Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Violent Beating

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“Hey, have you laid down long enough? There are still two more moves which you allowed me. You aren’t going to go back on your words, are you?”

Ye Yuan clapped his hands together with a face that said it cannot be helped.

Cough, cough, cough! Fei Qingping had not caught his breath even after so long.

That palm strike just now hit him right in the chest to the point where he could not catch his breath.

Were it not for the fact that he gathered essence energy to form a shield at the last moment, he would have failed miserably at this simple mission.

Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm was much stronger than Third Level Essence Qi Realm; it was not just because the essence energy was much thicker, but also because after the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, one would be able to materialize an essence energy shield. This greatly increased one’s self-defense power.

The damage from a Third Level Essence Qi Realm’s attack, after being neutralized by an essence energy shield, will significantly be reduced in power.

“Li-little bastard!” Fei Qingping held his chest as he struggled to stand up.

Just as he managed to steady himself, Ye Yuan palm came again.


Fei Qingping was sent flying once more, rolling on the ground far away.

“You’re really asking for a beating! Try scolding again if you got the guts!” Ye Yuan stopped smiling and said coldly.

Cough, cough! “S-so what if I scold you? Li-little bas-”


Before he even managed to complete his sentence, Ye Yuan’s palm once again imprinted onto Fei Qingping’s chest.

“I admire your guts. Come, carry on scolding.” Ye Yuan’s words became frostier.

Cough, cough! “Three moves are over, prepare to die! Little bas-”


Yet another palm!

Only, this palm struck the face. Even though it was weakened by the essence energy shield, Fei Qingping’s face started to swell slightly.



Smash! Smash! Smash!

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan landed one palm after another on Fei Qingping’s face.

Fei Qingping stood up again and again but was sent flying each time. As long as he stood up, a palm would come whizzing, leaving him no time to start scolding.

It was said that when hitting someone, do not hit the face. Yet, Ye Yuan deliberately hit Fei Qingping’s face.

After over a dozen palms landed, Fei Qingping’s face already swelled up like a pig’s head. Even if his parents were here, they probably would not be able to recognize their own son.

Currently, Fei Qingping was howling in his heart. Each time he made a great effort to stand up, wanting to retaliate, Ye Yuan would appear before his eyes without waiting for him to react.

Right now, he discovered that the Ye Yuan he always looked down upon had indeed possessed the strength to threaten him.

. . . . . .

Everybody looked on dumbfounded at the scene of Ye Yuan continuously striking one palm after the other.

Each time Ye Yuan struck, their hearts would jump involuntarily as if that palm was slapping their faces.

Stretching out to touch their faces, why was it that they found their faces a little hot?

Wan Yuan did not say a word, but his face was already completely black.

How was this about Ye Yuan slapping Fei Qingping’s face? He was clearly slapping Wan Yuan’s face!

There were so many people present here. Who did not know that Fei Qingping was his lackey?

In his heart, he had already scolded Fei Qingping countless times, but that was not of any help at all to the current situation in the combat arena.

Wan Yuan did not possess Huyan Yong’s judgment. Even now, he still stubbornly believed that Ye Yuan had the initiative because of those three moves, and Ye Yuan could beat Fei Qingping until this state because Fei Qingping was taken unaware.

Thinking back to how Fei Qingping promised to allow Ye Yuan three moves right from the start, it became a complete joke now.

It had already been over ten moves, and Fei Qingping had not even counterattacked.

“Fei Qingping, are you a pig?! Quickly, use the Lesser Capturing Hand!” Wan Yuan could not sit idly by any longer and then shouted out loud.


Following Wan Yuan’s cry, the hundreds of people in the audience all looked over in his direction.

It seemed to have caught Ye Yuan’s attention as well. He looked over and ceased his violent rhythmic beating of Fei Qingping.

“Shut up! This is a deathmatch. Who permitted you to shout?” Huyan Yong turned around and looked frostily at Wan Yuan. A powerful pressure belonging to the Spirit Condensation Realm came forth, crushing Wan Yuan until his breathing almost stopped.

