Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 299 - Reversing the Roles of Host and Guest!

Chapter 299: Reversing the Roles of Host and Guest!

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The sect elders were all burning with righteous indignation. They felt like they had fallen into a pit.

Sustaining heavy casualties before the exploration of the mystic realm even began, the sect elders clearly could not quite accept it.

When Wu Zhao saw several sects lose men, he secretly felt pleased. But he looked aggrieved as he said, “By heaven and hell, this Wu really didn’t know that this sea of Orchid Heart Flowers actually had such deadly poison! It’s just that my Heavenly Sky Sect has vast territory and abundant resources and we’re not lacking this bit of Orchid Heart Flowers, that’s why we were thinking of letting everyone go first. Who knew that this would happen?”

“Humph! Stop pretending, Elder Wu! Only your Heavenly Sky Sect has come in here before, how can you possibly be oblivious?” an elder said furiously.

Wu Zhao maintained an aggrieved look and said, “It isn’t just my Heavenly Sky Sect’s group that didn’t move here, the Tranquil Cloud Sect didn’t move too. Why does everyone come and interrogate my Heavenly Sky Sect?”

When Wu Zhao said this, the Tranquil Cloud Sect group felt their hearts chill. He was trying to redirect the disaster!

Indeed, those elders immediately turned their gun barrels!

They were all wily foxes and knew that Wu Zhao was deliberately putting on a show here. But the Heavenly Sky Sect was powerful, so they obviously had to find a soft persimmon to knead!

They had to find a channel to vent right? Then wasn’t the Tranquil Cloud Sect perfect?

When Wang Fan saw the Tranquil Cloud Sect, he instantly became full of enthusiasm. He went forward and grilled them. “Mei Zhen, are you going to give us an explanation?”

How could Mei Zhen not know what these people were thinking? His face darkened, and he said, “What explanation do you want? I wasn’t the one who made you all go harvest the Orchid Heart Flowers either. Now that something happened, can my Tranquil Cloud Sect be blamed for it? The Heavenly Sky Sect is the only sect who came in here before. You don’t go find them but come to find trouble with us instead, what’s the reasoning?”

Wang Fan sneered coldly and said, “You can’t say it that way! The Heavenly Sky Sect has vast territory and abundant resources, your Tranquil Cloud Sect can’t also have vast territories and abundant resources too, right? Could it be that you guys aren’t lacking Orchid Heart Flowers? But you people didn’t make a move. Could there be no reason in between all this? Or perhaps you guys already secretly colluded with the Heavenly Sky Sect?”

When Wang Fan said this, the other sects’ elders’ faces changed!

The Heavenly Sky Sect was already formidable enough. If they add in a Tranquil Cloud Sect, swallowing up the other sects was something sooner or later!

Although the Tranquil Cloud Sect was very weak, which one of the Eight Great Sects did not have any trumps cards? If they threw their lot in with the Heavenly Sky Sect, then the Southern Domain’s terrain would be hard to say!

Mei Zhen panicked when he saw the situation and pointed at Wang Fan, saying, “Wang Fan, don’t slander people!”

Wang Fan snorted coldly and said, “Slander people? If it’s not like this, you guys should have at least reminded us to not go over, right? Now, only you guys and the Heavenly Sky Sect are perfectly fine, how can this not make people suspicious?”

Mei Zhen was so nervous that his forehead was matted with sweat and he felt like he could not explain this even with a hundred mouths.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s strength was originally weak. If they faced off with several great sects at the same time, then there was only death!

The Heavenly Sky Sect’s strategy to sow discord was executed really viciously!

“Senior Mountain Shaker, why did you come out again? Talking so much crap, isn’t it all your baseless speculations? You guys were greedy and suffered a loss when you went to harvest the Orchid Heart Flowers, but turn around now to blame others. Where’s the reasoning?” at this time, Ye Yuan came forward to say.

When he said ‘Senior Mountain Shaker,’ everybody simmered with laughter.

But under such circumstances, they should not laugh. Each one of them was very uncomfortable holding it back.

