Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 270 - Quietly Changing Hands

Chapter 270: Quietly Changing Hands

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“Humph! Looks like this lecher is definitely lusting after my looks; that’s why he is so indifferent to other people! Since that’s the case, this Young Lady will beat him at his own game and play tricks on this lecher!”

Tang Yu-er had absolute faith in her looks and illusion skills. Wasn’t it effortless to deal with a young man who was impetuous like Ye Yuan?

It was just that thinking about being taken advantage of by Ye Yuan in the illusion world made Tang Yu-er feel very disgusted even though she in the illusion world was not the real her.

“Please calm your anger, Young Master Ye. My family’s missus said that if you can remain unperturbed by a woman in your lap, then the final wariness she has towards you would also be gone. In order to offer an apology, Miss Tang has set up a banquet in the VIP building and invited Young Master Ye to go there,” the servant said serenely.

A flicker of delight flashed across Ye Yuan’s eyes when he heard that, and this look was naturally caught by Tang Yu-er who was observing in the dark.

“Humph! Indeed playing hard to get! Watch how this Young Lady plays with you in the palm of my hands!” Tang Yu-er cackled coldly.

“I’ve long heard that Miss Tang is the most beautiful person in the capital, but I didn’t think that she was in love with this Ye. Since that’s the case, this Ye will proceed there! However, never use this kind of trick to mess with me again!” Ye Yuan said.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan only felt his eyes blur. Two days had already passed.

In the illusion, the caster could freely switch time and space, but the person who was under the spell would be oblivious and think that it was as a matter of course instead.

Except, to Ye Yuan, such an illusion was really too low-level.

Although the previous life’s Ji Qingyun was a trash in the Martial Dao, he was an existence at the peak of perfection regarding the attainments on the divine soul.

He had every kind of divine soul mystic arts at the tip of his fingers.

How could a puny little half-step Crystal Formation Realm martial artist’s illusion make him fall for it?

Not to mention, Ye Yuan’s present divine soul realm was already even stronger than high-rank Alchemy King. It was not any weaker compared to Tang Yu-er.

Under the circumstances where the strength of the divine souls was around the same, Tang Yu-er was even less likely to make him fall under the spell.

Ye Yuan was only messing with Tang Yu-er right now, that was why he pretended to be under the spell. If he was willing, he could leave this illusion at any time and also heavily injure Tang Yu-er’s divine soul.

Inside the VIP building’s reserved room, Tang Yu-er was wearing a light green fine gauze clothing. Truly beautiful to the extreme.

Compared to the Tang Yu-er on the platform who was in martial attire, this Tang Yu-er had a portion more of delicateness and good-naturedness, and less overbearingness.

When Ye Yuan saw Tang Yu-er, he also became absent-minded for a split second. When this scene landed in Tang Yu-er’s eyes, there was naturally a few more parts of disgust.

Ye Yuan did not think that Tang Yu-er would actually have such a gentle and soft side. He wondered if the Tang Yu-er, in reality, would also have such a side.

“A few days ago, Yu-er was somewhat brusque. Today, I’ve prepared some thin wine to specially make up to Young Master Ye. I hope that Young Master Ye won’t take to heart my prior transgressions and bury the hatchet with Yu-er.”

When the words came out of her mouth, Tang Yu-er was filled with the grace of a young lady from an eminent family.

Ye Yuan secretly found it funny but was nonchalant on the surface as he said, “Miss Yu-er is too polite. As a real man, why would this Ye quibble with a celestial fairy-like miss like Yu-er?”

Tang Yu-er raised her wine cup and showed a happy expression as she said, “Since that’s the case, how about Mister Ye please drink this toast with me?”

Ye Yuan smiled and downed his cup in one go.

After a cup of wine, the pair each with their own wicked plans started to chat like good friends of many years.

Ye Yuan started chatting about distant lands randomly, making Tang Yu-er yearn for more.

