Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2974 - Fusing Bloodlines!  

Chapter 2974: Fusing Bloodlines!

“Sir, this isn’t a problem of leaving or not! In order to hunt me down, the Fire Phoenix Clan sent out more than ten Emperor Cloud Heaven powerhouses this time. Among them, there are even three grand completion Emperor Cloud Heavens! You’ll lure them all over like this! Sir, you can still make it in time if you chase after to kill them now!”

Feng Qingxuan forcefully endured the fury in her heart and urged with earnest words and the best intentions.


Ye Yuan just responded lightly and started to sit cross-legged. The phoenix blood essence appeared in front of him.

When Feng Qingxuan saw this scene, she nearly went crazy.

“Sir, refining phoenix blood essence isn’t the work of a single day. Furthermore, it’s very dangerous. You should find a quiet place and enter closed-seclusion to refine it.” Feng Qingxuan urged once again.

“Oh,” Ye Yuan responded indifferently again and still did whatever he wanted to.

Feng Qingxuan felt that she was about to collapse. Just what kind of moron did she bump into!

Can’t he understand human speech?

Refining like this, you’ll die!

If you die, who’ll protect me?


Feng Qingxuan’s heart was raging with profanities!

With this young lady’s gentle personality, I’m almost angered until insanity by your idiocy!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The nirvanic rebirth fire suddenly started to tremble violently and actually showed signs of exploding.

Ye Yuan gave a glance and said coolly, “You’d better focus on your nirvanic rebirth. You’ll die like this!”

Feng Qingxuan was speechless.

Nirvanic rebirth would not necessarily succeed. In reality, this process was very dangerous.

One might directly die in the process of nirvanic rebirth.

Feng Qingxuan’s emotions were extremely volatile right now. It was very easy to fail the nirvanic rebirth.

Feng Qingxuan virtually wanted to rampage. Wasn’t this caused by you!?

Seeing before courting death, but never seen before someone who courted death so limitlessly like you!

Were you sent by heaven to save me or sent to screw me over?

Feng Qingxuan wanted to cry.

However, she also understood that at this rate, the nirvanic rebirth would definitely fail. She could only forcefully converge her mind and focus on the nirvanic rebirth.

Meanwhile, at this time, Ye Yuan had already started fusing the phoenix blood essence.

When Feng Qingxuan saw this scene, she nearly lost control of her mind again.

But in the next moment, she was shocked.

Fusing blood essence was equivalent to letting all the blood in the body be reborn anew. It was a very dangerous and also very painful thing.

Especially phoenix blood essence, it contained the meaning of narrowly escaped death. The process of the fusion was practically a narrow shave from death, overwhelming to the extent where one wished that they were dead!

However, Ye Yuan was completely fine.

It was as if … he was still somewhat recollecting the aftertaste endlessly.

Roughly 15 minutes later, Ye Yuan slowly got up, the phoenix bloodline power in his body gushing out.

Feng Qingxuan was akin to being struck by lightning and said in great shock, “This … He succeeded in fusing? My blood essence is heaven qian grade blood essence!”

An incomprehensible feeling of setback arose spontaneously.

She suddenly had some doubts, was her own bloodline very trashy or not?

Why did Ye Yuan fuse with it so easily?

How could she know that Ye Yuan had obtained the origin of chaos blood? Fusing bloodlines was as easy as turning his hand over to him.

If it were not for the origin of blood, Ye Yuan naturally would not have been so relaxed.

But the origin of chaos blood was the source of bloodline in the world.

No matter what bloodline you were, it could not escape this domain.

Myriad blood under the heavens, all returned to the origin!

Under the control of the origin of blood, Ye Yuan did not face too many difficulties in fusing the phoenix bloodline and would not have much risk too.


Another dragon roar transmitted out, and azure dragon bloodline power emerged from Ye Yuan’s body!

Ye Yuan’s overwhelming aura rose to the peak in an instant!

A dragon and a phoenix, two phantoms, appeared behind Ye Yuan.

A dragon and a phoenix were contending; it was a wonderful and mighty panorama!

At this moment, Ye Yuan directly broke the fetters of cultivation realm and broke through to middle Emperor Cloud Heaven!

