Unscientific Beast Taming

Chapter 1104 - 1104 The Worst Demigod in History (4)

1104 The Worst Demigod in History (4)

They only wanted to watch the outcome of such a big boss fight silently.

[Contract System: Baby Ginseng is online.]

[Shi Yu: You and Susu will be in charge of assisting next.]

After Baby Ginseng went online again, Shi Yu glanced at Emperor Wu and Yun An. Although Yun An was continuously heavily injured, it was still very fierce. The power of a quasi-divine skill was still extremely strong, far above Eleven’s single-target quasi-divine skill.

Most importantly, Eleven and the others couldn’t use quasi-divine skills a second time after using them once. However, at this moment, be it Yun An or Emperor Wu, they could use quasi-divine skills as Normal Skills. Shi Yu looked at them and shook his head.

They chose not to interfere in their battle and ran to harvest their resources.

“Roar!!!” At this moment, the general under Yun An, the black giant ape, was the first to rush back to the Yun Nation. However, Shi Yu definitely wouldn’t let it support Yun An at this moment.


Before the black giant ape could react, a black and white light flashed in front of its eyes. A huge cannonball directly blasted towards it. The black giant ape was caught off guard and was directly pushed out of the Yun Nation under the huge impact.

Right on the heels of that, a hundred-meter-tall black and white Behemoth wrapped in lightning appeared amidst the lightning. It walked towards it step by step and smashed its huge fist.

“Roar!!!” Eleven roared. Take this!!

[Shi Yu: Don’t kill it. Leave the last slash to us. Everyone, preserve your strength.]

With so many totem generals, how many undead scapegoats would there be!

[Eleven: Sob! (Report Beast Tamers for stealing kills!)]

On the other side, the red-haired and red-eyed Shi Yu stood in the sky and looked at the black battle tiger in front of him calmly. His figure directly flashed and slashed at the huge tiger. At the same time, the huge tiger roared and swung its huge claws, colliding with the sword edge!!

Shi Yu and the others didn’t know how the progress on Emperor Wu’s side would be. They didn’t dare to use quasi-divine skills to waste their strength when dealing with these totem generals and kept some trump cards.

However, even if he didn’t use quasi-divine skills, with Eleven and the others’ foundation, it was more than enough to deal with this group of totems that Yun An had forcefully raised.


The main battlefield was smoother than Shi Yu imagined. Emperor Wu was indeed fierce. The power of every punch was comparable to Shi Yu and Eleven using double quasi-divine skills to completely attain the Dao with strength.

Moreover, after knowing that Shi Yu’s Susu could cleanse radiation, Emperor Wu’s battle Style today was even more reckless.

Initially, when Emperor Wu fought Yun An, he would sometimes still care about the other party’s attack and dodge if he could. But today, Yun An discovered that not only did Emperor Wu not dodge, but he also exchanged injuries every time.

Most importantly, Yun An felt that Emperor Wu’s strength had improved again from a week ago. Moreover, it couldn’t sense the original incurable injury in Emperor Wu’s body.

“Damn it!!!”

With the body fragments that filled the sky being sent flying, Yun An felt that it was really dangerous this time. Perhaps he would fail.

The other party had come prepared. Even the space here was perfectly sealed, making it impossible for it to retreat.


In order to quickly suppress Yun An, Emperor Wu didn’t care about his injuries at all. Every time he fought head-on with Yun An, in a short moment, one-tenth of Yun An’s body had already been smashed.

The meteorite fragments all over the ground made Shi Yu, who sensed the main battlefield through Ling, feel his heart ripple. There were hundreds of Demon God Iron-eating Beasts?

[Shi Yu: Senior Emperor Wu, continue. Its current state is still too good. It’s not the best time to use the Sea Cleansing Spirit!]

“Alright!!!” Emperor Wu let out a long roar and threw another punch.


The wind of Emperor Wu’s fist collided with Yun An’s huge claws. As the huge claws cracked, Yun An roared angrily.

At this moment, Yun An’s mentality had already collapsed slightly. It was suppressed by Emperor Wu the whole time, causing it to be unable to counterattack at all.

He couldn’t defeat it or escape, causing Yun An to feel like giving up struggling.

It would have been fine if it was just Emperor Wu. It was all because of that human who had appeared for no reason. Yun An was furious and felt that it was all Shi Yu’s fault. If not for Shi Yu’s support, a mere Emperor Wu wouldn’t have been able to trap him!

“Roar!!!” At that moment, as he sensed the tragic deaths of his subordinates, Yun An realized that the situation was over. At this rate, forget about escaping to the west to dominate, it was even a problem if he could leave the Yun Nation alive.

“Wu Dong, you forced me!!!” Sensing that his condition was getting worse and worse, the taut string in Yun An’s heart finally snapped, and his gaze was filled with hatred and violence.

At most, they would perish together!!!

He was an elemental creature, a demigod-level elemental creature. As long as he had a small core, there was still hope of revival thousands of years later.

On the other hand, these humans would all return to dust.


Although it was self-destruction, it could completely retain a core during the self-destruction process and use the power of the self-destruction to break through this domain that suppressed the power of the Void. It could throw the core into an alternate space and teleport to an extremely far place to wait for revival.

“Roar!!!” At the thought of this, Yun An felt that he couldn’t hesitate any longer. Otherwise, in a while, he wouldn’t even have the power to self-destruct.


Yun An underwent the final eruption. The energy in its body rose steadily, and the energy in its body began to expand and fuse into its body. However, in the next moment, it was like a deflated balloon. The energy that had just swelled and wanted to self-destruct was instantly suppressed!!

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