Ye Yuan talked from the mundane world to the martial artist world, from the Martial Dao to the Alchemy Dao. His encyclopedic knowledge and extensiveness of what he had seen and heard before made Tang Yu-er unconsciously forget that she was inside an illusion world.

Ye Yuan’s knowledge and experience were simply not what Tang Yu-er could hope to match. Even inside an illusion, that sort of faint feeling from being someone from a higher realm would also leak out unwittingly.

Such disposition had absolute lethality towards women.

The Tang Yu-er who cast the illusion was gradually substituted by Ye Yuan.

Illusions were a type of very delicate divine soul mystic arts.

Under most circumstances, the caster would be the absolute master of the illusion world. But if they encountered an expert with extremely powerful soul force, the pressure on the caster would be enormous.

Take Tang Yu-er for example. With her divine soul realm plus the power of an illusionary divine soul mystic art, she could make the other party descend into an illusionary realm when facing ordinary Crystal Formation Realm experts.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the other party did not deliberately cultivate their divine soul.

Tang Yu-er’s illusions were very easy to fall for, for martial artists. But if she faced an Alchemy Grandmaster, then it would not be so useful.

All in all, Tang Yu-er’s illusions were very powerful and could even let her leap ranks to battle!

But Ye Yuan’s understanding towards illusions and divine soul was simply not what Tang Yu-er could compare to.

Having fallen into the illusionary realm for such a long time, it looked to be uninteresting like water, but in reality, it was the struggle between Ye Yuan and Tang Yu-er’s divine soul.

It was just that Ye Yuan intentionally appeared weak in front of his opponent, so Tang Yu-er thought that she held the initiative the entire time.

But in reality, Ye Yuan had already gotten the initiative unknowingly and also dragged Tang Yu-er into the illusion instead.

At the current moment, the Tang Yu-er in green garment opposite Ye Yuan could be said to be Tang Yu-er in the flesh already.

It was just that the Tang Yu-er who fell to the illusion was completely unaware.

What was even more lethal was that Ye Yuan, through the disposition he unintentionally exhibited in addition to his young and handsome appearance, had already deep enthralled Tang Yu-er who was opposite him!

Because in the illusion, Ye Yuan was still Ye Yuan himself, but Tang Yu-er was no longer Tang Yu-er.

Tang Yu-er had already taken the place of her character. She was merely a secular beauty.

Facing the young and abstruse Ye Yuan, Tang Yu-er had already inadvertently fallen in love.

At this very moment, the one controlling the illusion was no longer Tang Yu-er but had silently changed to Ye Yuan.

. . . . . .

In the illusionary world, time flowed like water.

Today, the Ye Family’s young master was taking the Tang Family’s daughter as his wife. A wedding ceremony was held in the capital, causing a sensation. A perfect match between an able man and a fair lady, everyone was envious.

A year later, Tang Yu-er gave birth to Ye Yuan’s child. Holding her son in her hands, Tang Yu-er’s face was filled with bliss. This was the crystallization of Ye Yuan and her love. And that very year, Ye Yuan spurred his horse as he wielded his sword, becoming a military official of the empire.

Five years later, Ye Yuan returned victoriously with illustrious achievements in war and was conferred as the youngest general in the empire. Tang Yu-er led the people to welcome him several miles outside of the city. Looking at her valiant and heroic husband, she was full of pride.

15 years later, Ye Yuan became a different surnamed prince, holding enormous power in the court. Tang Yu-er became a princess consort. For many years, the husband and wife treated each other with respect and affection, helping each other in times of need.

After 50 years, Ye Yuan and Tang Yu-er propagated for generations and had many children and grandchildren. The Ye Family became one of the major families in the empire.

After 70 years, the pair leaned into each other while holding hands, their heads completely white, and fell asleep . . .

Just like that, their entire life passed by.

While in reality, two hours had gone by.

Ye Yuan’s eyes remained vacant holes as if he was completely dominated by Tang Yu-er.

While opposite him, Tang Yu-er had a blissful face at times, a flushed face at other times, all kinds of expressions varying.

The audience below the platform clicked their tongues in surprise.

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