Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Feng Zhirou

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“Train? What’s the point of this training?” Feng Ruoqing asked blankly.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Up to you whether you want to train or not. If you keep on training the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique like you did just now, then you might as well find a way to directly increase your soul strength. It isn’t so easy to jump ranks to battle.”

“Tch. What’s so hard about this? I will draw right now for you to see!” Feng Ruoqing refused to concede.

Saying that she pushed Ye Yuan aside and also drew on the paper.

But as she drew, the right hand became a circle. Furthermore, an uneven circle.

“I don’t believe this!”

Feng Ruoqing drew again. She concentrated on making her right hand’s drawing into a square. The result was that the right hand drew a square, and the left hand also drew a square!

After a few more times, Feng Ruoqing was thoroughly defeated.

“Why is this so hard?! Not drawing anymore!”

Feng Ruoqing threw the brush aside in a fit like a little girl throwing a tantrum. Where was the proud and cold female teacher?

“It’s because it is difficult; that’s why I asked you to draw it. Train well. After you master this, you shouldn’t be far from crossing the entry threshold of the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique. Alright. I’ve already taught you the secret. I don’t need to be your assistant for the next few days anymore, right? I’m leaving.”

“Halt! Do you think that you can hoodwink me by coming up with this crap? If you dare to walk out today, I will make the dean expel you! If you don’t believe me, just try!” Feng Ruoqing was livid.

Ye Yuan came up with some dubious thing and said that it would help in mastering the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique. Was it not insulting her intelligence?

“Aunt, who are you arguing with?” At this moment, a girl dressed in white martial outfit pushed the door open and entered.

This person was similarly a stunning beauty, with watery almond-shaped eyes like a crescent moon, and a slender waist that looked like it had no bones. Silky hair flowed down her shoulders; she wore white colored martial clothing while carrying a sword, giving off a heroic spirit.

Looking closely, this girl and Feng Ruoqing’s eyebrows had some similarity. No wonder she called out ‘Aunt.’

It was just that the age difference between this aunt and niece pair was too small. They looked just like sisters instead.

Ye Yuan had never seen this girl before, but he quickly figured out who this white-clothed girl was.

The most popular instructor in the Dan Wu Academy was Feng Ruoqing, and the most popular female student was Feng Zhirou.

Who could such a stunning beauty with the ‘Feng’ surname be other than Feng Zhirou?

It was just that Ye Yuan previously did not link these two together, and he did not know that the two of them were actually aunt and niece.

Feng Zhirou looked at Ye Yuan and looked at the disheveled looking Feng Ruoqing; she was stunned. She immediately cried out, “You scoundrel! To actually dare molest my aunt! I’m going to teach you a lesson!”

Finishing, she did not wait for Ye Yuan’s explanation, and a sword already flashed in front of Ye Yuan’s chest like lightning.

Ye Yuan did not expect this girl to be so unreasonable; indiscriminately striking with her sword to harm him.

He wanted to evade, but Feng Zhirou was rank three on the Martial Roll of Honor; a figure that Ye Yuan simply could not hope to match.

Being locked down by Feng Zhirou’s sword qi, Ye Yuan was actually unable to move. Even Instant Flash became sluggish.

This was a lethal sword.

This unforeseen situation occurred too quickly. Feng Ruoqing clearly did not manage to react in time either. Even if she wanted to help, it was already too late.

“Ah!” Feng Ruoqing screamed and shut her eyes in fright.

In the time of crisis, Ye Yuan could not be bothered to conceal his abilities. In a flurry, he executed an Absolute Yang Finger.


Following the crisp sound was the sound of the sword’s edge slicing open the skin.

Ye Yuan pushed Instant Flash to its limit at the same time he used his finger, dodging this sword by a hair’s breath. Even so, he still suffered some injuries. The sword’s edge made a cut on his right arm.

“STOP!” Feng Ruoqing was shocked by Feng Zhirou’s action and hurriedly called out for her to stop.

