Unrivaled Tang Sect

Chapter 622.4 - Conclusion

Volume 45, Chapter 622.4: Conclusion

Tang San waved his hand and said, “Get up.” Right now, he was smiling. His long blue hair flowed. His charming looks were captivating.

Dai Yuhao felt as if he was in a dream when he saw that genial smile. Is he really the father-in-law who just made things difficult for me? Everything seemed to be very different at this instant.

Dai Mubai smiled as he said, “Silly kid. If Tang San really wanted to make things difficult for you, do you really think you would be alive now?”

Zhu Zhuqing was a little indignant as she said, “Brother San, weren’t you a little too overboard?”

Tang San smiled and said, “Let me explain.”

He looked at Dai Yuhao and said, “I already knew about your matter with Ju Zi. You weren’t wrong. You were just played by destiny. Although we are gods, we can’t interfere with human affairs. Let bygones be bygones. Everything’s good as long as you are true to Wutong.

“I made things difficult for you for a reason. I chose you. I also performed many tests on you. Even for Wang Qiu’er, I separated a streak of Wutong’s divine sense and planted it on that Three-Eyed Golden Lion. Otherwise, even a Destiny God Beast wouldn’t be so intelligent. That’s why you don’t have to be too upset over Wang Qiu’er. She’s a part of Wutong. It was only after she sacrificed herself that the spiritual sense returned to Wutong, and transformed Wang Dong’er completely into Wutong.

“After that, someone cut in and tried to make you inherit his godly seat. However, you went through my tests. Although it was not a problem for you to inherit his godly seat, there was still some shortfall when it came to the fusion of skills. It was difficult for you to completely fuse with the God of Emotions’ abilities after you had just entered the godly realm. I used this method to put pressure on you, which would aid your fusion. It seems like it was effective. In the future, you should be able to do better than a certain someone.”

Rong Nianbing was furious as he retorted, “So you planned all this! It’s your scheme! Tang San, you are despicable! You even tricked me into swearing earlier!”

Tang San appeared very calm as he said, “You think it’s so easy to snatch my successor? Don’t you have to pay a price?”

Dai Yuhao lowered his voice as he asked Nian Ronbing, “Teacher, what vow did you make?”

Rong Nianbing snapped, “I vowed to remain in the godly realm for thirty more years if he agreed not to hurt you. Who knew that I was tricked? He didn’t just do this to you. He did this to me too. Dai Mubai, did you and your wife know about it too?”

Dai Mubai claimed innocence. “Eh, I didn’t! How would I? I’m only a Tier Two God.”

Rong Nianbing was furious. “Bullshit! Given your hot temper, how would you remain so calm if Tang San really treated your descendant like this? How would you not do anything?”

Zhu Zhuqing snorted. “If you knew it, why were you tricked? I really doubt your intelligence.”

“You, you guys… hmph! I’m furious!” Rong Nianbing was panting heavily.

Tang San grabbed his shoulder and said, “Alright, don’t be mad. Stay and help me, alright? You should know that the godly realm hasn’t been so peaceful recently. However, you want to leave now. Are you still a brother? Moreover, you stole my successor and implicated my daughter. What’s there to be dissatisfied with? Yuhao is such a talent. How can I easily find someone else like him?”

Dai Yuhao understood now. It turned out that he was under Tang San’s control right from the beginning. Perhaps that woodland, so like the Great Star Dou Forest, was invented by him, and he was baited to meet the two elders and his mother…

Dai Mubai laughed. “You should see where he inherited his talent from. Little San, quickly let your daughter out. Can’t you see that this kid is too anxious?”

Tang San laughed and said, “Go, Yuhao. Wutong is in the pavilion. Follow this path to find her. I don’t blame you. As for whether she does, I don’t know.”

“Yes, thank you, father-in-law.” No matter how indignant he felt now, there was nothing more important than finding Tang Wutong!

A beam of golden light spread towards the pavilion in the direction that Tang San pointed. Dai Yuhao quickly charged off in that direction.

Tang San revealed a heavy look on his face when he saw Dai Yuhao disappearing into the clouds, “A grown up daughter won’t remain by my side!”

Rong Nianbing was scoffed scornfully, “Alright, don’t act like you’ve suffered after you’ve taken advantage! Don’t I know you well enough? The godly realm is full of problems. Your precious son-in-law will help you greatly after he inherits my godly seat. Is there even anywhere else in the godly realm to go? Your daughter won’t leave you at all. What’s there to whine about?”

Tang San sighed and said, “Nianbing, do you know why I want to keep you here for another thirty years?”

Rong Nianbing was stunned for a moment. “Aren’t those guys unconvinced and want to cause trouble when the two Godkings aren’t around? Do we have to be scared of them?”

Tang San shook his head and replied, “I’m not too worried about them. No matter what, it’s all internal matters in the godly realm. I’m worried about something else. I hold power in the godly realm after the two Godkings left. That’s why I’m the only one who can sense changes in the godly realm. Within thirty years, I’m afraid there will be massive changes. As for what they’ll be, I’m not sure. However, I’m afraid ithere’s going to be a catastrophe that will destroy the godly realm.”

