Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 34

Chapter 34: The Endless Trials

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Ye Yuan could not be bothered with other people’s astonishment and slowly walked in front of Fei Qingping.

“You said that I can’t kill you? Who do you think you are? You are nothing but a dog of Wan Yuan,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Fei Qingping wanted to say something but vomited another mouthful of blood instead.

A First Layer Wave was two times the power, and a Second Layer Wave was four times the power.

Using Ye Yuan’s abundant essence energy to unleash four times the power? Fei Qingping’s essence energy shield was no longer sufficient.

That palm just now directly shattered Fei Qingping’s essence energy shield and made an imprint on his chest.

Ye Yuan did not hold back his attack at all, directly shattering Fei Qingping’s internal organs, and snapping his heart meridian.

With regards to Fei Qingping, Ye Yuan had long sentenced him to death in his heart.

His predecessor died because of Fei Qingping. Ye Yuan inherited this body, so he naturally could feel his predecessor’s resentment before dying.

Now that he killed Fei Qingping, Ye Yuan can be considered to have taken revenge for his predecessor.

“Cough, cough, cough . . . Ye Yuan, even if I become a ghost . . . I won’t let you off!” Fei Qingping struggled to stand up to no avail.

“Haha! Then I will make sure that you can’t even become a ghost.” Ye Yuan followed up with another palm, thoroughly ending Fei Qingping’s life.

From the start to the end, Fei Qingping never even made a single move.

On the grandstand, everyone was completely dumbstruck looking at the Ye Yuan in the combat arena. This Ten Thousand Years Last Place gave them too many surprises today.

Killing a Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm as a Third Level Essence Qi Realm! Instant Flash at the great circle stage! Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Second Layer Wave!

Anyone of these things could shake Dan Wu Academy, but all three things happened on Ye Yuan alone.

“Deathmatch, Fei Qingping died! Ye Yuan wins!” Huyan Yong finally recovered from his shock and announced the results of the deathmatch.

Ye Yuan bowed towards Huyan Yong and said, “You’ve worked hard, Teacher Huyan.”

Ye Yuan bowed deeply towards the grandstand and said with a face full of gratitude, “Many thanks to all Senior Apprentice Brothers and Sisters for supporting. To actually know this Junior Apprentice Brother, I, am lacking Essence Qi Pills for cultivation. It makes me overwhelmed by this favor! I hope that all Senior Apprentice Brothers and Sisters will pay back the debt and not let Junior Apprentice Brother, I, go and look for you. That wouldn’t look very nice.”

The audience who were initially still immersed in the shock were now full of resentment and contempt.

Isn’t this Ye Yuan’s appearance when he is eating too ugly?

This was a threat! A blatant threat!

“Haha! This Ye Yuan is interesting. With the large mountain Ye Hang, behind his back, how could he be lacking in these sort of things like Essence Qi Pills?” Zuo Bugui could not hold back his laughter when he saw Ye Yuan’s sordid merchant-like appearance.

“This trip wasn’t wasted. Let’s go,” Long Tang said nonchalantly.

“Hehehe. Wasn’t wasted, wasn’t wasted. Looks like Dan Wu Academy will be fun in the future.”

. . . . . .

“Ye Yuan! If I don’t tear you to shreds, I can’t get rid of the hatred in my heart!”

Wan Yuan laid on the bed with horrific whip marks visible on his back.

Wan Yuan received the news of Fei Qingping being killed by Ye Yuan at the first moment. Immediately, the hatred in his heart surged to the skies.

He still had to go and receive his whip punishment under this sort of circumstance. This made his hatred towards Ye Yuan reached the absolute limit.

A hundred whips later, Wan Yuan’s skin was split, and his flesh all torn up. He fainted straightaway on the spot.

At this time, Wan Yuan’s deep family background revealed itself.

He had consumed two high-grade Great Returning Pills, and the injuries on his body were quickly suppressed. Coupled with some external wound medicines, it would take at most seven or eight days before Wan Yuan would be as good as new.

It was just that although physical injuries healed easily, the emotional wounds were heavy.

No matter what, Fei Qingping and he grew up playing together. Although they were master and servant in name, in reality, they were as close as real brothers.

Wan Yuan never expected that Ye Yuan would improve at such an amazing speed, to actually kill the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm Fei Qingping as a Third Level Essence Qi Realm.

