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Chapter 268 - Battling Tang Yu-er!

Chapter 268: Battling Tang Yu-er!

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As expected, yet also a complete surprise.

Tian Yu, Tang Yu-er, and Ye Yuan entered the final four, while Luo Chengfeng was tragically eliminated, blocked outside the final four.

It was expected because Tian Yu and Tang Yu-er entering the final four was within reason.

But it was a surprise because before this grand competition, nobody would have thought that No. 52 could actually charge into the final four!

The other person who made it into the final four was called Sui Liang, precisely the other one the two half-step Crystal Formation Realms.

The face-off for the semi-finals was already out. Ye Yuan versus Tang Yu-er, and Tian Yu versus Sui Liang!

There was basically no suspense for Tian Yu versus Sui Liang. Tang Yu-er and Ye Yuan’s match clearly became everyone’s focal point.

Ye Yuan overcame all the obstacles along the way, and even Luo Chengfeng fell to him. This made the originally lifeless sect grand competition suddenly became lively.

Everybody wanted to see what step Ye Yuan could walk to!

Although Ye Yuan defeating Luo Chengfeng in the previous battle made everyone’s glasses fall off, everybody could sense that Ye Yuan’s fight with Luo Chengfeng was not as easy as with Zhang Jing.

And Tang Yu-er’s strength was not because Luo Chengfeng did not use his weapon!

Everyone knew that even if Luo Chengfeng used his weapon, the result would also be the same!

Hence, Ye Yuan and Tang Yu-er’s match was even more anticipated than with Tian Yu.

Tian Yu used the sword. Whether he could gain any advantages in a battle against Ye Yuan was another matter altogether. But Tang Yu-er did not use a sword. If Ye Yuan could even beat Tang Yu-er, he would only be a step away from number one.

Yes, at the semi-finals, Tian Yu did not seem too promising instead!

Not because he wasn’t strong enough, but because he used swords!

Tian Yu was strong because of his sword. But facing Ye Yuan, his sword became his greatest shortcoming instead!

The semi-finals were about to commence. Ye Yuan and Tang Yu-er’s platform was already surrounded until not even water could flow through!

“Quickly look! Isn’t that Senior Apprentice Brother Ti Wujiu? There’s also Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng Wu and the rest! The elite disciples actually came to watch Ye Yuan’s match too!”

“What’s so strange about that? The elite disciples’ matches have already ended. Senior Apprentice Brother Ti Wujiu won rank one without any contest! And Senior Apprentice Brother Cheng Wu is third from the bottom. He will be competing with our core disciples’ number one. Coming to check on his opponent’s strength is something very natural.”

“Then why did Senior Apprentice Brother Ti Wujiu come over?”

“Hehe, with Ye Yuan’s degree of monstrousness, he’ll most probably cause a threat to Senior Apprentice Brother Ti Wujiu before long. Isn’t it very normal for him to come and take a look at his future adversary? I reckon that the number of elite disciples who came to watch the match is not small!”

The elite disciples’ grand competition was already all finished at this time.

Ti Wujiu became the number one elite disciple uncontestably with the battle result of 19 complete victories!

But Cheng Wu ultimately could not shake off the bottom three rankings. According to the sect rules, he would have to undergo a final match with the number one core disciple to determine who stays and leaves.

Hence, it was very crucial to Cheng Wu who obtains rank one.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu, who do you think can obtain rank one?” Cheng Wu asked rather flusteredly.

Ti Wujiu shook his head however and said, “It has already been a very long time since the previous grand competition. Tian Yu and Tang Yu-er both made significant progress. But as for how much they improved, nobody knows. Moreover, there’s even a Ye Yuan who popped out this time. Whose hands the number one lands in is really still an unknown.”

Cheng Wu’s eyes lit up as he said with a smile, “Do you think Ye Yuan can beat both Tang Yu-er and Tian Yu? Heh heh, if he can get number one, then that would be great!”

