that it couldn’t carve after eating the meteorite fragment for the first time… This time, it could finally carve it.

It stretched out its huge claws and began to carve dark inscriptions, planning to complete the evolution of the Demon God.

Today, Eleven had used all the foundation it had accumulated in the past on itself.

“Come on.” Shi Yu was also extremely excited as he looked at Eleven in front of him in anticipation.

Black lightning and white lightning flowed all over its body. As it carved the evolution inscription, a black evolution light directly enveloped its entire body.

During this process, its entire body was filled with black light. Information appeared in Shi Yu’s mind.

< Name > Demon God Body

[Attributes]: Metal, Dark

< Introduction > The body can automatically produce the power of the dark-element Demon God. It can mobilize the power of the Demon God to perfectly integrate into any metal-element skill, increasing the effect of the skill in all aspects.

Powerful skills often only needed simple effects.

At this moment, Eleven was gradually transforming into the Demon God Iron-eating Beast in history.

This was Emperor Wu’s trump card battle pet, a super race that made Emperor Wu willing to nurture it as the strongest trump card.

At this moment, the black evolution light spread. Eleven’s figure slowly enlarged, and its energy level increased further.

Soon, a new appearance appeared in front of Shi Yu and the others.

Zhong Xuan had once said that through the evolution of other inscriptions, the form of the body would not change. Only new racial skills would be added. Only through the evolution of the meteorite fragment would the form of the Nine Li Battle Beast undergo a huge change.

At this moment, its form had indeed changed completely.

The armor and body seemed to have fused into one, no longer in the form of an Iron-eating Beast wearing armor.

At the same time, the color of the armor on its body completely changed from clearly silver and black to a mixture of white and gradually black.

This color was like dark metal absorbing light, dazzling and mysterious.

At this moment, the armor was very layered, like it was made of prismatic metal. On these metal armor, the white and black colors gradually changed, turning the normal state into a Demon God Iron-eating Beast nearly ten meters tall that emitted a terrifying Demon God aura.

Although he could still see the outline of the Iron-eating Beast’s figure clearly, there was already a tight Demon God Armor on the outside.

[Pet Name]: Eleven

[Attributes]: Metal, Thunder, Dark

[Race Level]: High-level overlord (Quasi Mythical)

[Level of Growth]: Overlord

Energy Points: 88,210,000

After the evolution of the Demon God, Eleven’s current attributes underwent another huge change.

However, this wasn’t the end at all. This form was only a transition.

In the time it took Ling to take a photo, Eleven, who looked like a demon god, ate the second Aurora Magnetic Gold!!

Two legendary resources!

Ate them all!

In addition to a pile of legendary level-eight resources, it was impossible for Eleven not to be strong.


As Eleven ate the Aurora Magnetic Gold this time, it began to activate the power of superalloy. Its entire body was covered in hardened metal, and the hardened metal that had fused with the power of the White Thunder Metal began to fuse with the Demon God’s metal body!!

“Wuu!!” Eleven roared with all its might.

It was extremely excited.

In the next moment, it was directly swallowed by the huge black and white interweaving lightning!!

Its entire body was extremely blurry.

Superalloy, fusion super evolution.

At this moment, the form of the Demon God Iron-eating Beast that had just evolved directly collapsed. Under the collision of light, darkness, and lightning, the Demon God Armor on Eleven’s body kept disintegrating into energy essence that fused into Eleven’s body.

After the Demon God Armor disintegrated under the power of yin and yang, Eleven’s new form was also revealed. It was a form that Shi Yu and the others completely didn’t expect. It was an ordinary Iron-eating Beast, but its body was a little taller and larger, a full ten meters tall.

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