Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 691 - First Totem Kill (3)

Chapter 691: First Totem Kill (3)

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When Shi Yu heard that, his expression changed. Therefore, the end of the Iron-eating Beast race’s inheritance was indeed caused by a race being afraid of the Iron-eating Beast’s powerful potential and exterminating the Iron-eating Beast.

Shi Yu looked into the depths of the ruins.

“Wuu!!!” Eleven also looked into the depths of the ruins angrily.

Ji Mengzhu saw the expressions of Shi Yu and the others and said, “So I want to ask, the Iron-eating Beast race now…”

Shi Yu said, “Senior Ji, the Iron-eating Beast race hasn’t been completely wiped out. Although there aren’t many left, there’s still a small number of them living in various places in Dong Huang. Unfortunately, their inheritance was broken in the war and they became ordinary transcendent races.”

“Of course, because a genius archeologist appeared in Dong Huang and recovered the evolution method of the Iron-eating Beasts, the Iron-eating Beasts now have extraordinary status in Dong Huang.”

“And the Iron-eating Beast cubs you teleported out are also fine. They’re living normally nearby.”

“Is that so?” Ji Mengzhu heaved a sigh of relief. This was also a blessing in disguise. At least their mission didn’t fail, and the Iron-eating Beast race wasn’t completely destroyed by the totems’ genocide order.

However, Ji Mengzhu looked at Shi Yu and Eleven and still didn’t understand. Didn’t they say that the Iron-eating Beast’s inheritance had been broken? This didn’t look like the inheritance had been broken. This Iron-eating Beast was simply stronger than any Iron-eating Beast of the same level at the peak of its development.

She decided that it was no longer important.

She said, “Thank you for letting me hear such good news at the last moment of my life. You just said that you’re here to investigate this ruin, right?”

Shi Yu nodded and said, “Yes…”

“This ruin is just as I said just now. There’s nothing special about it. However, when we were fleeing, we brought a large number of Iron-eating Beast cultivation resources. Take these resources back to the country.”

“From the current situation, the outside world is a totem country, and it might be very dangerous. You’re not strong, so I’ll try my best to activate the power of the sealed ruins and trap the totems and overlords outside for a while. Use this time to escape.”

“If possible, it’s best to take away the Iron-eating Beasts that I teleported out to the outside world too.”

“Moreover, it looks like the Yun clan hasn’t been completely severed. Take these Iron-eating Beasts and those meteorite fragments and be careful of the Yun clan along the way. Just now, I sensed that you should still have a totem-level companion, right? It should be Dong Huang’s guardian? With its help, you don’t have to worry too much.”

Shi Yu was delighted. There were indeed iron-eating beast evolution materials!!!

“Wait, Senior Ji, what’s going on? You said this is the last moment of your life…” Shi Yu was stunned.

Ji Mengzhu smiled and said, “That Yun clan general might break free of the seal at any time and descend into the world again. I naturally can’t let it escape.”

“It’s breaking free from the seal. Strength will continue to deplete.”

“I’ll try to detonate the entire seal ruin at the weakest moment after the other party breaks free of the seal. Legendary sealing ruins, if detonated, can definitely completely kill the other party.”

“It’s because of this that I chose to become the array spirit to seal the ruins. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m already a dead person. To be able to avenge my dead companions at the last moment… I’ve also heard pretty good news from you. I no longer have any regrets.”

Shi Yu opened his mouth slightly and said, “Wait, Senior Ji, if you don’t detonate the ruins, can you still exist in the form of an array spirit without dying?”


Ji Mengzhu said, “What are you planning?”

“I mean, if the Yun race general breaks free from the seal, so be it. Don’t care about it. As long as there’s life, there’s hope. After it breaks out of the seal, we’ll use other methods to kill it. Isn’t it the same? We don’t have to sacrifice you and the ruins.”

A legendary Iron-eating Beast cultivator and a legendary ruin… It would be a pity to detonate it!!!

If she didn’t want this ruin, she could give it to him.

Even without the sealing function, it was still an ancient legendary ruin…

Ji Mengzhu shook her head and said, “After it breaks the seal, it will definitely choose to destroy the ruins inside. Although it doesn’t have the ability to destroy the ruins, as the spirit of the ruins, I definitely can’t escape its attack.”

“Moreover, even if you can escape with me, this Yun race general isn’t that easy to kill.”

“Since you know Yun An, you should know its terrifying power. These meteorites are totems that were bestowed power by Yun An. They also hold that terrifying dark power. Even if you can defeat them, facing the terrifying self-destruction they do before they die, it’s definitely a fatal crisis.”

“Even if it’s a top-notch totem, it’s unwilling to face an ordinary Yun Race totem that was given power by Yun An.”

“Therefore, in order to reduce the casualties and take revenge on the outside world and Dong Huang after it escapes, it’s the best choice for me to send it off one last time,” Ji Mengzhu said. “If it recovers to its peak, it will definitely be a disaster for Dong Huang.”

“There’s a way,” Shi Yu said. “There should be enough reinforcements arriving next. They might even bring forbidden weapons. If there are forbidden weapons, there won’t be too many casualties if we kill this Yun Race general.”

“Forbidden weapon?” Ji Mengzhu was stunned. “What’s that?”

“A super lethal weapon that can instantly kill ordinary totems, top-notch totems, and even totem half-gods. The current Dong Huang relied on this weapon to end the totem war.”

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