If he knew this beforehand, then he would not have sent Fei Qingping to his death like that.

Just as Wan Yuan was wallowing in his hatred, Liu Ruoshui slowly walked in, as graceful and attractive as before.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wan, please restrain your grief. To think that Ye Yuan was such a despicable person who planned such a trap for Junior Apprentice Brother Fei to fall into. He is so devious!” Liu Ruoshui just happened to reveal a sorrowful expression, making her look pitiable and delicate.

Wan Yuan could not get up, but he was very touched by the fact that Liu Ruoshui came to visit him at this time.

“Many thanks, Junior Apprentice Sister Liu. I was definitely careless. My father fought with Ye Hang for so many years, and I have also fought with Ye Yuan for so many years. All these while, I had always thought that I understood him very well, so I felt that he was a good for nothing. But I never expected him to have hidden his ability this deep,” Wan Yuan said hatefully.

Liu Ruoshui said, “Yeah, we misjudged. To think he was actually pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger all this while! I reckon that the poisoning incident previously thoroughly infuriated him. That’s why he decided to meet that scheme with his own, luring Junior Apprentice Brother Fei to get hooked by the bait.”

Wan Yuan gritted his teeth and said, “Ye Yuan! You and I, one of us must die! Furthermore, he is advancing too quickly. I can’t let him continue to grow!”

It was clear that through this deathmatch, Wan Yuan had already deeply felt the pressure.

The strength that Ye Yuan displayed was too dazzling. Even though he might be a genius that was being heavily groomed by the Dan Wu Academy, he was certain that he could not train the Stacking Waves Layered Palm to such a degree after examining himself.

If he gave Ye Yuan a little more time, he might actually really be able to threaten him.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm, Second Layer Wave, and great circle stage Instant Flash. If he let Ye Yuan grow unchecked, he will soon no longer be his match.

Wan Yuan obviously did not know that Ye Yuan had already finished off someone on his level, the assassin Chou Ying.

If it were a deathmatch, Ye Yuan could already kill him.

Liu Ruoshui wholeheartedly agreed with this. “That’s right. Ye Yuan is too devious, and he also has ulterior motives. Senior Apprentice Brother Wan had better find a way to quickly deal with him.”

Liu Ruoshui no longer had any choice. Right now, she and Wan Yuan were like grasshoppers on the same string. She had plotted against Ye Yuan before, so Ye Yuan would not let her go. That was why she came over to urge Wan Yuan to quickly deal with Ye Yuan.

“But the academy doesn’t permit students to take action privately. Otherwise, they will be punished severely,” Wan Yuan frowned as he said this.

In reality, even if Wan Yuan was to personally take action right now, he did not have much assurance that he could kill Ye Yuan. That great circle stage Instant Flash placed him in a virtually undefeatable position.

“Did you two forget that the Endless Trials will start one month from now?”

Suddenly, a voice appeared, making Wan Yuan and Liu Ruoshui jumped in fright.

“It’s Senior Apprentice Brother Su! Apologies, Senior Apprentice Brother Su. Wan Yuan is injured, so it’s inconvenient to greet you.” Wan Yuan’s face was full of apologies.

The one who came was precisely Su Yishan, an extraordinary top ten figure on the Martial Roll of Honor.

Liu Ruoshui naturally did not dare to slight him either. She got up gracefully and greeted, “I’ve seen Senior Apprentice Brother Su.”

Su Yishan gave her a faint look but did not express anything. Without any care, he sat down by the side as if this was his home.

The Dan Wu Academy was a place that advocated talent and strength. If one had the strength, then nobody would dare to say anything even if he was somewhat arrogant. If one did not, then he could only be stepped underfoot by others.

In the past, Ye Yuan was the Ten Thousand Years Last Place, so there had never been anyone who looked up to him. But now that he soared up to the skies in one move, everyone would naturally take him seriously.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Su, just now you said . . . the Endless Trials? That’s right! Why didn’t I think of it?” Wan Yuan became excited, and pushed with his hand, agitating his wounds. Immediately, his face contorted in agony.

By the side, Liu Ruoshui’s eyes also lit up. It was clear that she also understood Su Yishan’s intentions.

“That’s right, the Endless Trials. The Endless Forest is naturally the ideal location to deal with Ye Yuan,” Su Yishan commented calmly.

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