“What?” Rong Nianbing was stunned. He knew that Tang San wasn’t one to spout nonsense.

Dai Mubai said, “Little San, we can overcome any obstacle as long as we come together.”

Tang San laughed bitterly. “I hope so. It’s just that this catastrophe won’t be that simple. That’s why I didn’t cede my godly seat to Yuhao. Nianbing, do you really think I didn’t know that you secretly went to see Yuhao? No matter how busy I am, I still monitored my successor. I gave up the opportunity intentionally. I need to maintain my full strength to deal with the future crisis.”

Rong Nianbing asked, “Can the crisis be averted?”

Tang San squinted and replied, “I can’t tell. It’ll be difficult. However, there’s a chance. We just need to try our best.”

Rong Nianbing said, “Alright. However, there’s something I need to advise you first. If you want to deal with the crisis, you need to stabilize things internally first.”



Dai Yuhao followed the golden light and went deep into the clouds. Everything in front of him became clear. A majestic pavilion was soon in front of him.

As he moved in the direction of the golden light, he couldn’t be bothered with the majesty of the pavilion. He quickly entered.

He immediately saw a guy and a lady sitting in the main hall. They were playing chess.

They didn’t look very old. The guy was decked out in black, and was quite handsome. The lady was also ravishing, and she dressed in white. She appeared very pure.

Dai Yuhao seemed to have startled them when he entered. They turned their attention to him immediately.

The guy stood up and nodded at Dai Yuhao. He stepped forward. “Hi, my name is Ji Dong. You must be Yuhao. Welcome to the Judicial Committee.”

“Ah! Nice to meet you. This is the Judicial Committee?” Dai Yuhao was a little astonished.

That lady in white also stood up. Ji Dong said, “This is Zhuojing Lieyan.”

“Greetings.” Dai Yuhao immediately greeted her. Even though he didn’t know who either of them were, he knew that their statuses weren’t low if this was the Judicial Committee.

Lieyan smiled and said, “Quickly, go and find Wutong.”

“Thanks.” Dai Yuhao bowed to both of them and went along with the golden light.

As she watched him leave, Lieyan said, “Yuhao is a loyal man. He was just like you then.”

Ji Dong chortled and said, “I suspect Brother Tang San used me as a benchmark to recruit his son-in-law!”

Lieyan chortled and said, “You wish.”

Ji Dong hugged her and said, “In fact, tasting sweetness after experiencing bitterness is the best. I believe he’ll experience that soon.”


The golden light extended all the way to the top level before it disappeared. There was a door, which Dai Yuhao knocked on.

“Come in,” a gentle female voice responded. It sounded extremely captivating. However, Dai Yuhao’s expression changed. He knew that it wasn’t Tang Wutong’s voice.

Dai Yuhao squinted when he entered.

There were two people in the room. One of them was standing, while the other one was seated. The standing lady was in a pink dress, her long hair braided up. From the side, her slender and smooth neck could be seen. Her dress also accentuated her captivating figure.

At this point, she had already turned around. Her ravishing looks left Dai Yuhao in shock.

As for the lady on the bed, Dai Yuhao could see that it was the person he had been yearning for all this while, even though he only saw her profile.

“Hi, hi.” Dai Yuhao subconsciously greeted the lady, but his attention was all on Tang Wutong.

The lady walked in front of him and carefully sized him up. However, Dai Yuhao was still distracted.

The lady smiled and said, “I’m Xiao Wu.” However, she appeared very pleased. It was the look a mother-in-law gave when she approved of her son-in-law. After that, she gently patted his shoulder before walking past him and closing the door.

“Wutong!” There wasn’t anyone else. Dai Yuhao couldn’t hold it in anymore. He exclaimed and leapt in front of Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong was seated there, but she was expressionless. It was as if someone had frozen her in place. She was completely motionless.

“Wutong, it’s my fault. It’s all my fault. Let me explain, okay?” Dai Yuhao knelt down in front of her and held her slightly cold hands.

Tang Wutong appeared more intrigued. She turned to look at him, but there was a lost look in her eyes.

“Who are you?”

These three words hammered Huo Yuhao. Suddenly, he was very pale. An indescribable sense of fear rose in his heart. He subconsciously let go of Tang Wutong’s hands and fell uncontrollably to the floor.

He would rather that she scolded or chased him away than to hear her say something like that.

Has she lost her memory? Has she lost her memory of me? Does she not know me anymore? Does she not recognize me anymore?

The extreme fear left Dai Yuhao in chaos.

“Who are you? Tang Wutong tilted her head and asked again as she looked at him.

When she saw the fear in his eyes, Tang Wutong laughed. “I remember. You are Huo Yuhao and Dai Yuhao. You are my man, my husband, and the father to my kids in the future. You were the fool outside screaming that you loved me! You are my fool!”

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