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Chapter 272 - Heavenly Sky Sect

Chapter 272: Heavenly Sky Sect

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The news about Ye Yuan entering the finals not only caused a huge uproar among the disciples, but the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s upper echelons were also visibly stirred.

But different from those disciples, these elders all knew that Ye Yuan’s accomplishments in the Alchemy Dao were tremendously remarkable.

To have such stunning achievements in the Alchemy Dao and the Martial Dao at the same time, was this boy even human?

“There are times when human strength just won’t do! I really have no idea what kind of existence that master behind Ye Yuan is like. To actually raise such a freakish existence like Ye Yuan!”

“No matter what kind of existence he is, that is not an existence that our Tranquil Cloud Sect can afford to provoke! I feel that this master of Ye Yuan is most likely one of the pinnacle few beings in the Endless World! That Lord is probably going ascend to the Divine Realm before long, so that’s why he was seized with a sudden impulse to find a disciple to inherit his mantle. However, the master initiates the apprentice, but their skill depends on their own efforts. For Ye Yuan to have such startling improvement, it’s inseparable from his own bitter hard work,” Xiao Jian chimed in.

Luo Qingfeng nodded. It was clear that his judgment was roughly the same as Xiao Jian’s.

Ye Yuan’s identity could not be clearer. He was a born and bred State of Qin citizen. Only those strongest few individuals in the Endless World had the ability to teach a genius like Ye Yuan.

Furthermore, the way this Lord taught disciples was different from others. He did not bring Ye Yuan along with him. He just taught him all of his abilities, then let Ye Yuan roam freely.

Of course, it could also be that that lord was monitoring Ye Yuan at all times. But an existence that like, as long as he did not wish for others to discover him, other people would never find him!

“What you are said is right. Even a more monstrous talent has to be vied for with one’s own efforts. With Ye Yuan’s performance in the State of Qin, this child’s talent and temperament are excellent. It’s no wonder that that lord would take fancy to him. However, for him to be able to soar to the skies with one move, the Nine Heavens Road contributed immensely! With Ye Yuan’s personality, I think he’ll surely remember my Tranquil Cloud Sect with some gratitude,” Luo Qingfeng said.

Xiao Jian said in agreement, “This child is not the slightest bit soft-handed towards enemies, but he uses his life to protect those close to him. As long as we don’t do something to chill his heart, when this child prospers in the future, he’ll definitely provide some help and guidance. It’s just that . . . the Heavenly Sky Sect seems to be increasingly restless recently! I also don’t know if we can wait until the day Ye Yuan grows up.”

Mentioning the Heavenly Sky Sect, Luo Qingfeng’s brows also knitted slightly, his eyes showing deep trepidation.

Compared to the boundlessly vast expanse of the Northern Domain, the Southern Domain was not considered vast. Although sects stood in great numbers, on the whole, they were managed by eight great sects.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect was one of these eight great sects!

It’s just that the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s strength could only rank near the bottom of these eight great sects.

While this Heavenly Sky Sect was the sect with the greatest strength among the eight great sects!

Because they were the strongest, they were arrogant!

All manners of the Heavenly Sky Sect’s overbearingness was renowned in the Southern Domain.

Especially in the recent few years, the Heavenly Sky Sect’s various activities were gradually increasing in frequency. This made the sects with weaker strength like the Tranquil Cloud Sect naturally become nervous.

As the master of a sect, the pressure on Luo Qingfeng’s shoulders was unimaginable by outsiders.

With Ye Yuan’s monstrous talent, as long as he was given ten years, breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm should not be an issue.

At that time, with such a heaven-defying Soul Sea Realm powerhouse like Ye Yuan holding the fort, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would probably become an upper-ranked force among the great sects with a single bound. Then, they obviously did not need to fear the threat from the Heavenly Sky Sect anymore.

But the problem was whether or not the Heavenly Sky Sect would give Tranquil Cloud Sect time to develop peacefully for ten years!