She had the intention to stop it just now, but she was way too slow.

After practicing the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique for such a long time, both her essence energy and mental strength was already completely dried up. How could she possibly stop Feng Zhirou’s attack?

Watching Feng Zhirou’s sword stabbed straight towards Ye Yuan’s chest, Feng Ruoqing’s heart leaped to her throat. Who knew that Ye Yuan would miraculously evade this lethal attack?

Feng Zhirou also did not expect her sword to be evaded by Ye Yuan. She saw through Ye Yuan’s strength at a glance, only at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Someone at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm actually managed to dodge her sword?

Even though Feng Zhirou only used 30% of her strength and not her full power, it should still not have been evaded by a Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm.

Especially Ye Yuan’s finger just now. The impact even made the web between her thumb and index finger go numb. How was this possible?!

“Zhirou! What are you doing?!” Feng Ruoqing asked angrily.

Only now did Feng Zhirou realized that she seemed to have gotten into trouble. She playfully stuck out her tongue and said, “A man and woman staying together in a room. I saw you lose your temper, and your clothes were also disheveled, so I thought . . .”

Feng Ruoqing blushed heavily at what she said. “If you continue saying nonsense, watch me tear your mouth! We have been refining pills all this while. Ye Yuan is the assistant that I invited! When will you fix your mischievous attitude?! Otherwise, you will cause a disaster sooner or later!”

Feng Zhirou pouted her lips and said in an aggrieved tone, “Aunt, I was wrong okay? I won’t dare to next time.”

“Why haven’t you apologized to Ye Yuan yet?” Feng Ruoqing asked furiously.

Before Feng Zhirou even apologized, Ye Yuan erupted first.

He really had enough of it today! He was driven like a duck onto a perch, forced to become some bullshit assistant for Feng Ruoqing. The result was that Feng Ruoqing was such a noob that he could not even bear to look on anymore.

He taught Feng Ruoqing the method on how to dual-task. But the result was that instead of expressing her gratitude, this woman refused to stop bothering him.

And now, there was this completely unreasonable Feng Zhirou who jumped out, nearly killing him with her sword!

Ye Yuan barely managed to get this life. If he were to die again, then he would be screwed.

“What apology?! I’ve really had enough of the two of you aunt and niece! One keeps pestering me, and the other is savage and unreasonable! I came here to help out of goodwill, and the result was that I nearly lost my life! Just who did I provoke?! This Young Master can’t stand this frustration anymore! Feng Ruoqing, if you have the ability, then just get me expelled! If this place won’t keep me, there will be a place willing to take me! Farewell!”

Finishing, Ye Yuan strode out of the door.

Feng Zhirou was originally ready to make an apology but was rebuffed by Ye Yuan; she could not help it but become angry. “Who’s that? He’s so bad tempered! Just now, I didn’t make clear of the situation. But didn’t he only suffer some light injuries?”

Feng Ruoqing did not stop Ye Yuan this time. But after hearing Feng Zhirou grumbling, she inevitably became annoyed. “Look who’s talking?! That sword of yours nearly killed him just now, and you are still acting so righteous! Imperial Brother really spoiled you! When I go back this time around, I’ll definitely report all of your misdoings in the academy to Imperial Brother to make him ground you!”

The moment Feng Zhirou heard ‘ground,’ she immediately grabbed Feng Ruoqing’s arm and begged, “Good Aunt, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong. Please, please don’t snitch on me to Imperial Father. I don’t want to stay in the palace all day.”

“Humph! If you don’t want to be grounded, then fine. Turn around and go apologize to Ye Yuan! Remember, it’s apologizing! If Ye Yuan doesn’t accept your apology, then just wait to be grounded. I will tell Imperial Brother all about your matters, one by one!” Feng Ruoqing was in a panic now. If Ye Yuan were really killed by Feng Zhirou just now, then she would probably live in guilt for the rest of her life.

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