“Teacher Huyan, does his action count as breaking the academy’s rules?” Ye Yuan asked calmly.

Huyan Yong also had a headache. Even though Wan Yuan was an Earth rank student, his potential was quite high. Additionally, with his father, Wan Donghai’s network, he could not be too harsh on him.

However, what Wan Yuan did was indeed a transgression. A deathmatch prohibited anyone from interrupting the duel. Wan Yuan’s interference had clearly disrupted Ye Yuan’s momentum.

Now, if Ye Yuan was to hold onto this point and not let things go, under everyone’s watchful eyes, Huyan Yong really did not know how to handle things.

“Of course it counts!” Even though it might be troublesome, Huyan Yong could not deny this in front of so many people.

Currently, many people’s gaze towards Wan Yuan became filled with contempt. Anyone could tell that he intentionally interrupted Ye Yuan’s momentum.

“That . . . According to the academy’s rules, how should he be punished for his actions? Just now, I had the full advantage, but after that shout, I’m afraid that I will be beaten by Fei Qingping later. I don’t want to look like a pig head. Teacher Huyan, you have to stand up for me, the weak party!” Ye Yuan said innocently.

“This . . .” Huyan Yong was exasperated and cursed endlessly in his heart.

Other people might not be able to tell, but how could he not see it? Even when interrupted, there was no way that pig head could even touch the corner of Ye Yuan’s sleeves. It had nothing to do with the overall situation.

Yet, Ye Yuan deliberately pretended to be the weak party right now in order to gain everyone’s sympathy. This made it even harder for him to find a way out of this situation whether he punished Wan Yuan or not.

As expected, when Ye Yuan’s voice died down, a wave of murmuring sounded off at the grandstand. Everyone understood what he meant.

Ye Yuan was already two minor cultivation realms lower than Fei Qingping right from the start and was at an absolute disadvantage.

Fei Qingping himself threw away his initiative, which finally balanced out the initially tilted scale.

If Ye Yuan were beaten to death by Fei Qingping right after coming up, there would absolutely be no one who would pity him. But now that Ye Yuan finally saw the hope of victory, and yet was despicably interrupted by Wan Yuan, everybody could not help but pity him.

Even though many among them wagered against Ye Yuan.

However, everybody was clear in their hearts, that even though Ye Yuan was the one beating violently, in reality, it was all superficial wounds to Fei Qingping; unable to give him any serious injuries.

Stacking Waves Layered Palm was indeed powerful, but the First Layer Wave was not able to compensate for the difference in cultivation realm.

If Fei Qingping were only at the Third Level Essence Qi Realm, then even if he had ten lives, he would be thoroughly dead.

If Fei Qingping was at the Fourth Level Essence Qi Realm, perhaps Ye Yuan might just have that glimmer of hope to finish him off.

But at the Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm . . .

Nobody felt that Ye Yuan could really kill Fei Qingping.

That was the reality of it . . .

Just as Huyan Yong was caught in the dilemma, Fei Qingping finally took the opportunity to stand up, albeit in an unstable manner.

However . . . he was already confused and disoriented right now. He was utterly unable to figure out the directions.

Fei Qingping saw a blurry figure, pointed at him, and shouted angrily, “Ye Yuan, I . . . I’m going . . . to kill you!”


Hundreds of people took a look at Fei Qingping’s funny appearance and burst into laughter.

The laughter made Fei Qingping’s eardrums quake in pain.

Fei Qingping did not understand why everyone was laughing at him, but when he saw clearly who he was pointing at, he immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

The person in front of him gradually became clearer. He was pointing to none other than the currently livid Huyan Yong.

“Wan Yuan disrupted the deathmatch. In accordance with the academy’s rules, he will go and receive a hundred whippings himself after the duel. Wan Yuan! Leave the combat arena right now!” Huyan Yong had been an instructor for so many years but never had he lost face like he did today.

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