Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Incurring Everyone’s Wrath

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After Wu Luochen left, many people went up to congratulate Ye Yuan.

After this test, Ye Yuan’s name as a genius had already been established. His position in the academy would undoubtedly rise.

Taking the opportunity to be on friendly terms with a future Martial Roll of Honor expert was a must.

At the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, he could already finish off five Eighth Level Essence Qi Realm fighters. This kind of power . . . Once Ye Yuan broke through to the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm, just how horrifying would his strength become?

Who knows, maybe when he’s at the Seventh Level Essence Qi Realm, he would indeed have the strength to challenge the Earth Rank Advancement test!

However, those who came up to say hello to Ye Yuan were mostly Heaven Rank students. Those Earth Rank students were destined to never mingle with a genius like Ye Yuan.

One would not hit a smiling face. Ye Yuan dealt with these Heaven Rank students’ goodwill gestures one by one.

There was no lack of experts from the Martial Roll of Honor among these people. So naturally, there wasn’t any downside to becoming acquainted with them.

Watching Ye Yuan benefitting from everyone around, Lin Tiancheng felt as uncomfortable as if having eaten a fly.

What was funny was that he called Ye Yuan a trash earlier on. But after this test, the situation suddenly changed. Ye Yuan actually became popular among the bunch of Heaven Rank students; he was a genius in the eyes of all students.

But he, Lin Tiancheng, remained as the mediocre person struggling to advance becoming a Heaven Rank.

In comparison to Ye Yuan’s results, he was the trash.

Passing the Black Rank Advancement test when he was at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, if Ye Yuan could not make it into Heaven rank, everyone would laugh their heads off.

Thinking up to this point, Lin Tiancheng sighed and vanished from the crowd.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, what’s wrong? Why do you seem a little absent-minded?” Just as Lin Tiancheng was about to leave, a melodious and alluring voice sounded behind him.

Turning his head, it was Wan Yuan and Liu Ruoshui who pushed their way out of the crowd long ago.

. . . . . .

“Quickly look! Isn’t that Teacher Feng Ruoqing? What’s she doing here?” someone suddenly cried out among the crowd.

“It’s really Teacher Feng! She’s walking towards me. Could it be that she is looking for me? Aiyo. What did you hit me for?” Someone was daydreaming when he immediately got hit on the back of his head and was pulled aside by someone.

“Moron. How could Teacher Feng be looking for you? A good dog wouldn’t block the path. Quickly move aside.”

“Why isn’t it possible for her to look for me? Maybe she knows that I’m her loyal fan, and was touched by that, so she came to look for me?”

“. . . . . .”

Everyone looked at him like he was a retard, and then they automatically made a path for Feng Ruoqing to pass through.

Feng Ruoqing walked pass the crowd and did not even spare a glance for that moron.

“Damn! Lu-er, quick, run!” Ye Yuan grabbed Lu-er and started running.

Ye Yuan was still engaging with people just now. Now that he noticed Feng Ruoqing, he immediately chose to flee in any way he could.

“Ye Yuan, if you dare to run again, you can forget about passing any of your classes!” Feng Ruoqing saw that Ye Yuan was running and immediately shouted.

Ye Yuan was completely indifferent to this sort of threat, as he continued running.

“Stop him for me!” Feng Ruoqing cried out frantically.

The students around were stunned . . .

What was happening?

Why did the fairy-like Teacher Feng become like an abandoned wife?

Looking at Ye Yuan again, didn’t this seem like a wife who was trying to catch her heartless man?

It was evident that Feng Ruoqing was explicitly looking for Ye Yuan, and Ye Yuan seemed to be terrified of seeing Feng Ruoqing.

Everyone could not help guessing what was going on between these two people.

Even Huyan Yong who was normally composed had a curious light flashing in his eyes. Clearly, he wanted to know what was going on just like the rest of the students.

Just now, when Ye Yuan passed the test, many people looked towards him with worship or with envy.

But now, everyone looked towards him with killing intent in their eyes without any prior agreement.