Luo Qingfeng gave a faint sigh and said, “The matter on hand is that our Tranquil Cloud Sect still needs another Soul Sea Realm powerhouse to appear as soon as possible. Or else, we probably can’t escape the outcome of being annexed!”

Xiao Jian also gave a sigh when he heard that. He said helplessly, “Soul Sea Realm . . .Talking is easy, but doing it is as hard as ascending to the heavens! Even with Martial Uncle Skymaple’s outstanding talent, he only broke through to the Soul Sea Realm by a fluke. Back then when our Tranquil Cloud Sect migrated over from the Northern Domain, we were chased down by those fellows until there was no road to heaven and no gate into the earth, resulting in a loss of two volumes of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. Otherwise, what has the present Southern Domain got to do with the Heavenly Sky Sect?”

One’s starting point determines the height!

A thousand years ago, the Tranquil Cloud Sect had a great migration, but lost two volumes of the sect forte cultivation method, resulting in the members today finding that breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm was as hard as ascending to heaven.

Or else, with the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s foundations, even if they were chased to the Southern Domain, it would not be to such an extent where it was so dismal.

And although the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was relatively complete, without the Martial Dao cultivation method to raise cultivation realm, one could only look at but not eat what was at the back.

Fortunately, the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s foundations were deep. There were those few geniuses in every generation who could forcibly breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm through comprehending the sword intent on the Nine Heavens Road or by relying on their own perception.

Skymaple was one of them.

Except, to want to completely comprehend the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent on the Nine Heavens Road was something that was virtually impossible.

Cultivation methods and martial techniques were things that were expressed through texts. Comparatively, the clearer and easier it was to understand, the easier it would be to cultivate in as well.

But to talk about the completeness of sword intent, one might as well directly comprehend it.

When training in cultivation skills, regardless to what extent one trained to, it was impossible to fully comprehend You Wuya’s true intent!

But on the Nine Heavens Road, one could completely grasp this true intent through that final sword!

However, this sort of thing could only be understood and not described. Even if Ye Yuan fully comprehended the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent, there was no way for him to describe it.

Otherwise, Xiao Jian and Luo Qingfeng would have long kidnapped Ye Yuan and forced him to write out the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art from memory every day.

“Every generation can only do their best! Among this batch of children, there are really quite a few fine saplings! As long as they mature, our Tranquil Cloud Sect will definitely rise up once again! And what we, these old fellows, have to do is to provide for them an environment that they can grow up in!” Luo Qingfeng said.

Xiao Jian nodded and said, ‘Definitely!”

Luo Qingfeng’s gaze landed on the platform in the distance again and asked, “What do you think about the match between Tian Yu and Ye Yuan?”

With the thoughts circling back to the grand competition, Xiao Jian also felt much more relaxed. He smiled and said, “Tian Yu is absolutely not someone who would let others freely slaughter him. Even if his strongest Sword Dao was sealed shut, he will not fold his arms and wait to die.”

Luo Qingfeng nodded and said, “Martial Uncle Skymaple has a fine grandson! The speed of his improvement these two years is also something that I feel inferior to! Looks like the things he comprehended on the Nine Heavens Road back then was even more than me! Then your meaning is . . . you favor Tian Yu more?”

When he was young, Luo Qingfeng was the number one genius in the Tranquil Cloud Sect then, around the same as the present Tian Yu and Ti Wujiu.

But Tian Yu’s improvement was visible to Luo Qingfeng’s eyes. Compared to himself in those days, Luo Qingfeng was somewhat ashamed of his own inferiority.

Xiao Jian shook his head and said, “No! In contrast, I think Ye Yuan is more promising instead!”

“Oh? Why is that so? With my understanding of Tian Yu, this child should still have other trump cards!”

But Xiao Jian smiled and said, “Very simple! Ye Yuan, this child, cannot be measured using common sense!”

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