Ti Wujiu shot Cheng Wu a glance and said with a chuckle, “Hur hur, I, on the other hand, think that it’s best if you don’t bump into Ye Yuan.”

Cheng Wu asked in puzzlement, “No way! Although this Ye Yuan is impressive, I, Cheng Wu, can’t possibly lose to a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, right?”

Cheng Wu was at the First Level Crystal Formation Realm. While his strength was near the bottom among the elite disciples, that was only relative to the elite disciples.

Towards the vast majority of core disciples, his talent was absolutely those super strong types.

Even though Ye Yuan’s talent was heaven-defying, Cheng Wu was a major realm higher than him. How could Ye Yuan possibly be his match?

This sort of crushing in terms of cultivation realm could not be turned around with talent!

Ti Wujiu said, “Ye Yuan’s might in sword intent realm surpasses everyone’s imagination! If my speculations are right, he might have already grasped the Azure Dipper Purple Yang True Intent! Even if he has not fully grasped it, it’s most likely more or less there already. If you really encounter him, it’s best to be careful. Take care not to be careless!”

Cheng Wu sucked in a cold breath when he heard that. He knew that Ye Yuan’s sword intent was very strong, but did not think that it was powerful to such an extent!

Even the sect master did not grasp the Azure Dipper Purple Yang True Intent. Ye Yuan already grasped it at this age?

No wonder he could lift something heavy like it was light when fighting Zhang Jing.

“Then Senior Apprentice Brother mean that . . . Tian Yu and Tang Yu-er are in danger this time?”

Ti Wujiu shook his head and said, “I don’t know about that. Tian Yu and Tang Yu-er are both people who are outstandingly talented, and their realms are so much higher than Ye Yuan’s realm. They naturally have the strength to battle it out. What I want to see now is . . . what method Tian Yu will use to fight with Ye Yuan when he’s being suppressed in terms of Sword Dao!”

Cheng Wu was speechless. He originally thought that Ye Yuan was a soft persimmon who is easy to knead. Now, it seemed like nobody was a soft persimmon!

Cheng Wu was aware of Sui Liang’s strength. Without any accidents, the top three would be Tian Yu, Tang Yu-er and Ye Yuan.

Except, this final ranking was not easy to determine.

Tian Yu who seemed to be the most promising at first had lesser advantages than Tang Yu-er now.

Cheng Wu felt somewhat in a mess.

. . . . . .

On the platform, Tang Yu-er was dressed in a fiery-red fine gauze but appeared lofty and proud.

That unparalleled appearance did not lose to the Nanfeng aunt and niece.

However, those underestimate her because she was a peerless beauty would definitely suffer a huge loss!

In the previous grand competition, Tian Yu once suffered a huge loss in Tang Yu-er’s hands and was nearly defeated!

Tang Yu-er looked at Ye Yuan who was opposite coldly and said, “Ye Yuan, you’re indeed very strong! But, you’ll stop here!”

Ye Yuan was stunned when he heard that. He did not think that Tang Yu-er would be so overbearing right after coming up.

“Haha, not only is Senior Apprentice Sister beautiful, but this aura is also so imposing!” Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

Tang Yu-er’s face grew colder. Her impression of Ye Yuan became even worse. “Humph! Lecher! I’ll definitely make a fool out of you later!”

Tang Yu-er’s heart was higher than the heavens. Ordinary disciples did not even enter her eyes. Therefore, there were many people who secretly had a crush on her, but not many who confessed their feelings.

There was once somebody who was beaten up until he had to lie on the bed for two months after confessing to her. Ever since then, everyone could only put their affection and admiration away in their hearts.

Ye Yuan calling her beautiful right after coming up naturally made her put him in the same category as lechers.

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself and said, “Senior Apprentice Sister is as beautiful as a flower, but won’t let others praise you. Isn’t it an insult to your beauty?”

Tang Yu-er flew into a great rage when she heard that. “Humph! Indeed a conceited and insolent person! I hope that you can still laugh in a while!”

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