Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Gray Dream Tapir

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Ye Yuan felt his vision went blurry, and then he realized he was transported to a dazzling multi-colored dream world.

This was evidently an independent space.

It looks like every layer of this Illusionary Spirit Tower was split into many independent spaces. Each student was in a different space.

However, this sort of method did not count as mystical in the Divine Realm. But it was already very impressive for a tiny sect in the Lower Realms to be able to use this sort of method to groom students.

Ye Yuan was at a lost. There was nothing in this empty space. So how could the test take place?

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded out.

“Welcome to the Illusionary Spirit Tower. This is your first time coming to the Illusionary Spirit Tower. You will undergo the Entry Advancement test shortly. I am your guide during this test.”

Ye Yuan did not make a fuss over it as he knew that it was definitely the Illusionary Spirit Tower’s artifact spirit.

However, what made Ye Yuan surprised was that he was actually sent to the Entry Advancement test.

It looks like the Illusionary Spirit Tower will automatically send first-time students to the Entry Advancement test. As a result, Ye Yuan and Lu-er were now standing on the same starting line.

“What am I supposed to do now?” Ye Yuan asked.

The artifact spirit seemed to hesitate for a moment, being somewhat surprised at Ye Yuan’s composure.

As the artifact spirit was in charge of the advancement test, it had directed countless of students before. This was its first time meeting a student as composed as Ye Yuan.

“Right now, just sit down and meditate. I will bring you to the test. Later, don’t attempt to resist whatever that happens. Otherwise, bear the consequences yourself,” said the artifact spirit.

Ye Yuan did not say a word, and he just sat down and meditated right away.

He was a little curious, however, at just how the artifact spirit would conduct the test.

A moment later, Ye Yuan felt his body starting to feel light. Falling into a trance, he entered an empty training room.

Seeing this situation, the corner of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled into a smile.

So that’s how it is. This Illusionary Spirit Tower’s artifact spirit is actually a Dream Tapir. The Tranquil Cloud Sect indeed have some impressive methods. A 32 restrictions Spirit Artifact . . . It looks like it should be the lowest ranking Gray Dream Tapir. Conducting tests in a dream world were both safe and fair. It seemed the person who created the Illusionary Spirit Tower was quite brilliant.

Dream tapirs were bizarre lifeforms which were intricately tied with dream worlds. They have their own consciousness, yet they do not have a fixed shape. They could silently enter the dream world of humans and even demonic beasts, strengthening themselves within the dream.

Ye Yuan knew that the highest ranking White Dream Tapir existed in the Divine Realm. It possessed incredibly powerful abilities and could even compete with Divine Kings. Their abilities all had to do with dream worlds, making it impossible to guard against.

This artifact spirit that Ye Yuan met was most likely the lowest ranking Gray Dream Tapir.

They were willing to become the Illusionary Spirit Tower’s artifact spirit, most likely because they wanted to borrow the students’ dream worlds to strengthen themselves.

Otherwise, even the lowest ranking Gray Dream Tapir was not something that a tiny sect like the Tranquil Cloud Sect could capture.

One has to know that the State of Qin was not the only country with the Dan Wu Academy. There were similarly also Dan Wu Academies in other countries under the jurisdiction of the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Their assessment of students was definitely also through the support of the Illusionary Spirit Tower.

Such a large-scale capturing of Gray Dream Tapirs would inevitably incur the vengeance of the Dream Tapir tribe. Unless these Gray Dream Tapirs willingly became artifact spirits.

Ye Yuan knew that right now, he was already in the dream world.

Most likely, that independent space just now was meant as the medium whereby the Dream Tapir would cast its Nightmare Skill, bringing students into the dream world.

While Ye Yuan was expressing his surprise at this methods, he also checked out his strength at the same time.

To perfectly project my strength in reality inside this dream world . . . The Dream Tapir tribe’s abilities are truly great! This way, there would be no possibility of any trickery. Ye Yuan sighed in admiration.