Wang Fan was so angry that he was huffing and glaring. He said in a great rage, “Honorable Nephew, looks like your Tranquil Cloud Sect is resolved to break away from us other six sects!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said with a sigh, “Senior Mountain Shaker, your Mountain Shaking Divine Skill is already cultivated to the acme of perfection! Since when can Senior Mountain Shaker alone represent the six sects? Forget about six sects, can you represent the High Clarity Sect?”

“You!” Wang Fan could not help choking up.

Did he dare to say represent? He was only some unimportant elder in the High Clarity Sect. How could he represent the High Clarity Sect’s opinion?

“What about me? He’s sowing discord so obviously, and you can’t even see it; are you a pig? Or are you already bought over by the Heavenly Sky Sect to deliberately stir up hostility between us six sects?” Ye Yuan retorted, hitting the mark with each word.

Mo Yuntian’s eyes lit up when he heard it. What a marvelous reversing the roles of host and guest!

Just now, Wang Fan said that the Tranquil Cloud Sect and Heavenly Sky Sect were colluding. Now, Ye Yuan countered that Wang Fan was bribed by the Heavenly Sky Sect, reversing the situation in an instant!

Regardless whether the other sects believed Ye Yuan’s words or not, they would not take any rash actions.

“You! You’re maligning me!” It was Wang Fan’s turn to want to cough blood this time.

But Ye Yuan sneered coldly and said, “Senior Mountain Shaker, save it! In this mystic realm, the situation is incredibly delicate. Don’t become a tool for others! Properly seeking out natural treasures and leaving alive are the kingly way!”

His words were clearly for Wang Fan to listen, but in reality, it was said for the other elders to hear.

When the sect elders heard Ye Yuan’s words, they also calmed down.

Now, inside the mystic realm, the Heavenly Sky Sect’s strength was undoubtedly the greatest. But their strength had limits.

It was precisely because of this that everyone lowered their guard.

But in truth, the Heavenly Sky Sect had advantages that other sects did not. If they became cannon fodders, they would lose more than they gain in the end.

Each sect only had ten plus people now. Once they clashed, nobody would gain any advantage. Instead, it would benefit others.

Not only Wang Fan, but the rest of them also could not represent their respective sects too!

The goal of coming to this mystic realm was to bring back more natural treasures.

The most important matter on hand was not to scheme but to preserve their strength to search for natural treasures!

Ye Yuan’s words roused them from their sleep. These elders’ enmity also became much weaker.

As for what happened here, they would report to the sect’s upper echelons after leaving. The higher ups would naturally make a decision.

The Heavenly Sky Sect people had been watching the activities over here the entire time. When Wu Zhao saw that Ye Yuan resolved the crisis with just a few words, his face involuntarily fell.

Although this boy’s realm isn’t high, his thoughts are very deep. His grasp of the situation is also very on point! Looks like what Zhangyu said was right; this boy really can’t be underestimated! En, I’ll just find a chance later on and kill him! Wu Zhao thought to himself.

As for those words over there about colluding with the Heavenly Sky Sect, Wu Zhao did not mind in the slightest.

The seven great sect masters were all wise people. As long as the Heavenly Sky Sect existed for a day, they would not be foolish enough to tear at each other. That would only benefit the Heavenly Sky Sect!

“Alright, let’s go first.” Seeing that there were no opportunities to take advantage of, Wu Zhao brought the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples and left first.

The other elders also came around, and each brought their members to set off.

But after this sea of flowers incident, the elders also had sufficient understanding of this mystic realm’s perils. They obviously would not dare to drop their guard again.

Wang Fan shot Ye Yuan a fierce glare again and said, “Brat, you’d best pray that you don’t end up in my hands! Humph! Let’s go!”

Finished talking, Wang Fan directly led a group of High Clarity Sect disciples and left.

Mei Zhen also let out a long sigh. He said to Ye Yuan, “Oh, Ye Yuan, all thanks to you for getting us out of a fix this time. Otherwise, we would have suffered an undeserved calamity!”

Ye Yuan smiled. Waving his hands, he said, “Nothing much. This is what I should do.”

Mei Zhen nodded and said, “Let’s go too.”

“Wait a minute!” Ye Yuan called out to stop him.

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