It looked like if they were to discover that Ye Yuan really profaned the dream lover of all the men in the Dan Wu Academy, these students would definitely rush up and tear Ye Yuan to shreds.

The most painful thing in this world was having the goddess in their heart being defiled by other men, even if that man was the newest genius in the Dan Wu Academy!

Ye Yuan had incurred the wrath of everyone.

He wanted to run, but he was completely blocked by a group of people.

Initially, there were still some gaps around. But now, they congregated without any prior planning, giving Ye Yuan no chance to escape at all.

In this short while, Feng Ruoqing already reached Ye Yuan.

“Run then. What? Not running anymore?” Feng Ruoqing was fuming as she looked at Ye Yuan.

“It’s not that I don’t want to run, but I can’t run! Teacher Feng, your rallying power is too strong!” Ye Yuan smiled bitterly as he answered her.

“Why are you hiding from me?” Feng Ruoqing was secretly a little pleased, but she still pulled a long face and asked.

“Me? When did I? Teacher Feng, you really maligned me!” Ye Yuan blinked his eyes innocently.

“You still dare to say you didn’t? Then why did you run just now?”

“I suddenly remembered that I have something to do and was just about to leave. Coincidence! It was definitely a coincidence!”

“Stop trying to pull anything over me! Quickly follow me!”

“Teacher Feng, I really have something very important to do!”

“I don’t care how important it is! If you don’t come, I’m going to use force!”

‘Don’t, don’t! I’ll follow you, alright?”

“That’s more like it!”

Under everyone’s stunned eyes, Feng Ruoqing grabbed Ye Yuan and left . . .

Actually, Feng Ruoqing had already looked for Ye Yuan several times these past few days. But every time, Ye Yuan was sleeping.

With Lu-er blocking the way outside, it was not nice for Feng Ruoqing to barge in.

Ye Yuan also did not attend medicinal theory lessons these past few days, making Feng Ruoqing unable to find Ye Yuan even if she wanted to.

As for Ye Yuan, why would he be interested in becoming an assistant?

The things that Feng Ruoqing was playing with was not much different than children playing with mud. If it was not a waste of time for him to be an assistant, then what was?

Ye Yuan’s most pressing concern at the moment was to increase his strength. Where would he have the energy to go be an assistant for this little lass?

With Feng Ruoqing’s tiny bit of ability in Alchemy Dao, she was not even qualified to be an assistant for Ye Yuan. Now, she actually wanted him to be her assistant? Wasn’t this a joke?

That day, all he wanted to do was to quickly get rid of Feng Ruoqing. He did not expect that slightly revealing a bit of his ability would invite such troubles.

Hence, he made the decision to play cat and mouse with her when he heard from Lu-er that Feng Ruoqing was looking for him.

Who knew that he would be caught red-handed by Feng Ruoqing after only hiding for a few days?

Coincidentally enough, Feng Ruoqing did not know that Ye Yuan was taking the test here. But when she passed by, she heard that students were gathering over at the Illusionary Spirit Tower.

Feng Ruoqing was somewhat curious about what was happening over at the Illusionary Spirit Tower. So she stopped a student to ask about it.

Who knew that this inquiry would result in information on Ye Yuan. Furthermore, this news also gave her sufficient shock.

She naturally knew that Ye Yuan had just broken through to the Third Level Essence Qi Realm not long ago. But he actually broke through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm in a few days’ time.

If it was just breaking through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, then forget it. But Ye Yuan actually challenged three rounds consecutively, becoming an Earth Rank student. The shock it gave her was too great.

Who would have expected that Ye Yuan’s attainments in Martial Dao were also incredibly impressive.

Back in the medicinal theory class, Ye Yuan left a very profound impression on Feng Ruoqing.

A Yellow Rank student who was not even an Alchemy Apprentice actually had such understanding towards a high-level Tier 2 pill formula. He also knew an obscure refinement technique like the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique. Hence, she had the thought of making him an assistant.

Who would have thought that Ye Yuan that fellow would actually hide from her!

Feng Ruoqing who had never known rejection became even more stubborn. She must capture Ye Yuan to become her assistant!

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