Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 295 - Slander!

Chapter 295: Slander!

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Li-er and Yan-er did not quite dare believe their own ears. Ye Yuan really handed it over just like this?

This was a divine soul mystic art and Tier 8 pill formula!

Even in the Divine Realm, these two items could make countless people go nuts. Ye Yuan handed it over so easily?

“Mister Ye, you aren’t . . . joking with us, right?” Li-er asked disbelievingly.

Ye Yuan also knew the weight of these two items. The other party having this reaction was also something reasonable.

Without wasting his breath, Ye Yuan retrieved two blank jade slips and imprinted the divine soul mystic art and Tier 8 pill formula into these two jade slips.

“Not that Ye Yuan doesn’t trust you two ladies, it’s just that this matter is way too risky for Ye Yuan. I’d like you two ladies to swear a Heavenly Dao Oath, please. The origin of these two jade slips must not be known by a fourth person!”

This was also within reason. Li-er and Yan-er each swore a heavenly dao oath, then Ye Yuan passed the jade slip to Li-er.

Li-er held the two jade slips in her hands and stared at Ye Yuan woodenly. She still did not dare to believe that this was real up until now!

Ye Yuan also sighed inwardly and thought to himself that this old weakness indeed resurfaced again!

Ye Yuan never had much resistance towards this sort of thing like curing diseases and saving people.

In his previous life, Ji Qingyun frequently did this sort of thing. Those who came to his place to beg, as long as they were not some heinous criminals, he would strive to cure them.

On the one hand, it was because of his doctor’s benevolence. On the other hand, it was because he found it hard to resist testing his skills.

At Ji Qingyun’s realm, subjugating a type of complicated or rare illness was something that came with an immense sense of accomplishment. And his Alchemy Dao level also advanced during this process.

In this life, Ye Yuan’s personality already underwent a humongous change. But no matter how he changed, Ye Yuan was still Ji Qingyun.

This master and servant pair had pure hearts. They were clearly not some heinous individuals. Ye Yuan naturally could not resist testing his abilities too.

Moreover, facing this ugly looking Li-er, not knowing why, Ye Yuan’s compassion grew even thicker.

It was just that even if he gave the pill formula to Li-er, it was also impossible for her to refine the medicinal pill.

This medicinal pill was not some street-side formula, but his, Ye Yuan’s, self-created pill formula. It was called Rain Dew Soul Immersion Pill. It could only be refined by harmonizing with his unique technique.

Furthermore, this pill formula had an extremely rare core ingredient. Even in the Divine Realm, it was also exceedingly scarce.

With Ye Yuan’s present condition, his heart was willing, but his strength was obviously lacking.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “The items are already handed over to Miss Li-er. This Ye still have urgent matters on hand, so I’ll take my leave first. Miss Li-er can consume more divine soul nourishing medicinal pills in the future. This way, it can delay the time of the eruption of the divine soul tearing. I left a divine soul imprint on this jade slip. In the future, if my strength is sufficient, I’ll naturally go and find Miss Li-er.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan turned around left without any reluctance.

Mere acquaintances, doing to this extent was already his limit.

As for whether Li-er could wait until the day he grew up, that was not something that Ye Yuan could control.

Ye Yuan could tell that these two person’s identity was likely extraordinary. Their family might have some connections with the Divine Realm.

If it were an ordinary person, upon hearing the name Tier 8 medicinal pill, they would most likely be deterred and step back already.

“Miss, why not let’s hurry back? Your ailment mustn’t be delayed!” After Ye Yuan left, Yan-er urged.

But Li-er shook her head and said, “Going back is walking right into the trap. I’d rather die outside!”

“But . . .”

“No buts! Also, didn’t you hear Ye Yuan say earlier? The pill formula he gave, other people simply cannot refine it! I feel that what he said is true!” Li-er said.

“Then what do we do now?”

“Follow him.”

“Merely a little Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, follow him for what?”

Li-er shook his head and said, “This young man is not simple! A Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist actually knows the pill formula for a Tier 8 medicinal pill. Don’t you find it strange?”

“Ah! Now that miss said it, that’s true! Just now, I was only concerned about your illness and forgot about this point! Speaking of which, this boy is really leaking bizarreness!”

“He can see through my Moonlight Heavenly Eye with one glance, so his diagnosis should be pretty much on the mark. Such a level, even when placed in the Divine Realm, it’s hardly ever seen.

Either way, we have nothing to do in this Endless World either. Why not take a look at what kind of mysterious person this Ye Yuan is,” Li-er said.

“Alright. Then I’ll listen to miss.”

Li-er nodded. “But be careful this time. Don’t divulge our whereabouts.”

Just like this, under a situation where he knew nothing about it, two little tails followed behind Ye Yuan.

. . . . . .

When Ye Yuan found Mei Zhen and the rest according to the coordinates, they already reached the entrance to the mystic realm.

And at this time, the seven out of the Eight Great Sects had already arrived. Only the closest Heavenly Sky Sect had yet to arrive.

Seeing Ye Yuan return safely, Mei Zhen also let out a sigh of relief.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, are you alright?” Mo Yuntian hurried asked.

Ye Yuan felt warmth in his heart and said, “Already said that it’s to handle some minor affairs. Senior Apprentice Brother Mo need not worry.”

“Haha, it’s good that things are fine, it’s good! Oh, Ye Yuan, you rest first. After the Heavenly Sky Sect people reach, we can enter the mystic realm already.” Seeing Ye Yuan return, Mei Zhen’s mood was evidently pretty good.

Ye Yuan nodded and was just about to find a place to sit and rest when a group of people blocked his path.

Not others, it was precisely the High Clarity Sect group!

“Why did this brat only come over now? Where did he go just now?” The one speaking was Wang Fan. He interrogated Mei Zhen.

Mei Zhen originally already nested a stomach full of anger. Seeing Wang Fan grilling him, he sneered coldly and said, “What? Do I still have to report to your High Clarity Sect when my Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples do anything?”

Initially, the various great sects each occupied a place to rest. The other sects’ people immediately looked over when these two people faced off.

When Wang Fan saw that Mei Zhen’s attitude was unyielding, he was even more displeased as he said, “Originally, you don’t need to report to us. But the Crow Orchid Ganoderma that my High Clarity Sect had just gotten vanished suddenly. I suspect that it was stolen by this disciple of yours!”

Actually, Wang Fan naturally did not think that Ye Yuan was that mysterious person. He was taking this opportunity to find trouble.

A duck that landed in his hands flew off. This made Wang Fan very pissed. He also just happened to see Ye Yuan being the last to return to his team earlier, so he obviously seized the chance to take action.

His goal was very simple, which was to extort a little something from the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Even if they did not have something as precious as the Crow Orchid Ganoderma, they at least had to take out a Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herb, right?

It was just that he could never have imagined that the one who ruined the High Clarity Sect’s affairs was Ye Yuan himself!

His wild flurry of sticks actually hit the perpetrator!

Except, he was talking nonsense about the whatever Crow Orchid Ganoderma already being in his hands but was stolen by someone. This was splashing dirty water on the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Mei Zhen and the rest did not know what was going on either. But they knew that Ye Yuan definitely succeeded.

But towards Wang Fan’s drivel, Mei Zhen refused to believe it even if he was beaten to death.

“What utter rubbish! You open your eyes well and take a look, Ye Yuan he is only a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. Can he steal away something in front of the two of you mighty Sea Transformation Realm experts?”

But Wang Fan laughed sinisterly and said, “It’s true that he’s a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, but who knows if he specializes in thieving techniques and only knows how to steal things? If that’s the case, then everybody needs to be careful!”

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