Suddenly, a middle-aged brawny-looking man appeared in front of Ye Yuan. He knew that this brawny-looking man was an illusion created by the Gray Dream Tapir. Within the dream world, Dream Tapirs could take the form of anything.

“Now, I am responsible for your advancement test. The test is about to begin. You can choose your weapon now,” the Dream Tapir said.

“Choose a weapon? Uh . . . Then I choose a sword.” Ye Yuan gave an indifferent look. Clearly, he was not even the slightest bit worried about the Entry Advancement test.

The Dream Tapir felt that Ye Yuan’s attitude was highly unusual. When the other students entered the dream world, they would often ask questions non-stop and did not know what was going on.

When Ye Yuan entered, the Dream Tapir noticed that he was not surprised at all. That expression on his face clearly showed that he knew that he was in the dream world.

Ye Yuan knew about Dream Tapirs, but this did not mean that others knew about Dream Tapirs too. In reality, Dream Tapirs were part of an extremely mysterious tribe, because they did not possess a fixed shape.

Even when in a dream, it was impossible to discover its existence unless the Dream Tapir let you discover it. That was because it could very well be a little mouse in your dream world or maybe even a stalk of grass.

The Dream Tapir naturally would not tell the students its identity. It would only inform them that it was the Illusionary Spirit Tower’s guide for the test.

But this Ye Yuan was not curious about anything at all . . .

The Dream Tapir waved his hand, and a completely ordinary-looking sword appeared out of thin air in Ye Yuan’s hand.

“Isn’t this too shabby?” Ye Yuan forced a smile.

The Dream Tapir said emotionlessly, “In order to ensure the fairness of the test, the academy requested for us to treat each student equally. No matter what weapon you choose, I will only provide you with the most ordinary one.”

Ye Yuan drew his sword, and a sword light flashed. He said helplessly, “Alright then, I will make do with this.”

This was the first time the Dream Tapir met somebody who did not care at all. However, it did not think too much about it. A mere Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm rookie was not worth too much of its attention.

To the Dream Tapir, whom he was focused on were the few students taking the Earth Rank Advancement test.

“Now, tell me your name and birthplace. I will record down your test results.” The Dream Tapir remained emotionless.

“The capital, the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion, Ye Yuan,” Ye Yuan reported his name and birthplace.

The Dream Tapir nodded and said, “The test will start now. They are your opponents.”

The Dream Tapir made a gesture, and five black-clothed martial artists appeared out of nowhere. Impressively, they were also at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm. Following this, the middle-aged brawny-looking man which the Dream Tapir transformed into had vanished. It was clear that it left Ye Yuan to fend for himself.

The Entry Advancement test was not worth paying too much attention to it.

Ye Yuan swept his glance at the five black-clothed Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artists and could not help but smirked. These five black-clothed Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm martial artists were the most ordinary kind of Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm.

When the Dan Wu Academy recruited students, the minimum requirement was for them to break through to the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm before 16 and to be able to defeat five of the most ordinary type of Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm working together.

To the average person, this was an incredibly difficult challenge. In the dream world, weapons, equipment, and medicinal pills could not be brought inside. One could only rely on the abilities they possessed to defeat the opponents.

It was virtually impossible to successfully defeat five opponents who were the same cultivation realm as you unless you were a genius.

However . . . this was a piece of cake for Ye Yuan.

After the Dream Tapir vanished, the five black-clothed martial artists moved at the same time, attacking Ye Yuan from five different angles.

Ye Yuan stood straight up and put his sword away before lightly striking out his palm.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, First Layer Wave!

The ripple of essence energy spread out, and the five black-clothed martial artists flew backward. . .

It was evident that the five black-clothed martial artists no longer had any combat power left as they vanished the instant they hit the ground. The next moment, the middle-aged brawny-looking man appeared once again, and he showed a stunned expression.

Ye Yuan looked at the Dream Tapir, and gave a faint smile and said, “My apologies. I forgot to tell you that I’m here to take the Yellow Rank Advancement test.”

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