Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1421 - Chapter 1421 Shearing the Four Holy Family's Wool (1)

Chapter 1421 Shearing the Four Holy Family’s Wool (1)

Although two days had passed in the Four Saints Ruins, this place was still extraordinarily lively. Many Four Saints Evolvers kept challenging the Four Saints Ruins. Many names had already appeared densely on the Four Saints Leaderboard, but until now, no challenger could defeat the Guardian Holy Beast and reach 1 battle power unit.

The difficulty of clearing the ruins made everyone’s teeth hurt. Shi Yu, on the other hand, never tired of it. He fused skills for Little Quas, Turtle, and Shorty.

He had to fuse it. The reason why Shi Yu didn’t replicate it on a large scale was firstly because it was a waste of energy, and secondly, there would be a bottleneck in the skill index. At the moment, the skill index only had 70 skill slots, and it was almost full. The way to delete skills was first to maximize them and then, secondly, to fuse them into new skills.

Apart from teaching skills, all the racial skills were quasi-divine skills. It was impossible to maximize them, so there was only one way to delete the fusion skill. However, although fusion could delete skills, the problem was that as more and more skills were fused, a situation would quickly appear. The two skills didn’t have fusion compatibility, so they couldn’t be fused.

At that time, the skill index would really be full, and he couldn’t delete it even if he wanted to. Of course, it wasn’t very difficult for Shi Yu to increase the page count of the skill index. At the moment, he had contracted 13 pets. The rule of the skill index was to increase the number of skill pages by five for every pet he contracted. However, the current upper limit of the pet Shi Yu could contract was 18. Therefore, as long as he wanted, he could contract five more pets and increase the skill page by 25. This way, he didn’t have to worry about the skill page for the time being.

However, Shi Yu wasn’t very willing to do this just to replicate more skills and contract new pets. This was because when new pets arrived, they had to be cultivated too. At that time, the new pets would also need a pile of skill pages. In the end, it was still not enough.

Moreover, he still had to spend more energy to add points. Shi Yu had a headache. This was also the reason why Shi Yu didn’t awaken the demon cub after the gem cat brought it to the World King Planet. He didn’t plan to contract it, as he no longer wanted to nurture pets from scratch.

It was also for this reason that the demon cub brought by the gem cat from Blue Planet had been neglected. Shi Yu originally wanted to sell the demon cub to the Demon Race at a cheap price, but the Demon Race didn’t recognize this “ancestor” at all and wasn’t interested in the demon cub. Shi Yu couldn’t help but sigh. His options were limited!

Therefore, Shi Yu’s treatment of the demon cub was to directly give it to the gem cat. If the gem cat was unwilling to become a healer, he would let the gem cat choose a Beast Tamer from Dong Huang and send it over. An orphan cub of the divine race would still be very popular with Beast Tamers. After all, it was a pet with quasi-divine skills. Once it contracted, it directly exceeded 99% of Beast Tamers.

Of course, not wanting to nurture a new pet didn’t mean that Shi Yu didn’t plan to contract a new pet. Be it the skill page or the stats feedback, they were what Shi Yu needed. However, in terms of choosing, he definitely had to be careful next.

There weren’t many pets that could move his heart now. Even if they couldn’t reach the level of Qi, they had to at least be like the cosmic behemoth. Shi Yu was still quite interested in the racial talent of the cosmic behemoth race. Apart from being invincible and being able to cross the starry sky, the cosmic behemoth race could also open the “cosmic hole”, planetary teleportation array, interstellar teleportation array… They were created by imitating the cosmic hole skills of the cosmic behemoth race. It could be said that the cosmic behemoth race was the easiest race to cross the universe.

If he had a cosmic behemoth as a mount, why would he need the Green Dragon or the Space Battleship Ling?

Unfortunately, the cosmic behemoth race was also the most difficult race to contract… The strongest individual was a cosmic-level race, and none of them were easy to deal with.

“The White King is here…”

Just as Shi Yu was in a daze, the Four Holy Ruins suddenly became noisy. A strong white tigerman in armor with the word “king” on its forehead walked towards the White Tiger Leaderboard step by step.

His arrival attracted the attention of many people. Zong Jie and Zi Jian, who were investigating the ruins, looked over.

“Who is this?” Zi Jian asked casually.

“He’s just a small figure. He’s the strongest quasi-divine of the White Tiger Family and has mastered the prototype of a top-notch faith divine skill,” a member of Zi Jian’s special force said.

“I didn’t expect him to come first.” President Zong Jie of the Green Dragon Family frowned. Among the strongest quasi-divines of the Four Holy Family, the strongest of the Green Dragon Family was followed by the White Tiger Family, the Black Tortoise Family, and the Vermillion Bird Family.

This tigerman named White King had mastered the Power of Retribution. This skill could cause intense damage to everything that had ill intentions towards him.

The super divine family head of the White Tiger Family also mastered this skill. It was said that once, when the White Tiger family head went to the Starry Sky Battlefield, the enemy super divine general learned that the White Tiger family head had arrived and became hostile to him. At this moment, both parties were still separated by a star domain. However, the White Tiger family head directly relied on the other party’s hostility to cross a star domain and heavily injure the enemy, the Yun Race’s super divine general.

The super divine general of the Yun Race was immediately shocked when he didn’t see his opponent heavily injured. He immediately retreated. The World King Planet’s bloodline successfully took down this area’s resources.

This legend had also warned countless lives on World King Planet that it was best not to have hostility towards the White Tiger Race. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

Of course, from the looks of it, it was indeed a little exaggerated. In fact, this Power of Retribution was a faith skill. It needed the support of a huge amount of power of faith to maximize its power. Back then, the White Tiger family head also consumed incomparable power of faith to successfully lock down the enemy.

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