Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 419 - National Champion Shi Yu (2)  

Chapter 419: National Champion Shi Yu (2)

In addition, White Brook, who was also forced to surrender by Shi Yu, was also angry.

Didn’t Shi Yu know how to take it a bit easier on her?

“Hahahaha.” In the end, Director Zhong Yan’s laughter broke the unbelievable silence. On the platform, he looked at Shi Yu and said, “I believe you already know that you’ve won the individual championship of this National League, right?”

“Congratulations. Anything you want to say?”

President Xia and Legend Xiao also took a deep breath.

Shi Yu was stunned as he stood at the venue. Then, he said happily, “The National League is very good. I’ll come again next time.”

“Wuu!” “Wu!” “Yi!” “Mi!” “Ning!!”

They also found it interesting. They would come again next time! Wasn’t this picking up money!

Everyone: “?”

The eight major universities:???

Only then did the eight universities realize that Shi Yu was only in his first year of university.

The first, second, and third-year students of the eight major universities, the low-level elites who were about to replace their seniors as representatives of the school, instantly widened their eyes.

This kid… get lost!!!

Don’t come over!

What the hell!

The principals of the eight major universities were shocked. All the education funds this year would be given to Ancient Capital University. Could they ban this kid from competing for the rest of his life??

“Ah, this.” Director Zhong’s balls hurt. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have asked…

Shi Yu didn’t stay at the venue for long. It was mainly because the scene was too hot for him to bear.

He immediately ran back and didn’t even plan to participate in the interview. He decided to watch the live broadcast replay and admire his and his pets’ heroic bearing first.

Originally, the individual competition preliminaries would last for an entire day, but due to some accidents, it ended in less than half a day.

The contestants naturally returned to the contestant village. As for the audience, they returned to their residence and waited for the team battle tomorrow.

Of course, compared to the “intense” individual battle, the discussion and attention of the low-level team battle were not very high.

The entire Beast Tamer domain of Dong Huang was still discussing Shi Yu.

At the moment, the most sensitive person to this incident was Zou Tianwang of the Dark Club in Demon Capital.

Zou Tianwang, Heavenly King Zou, originally didn’t pay much attention to the national competition, but he discovered a lot of news. “Shi Yu defeated Gao Xuan”, “The Nine Li Battle Beast evolved again”, “Mu Huiyin’s heroic spirit”, “The National Champion Shi Yu eliminated all members”, “The mystery of the physical strength of the Butterfly of Imagination”, “Is the Water Slime that strong” and “Is Baby Ginseng worth contracting”, among other trending topics, he realized that something was wrong. His eyes gradually turned red and he was extremely envious.

F*ck, why were there so many trending topics related to Shi Yu!!!


This was an achievement even more impressive than being first on the trending list.

Damn it, he was envious.

“This guy… why is he so ruthless!!!”

“This guy is probably more popular than Ye Xing now.”

“Why don’t we invite Shi Yu to a Sequence battle?”

“Wait… This kid’s strength… is so strong?! Ah… What if I lose?”

Then, there were various trending topics such as “Shi Yu advanced to Sequence 24”. For a moment, Shi Yu’s name swept through the country.

The recognition level this time could be considered to have completely reached the national level. It was mainly because this National League was too ridiculous, and the attention was several times higher than last year.

At this moment, at the core of the entire incident, Shi Yu and his pets were resting well in the contestant village.

He also calculated the reward.

“Every monarch-level ferocious beast I hunted is 10 million yuan. It’s too stingy. They only give bonuses and they still confiscate the ferocious beasts. Some ferocious beasts have more than 10 million yuan worth of materials, not to mention that I preserved them so perfectly… It’s better to find wild areas to pick up materials and sell in the future…”

“A total of 31 monarch-level ferocious beasts were hunted, about 310 million.”

“Every contestant eliminated is 20 million yuan. This is also stingy. We’ve eliminated a total of 20. In total, it’s only 400 million.”

“Gao Xuan has so many monarch-level pets, and he’s even the previous champion. He’s actually worth the same price as Senior Bai. He’s a BUG in this reward system. Anyone would say that this is a BUG.”

Shi Yu and the others calculated for a long time. In the preliminaries, they could obtain about 700 million yuan.

However, this was all a bonus.

Most importantly, the physical reward for the final ranking of these 21 contestants and the physical reward for the first place national champion were the main rewards.

Although there were only two rewards, they were both expensive!

First reward for individual champion: Hundred Transformations Stone (Wind) and a set of top-notch basic mechanical materials.

The Hundred Transformations Stone was a wind-element level-eight mechanical material that was worth more than a billion. Moreover, it was a super rare resource that was difficult to buy even with money. Its number was extremely limited.

Individual champion reward number two: Space Crystal (Space).

This was a level-six ore resource with a spatial attribute. It was worth hundreds of millions, a resource to assist Beast Tamers in raising the level of the Beast Taming Space. In the third bureau, they had once given Shi Yu a piece. It was this that helped Shi Yu raise the Beast Taming Space from level four to level five in a few months.

Now that Shi Yu was at the master level, the effect of the Space Crystal should be much weaker, but it was better than nothing.

Therefore, in this National League, Shi Yu had obtained a total of two billion worth of resources. It was a huge gain.

Of course, Ancient Capital University also made a killing with Shi Yu this time. This year’s education funds should be able to suppress Imperial Capital and Demon Capital University. At that time, as a meritorious minister, Shi Yu would definitely have a lot of benefits.

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