Dao tribulation arrived in response!

But the current Ye Yuan, his aura was powerful to the extreme, and his strength was also fearsome to the extreme.

Although Dao tribulation was strong, it could no longer do anything to him.

Presently, Ye Yuan’s strength grew stronger and stronger, and he already far surpassed the power of heavenly punishment Dao tribulation.

So the current heavenly punishment Dao tribulation virtually had no more threat to him anymore.

Feng Qingxuan currently had an impulse to jump out of the nirvanic rebirth.

Where did this punk appear from?

He was a divergent cultivator!

This guy’s strength actually completely outmatched Dao tribulation!

Was this still called divergent cultivator?

Divergent cultivators were strong to begin with, but this boy was even stronger than divergent cultivators!

Perhaps … this kid can really do it, right?

With the final strand of consciousness, Feng Qingxuan completely returned to annihilation.

… …

More than ten figures approached from afar, arriving in an instant.

The one in the lead had unparalleled beauty. It was just that there was an additional trace of brutal aura between her brows, ruining her peerlessly beautiful looks.

This woman’s imposing momentum surged to the sky. She had shockingly already reached the grand completion realm of Emperor Cloud Heaven!

Furthermore, in terms of bloodline power, she had reached earth kun grade too!

Clearly, she was a core disciple of the Fire Phoenix Clan too.

Bloodline power reaching earth grade rank, they were not some random Tom, Dick, Harry, anymore.

In the future, there was a possibility of stepping into the Hegemon Realm!

Of course, it was just a possibility.

Feng Ninesong had a cold appearance. Looking at the Ye Yuan who was barring the way in front, she said coldly, “Punk, I’ll give you a chance. Get in front of this young lady and kneel down. I’ll spare your life!”

Feng Ninesong had a high and mighty appearance. It was as if Ye Yuan was a speck of dust.

Ye Yuan ignored her but looked towards the handsome youth and said, “Just now, I spared your life, but you don’t know how to cherish it. Must you come and die?”

The handsome youth smiled coldly and said, “Come and die? Hur hur, you probably don’t know who Lord Ninesong is, right? Among the fire phoenix junior generation, Lord Ninesong’s strength is sufficient to rank in the top five! Boy, you dare to offend our Fire Phoenix Clan. You’re dead for sure!”

Honestly speaking, he was very surprised that Ye Yuan broke through to middle Emperor Cloud Heaven in the blink of an eye.

But, at the thought that there was Lord Ninesong around, his heart calmed down.

Could a mere middle Emperor Cloud Heaven overturn the heavens?

Beside Feng Ninesong, an upper Emperor Cloud Heaven said, “Kid, Lord Ninesong is ordering you to come over and kneel down. Didn’t you hear it?”

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, “This Ye is just trying my best to do what was entrusted by others. You guys … don’t force me!”

Feng Ninesong’s expression was cold, and she said, “Looks like you’re treating this young lady’s words as water rolling off a duck’s back! Feng Ning, break his four limbs and carry me in front of me to kneel down! To dare stand up for that little wench, it won’t be so easy even if he wants to die!”

Feng Ning was that upper Emperor Cloud Heaven who spoke just now.

This was her guard. Her strength could not be underestimated. She was more than a level stronger than the handsome youth.

“I obey!”

Feng Ning laughed coldly and attacked fiercely.

“Heavenly Phoenix God Exterminating Fist!”

A punch struck, carrying the divine might of the phoenix, covering the sky and blotting out the sun.

Ye Yuan appeared extremely insignificant under this punch.

Ye Yuan did not move. Instead, he sized this punch up with interest. The bloodline power in his body started to seethe.

When Feng Ninesong saw this scene, her pupils constricted, and she said in a cold voice, “Human ant, to actually dare secretly fuse with my Vermilion Bird bloodline! Death sentence! Also, that little wench actually dared to give blood essence to a human without permission! She can’t clear her name this time!”


A punch landed, and Ye Yuan waved his hand lightly.

The phoenix phantom immediately collapsed.

This horrifying punch was casually resolved by Ye Yuan.

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