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Chapter 2644 - Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit

Chapter 2644: Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit

“What is this?” Ye Yuan asked.

The few people shook their heads one after another. Clearly, they did not know what that was.

Ye Yuan looked at it carefully for a moment but did not have a clue either.

This conch gave him a mysterious aura. But, as for what the mystery was, he could not say for sure either.

In the end, he could only give up.

Ye Yuan threw the conch back and said coolly, “Alright, I can’t see through it either. Aren’t your families all pretty impressive? Go back and let your elders take a look. Maybe they can discern something.”

Huang Haoyan looked at Ye Yuan with some surprise. He even thought that Ye Yuan wanted to look at the treasures because he planned to rip them off.

In the end, Ye Yuan did not even look at them.

How could he know that as the Martial Secure Heavenly Sect’s elder, Ye Yuan had seen before god knows how many good items. How could he eye these little things?

This merfolk tribe was merely a small tribe. It was far too lacking compared to the Martial Secure Heavenly Sect.

Of course, even if there was good stuff, Ye Yuan was disdainful to rob them using this sort of method too.

The party sailed for close to a month and finally returned to the shore.

Only after traveling for more than ten days did they reach Calm South City.

Calm South City was very grand. An extremely powerful array formation was even reinforced on the city walls.

Ye Yuan measured it with his eyes. It had probably already reached the level of rank three heavenly formation.

This array formation was a defensive grand array. Most likely, even if dozens of Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratum powerhouses besieged it, they would not be able to breach it too.

Entering the city, Ye Yuan said to the few people, “You all return to your respective homes and find your families. I’ll walk around on my own.”

The moment Huang Haoyan heard, he felt like he was granted amnesty and was just about to open his mouth, but he heard Su Peiyun say, “Senior Ye, you’ve just arrived here and are a stranger in a strange place. Why don’t I be your guide?”

Seeing that Ye Yuan had the intention of rejecting, she hurriedly said again, “Senior, calculating the time, our Calm South City is currently organizing the Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit right now. The Thistle South Nine Cities’ well-known alchemy masters are all gathered here.”

When Huang Haoyan by the side saw that Su Peiyun was so warm toward Ye Yuan, it felt like he was chewing wax.

But he had to admit, this really moved him.

Having just arrived, understanding the alchemy path strength of the Land of Heavenly South was also within reason.

As for Su Peiyun’s thoughts, Ye Yuan knew a little too.

This lass probably wanted to rope him in.

He was not narcissistic to the point where he thought that he was everyone’s darling.

This girl’s fear toward him was probably a little greater.

After all, slaughtering all directions in the army of several thousand merfolk, the impression that this scene left in the hearts of the few people was too shocking.

Huang Haoyan was probably thinking too much.

However, Ye Yuan did not care about Huang Haoyan’s thoughts. As long as he did not provoke him, everything could be discussed.

If he provoked him, Ye Yuan did not mind sending him off.

He rode their boat, gifted them heavenly pills, and repelled the merfolk army. It was already sufficient as repayment.

In fact, the value was far more than that!

They owed nothing to each other anymore.

“Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit? A little interesting! Come on!” Ye Yuan said.

He knew that there were nine large cities on the shore of the Thistle South Sea Region. The purpose was to resist the invasion of the true spirit sea race.

This Calm South City’s array formation was probably not what an ordinary person could set up too.

There was clearly an even greater backer behind the nine cities.

“That … our Huang Family is also taking part in the Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit and I’m just about to go over to take a look. Why don’t we go together?” Huang Haoyan thickened his skin and asked.

Ye Yuan nodded slightly, indifferent to it.

When Su Peiyun saw Ye Yuan agree, she was naturally overjoyed.

Such a terrifying existence, once he broke through to Limitless Sublime Heavenly Stratum, he would surely be a powerhouse of a region!

Even her father might not be able to do anything to him too.

As for the Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit, she was really not counting on Ye Yuan for anything.

She knew that Ye Yuan must have come from an alchemy faction. But Ye Yuan himself was an ascender. Furthermore, his cultivation realm was not high. No matter how strong he was, he could not be very strong.

The more likely situation was that Ye Yuan was a top disciple that some powerful faction was taking great pains to groom, and he came out for a trial this time.

Therefore, bringing so many powerful heavenly pills on him was also not at all surprising.

… …

“300 thousand heavenly crystals, going once!”

“300 thousand heavenly crystals, going twice!”

“300 thousand heavenly crystals, going thrice, deal! Congratulations to Skybless City’s Family Head Qin, for obtaining the sixth grade One Heart Life Crossing Pill! Also, congratulations to Water Billow City’s Master Zuo Fang for winning the laurel again!”

“Water Billow City again! Water Billow City has already taken down three cities and is seated firmly in the top spot!”

“Master Zuo Fang is incredible! This One Heart Life Crossing Pill, he can actually refine the realm of sixth grade, truly remarkable!”

“The poor host, Calm South City, they are still empty until now! The Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit this time, they will probably be at the bottom again!”

… …

Ye Yuan few people had just entered the venue when they felt that the atmosphere here had already reached a climax.

The Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit had already been held for five days. Right now, the competitions between all parties had already reached a white-hot stage.

The nine cities’ heavenly alchemists had undergone a total of 15 rounds of competition. Currently, Water Billow City took first place five times and firmly occupied the throne of first place.

While the host, Calm South City, was already shaved bald, which was very embarrassing.

On the way here, Su Peiyun already introduced the rules of the Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit, Ye Yuan was already perfectly clear about it.

Each round, the nine cities would each send out a heavenly alchemist to refine a kind of heavenly pill.

The type of heavenly pills could be different. But, after the refining was completed, the summit’s judge would carry out a comprehensive evaluation according to the heavenly pill’s refining difficulty, quality, as well as practicality and other areas, to determine which city won.

After judging, the heavenly pill that won would be auctioned on the spot.

While the other heavenly pills were destroyed on the spot.

When Ye Yuan saw the situation at the auction, he was slightly surprised too.

He originally thought that this Land of Barbaric South was very remote. The heavenly medicine techniques were bound to be very backward.

But who knew that the strength of these heavenly alchemists was quite good?

The One Heart Life Crossing Pill was a very high difficulty kind among grade three heavenly pills. It was not far from heavenly imperial pill!

That Zuo Fang could actually refine sixth grade. This showed that his strength was extraordinary.

At least, this Zuo Fang’s strength was not the slightest bit weaker when compared to those Pill Alliance establishment lords that Ye Yuan had challenged before.

“Hahaha, Su Yi, your Calm South City’s heavenly alchemists really didn’t improve at all! In the last Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit, you all took first place once at any rate. This time, it looks like you’re going to be shaved bald!”

In the VIP area, Water Billow City’s city lord was currently mocking Calm South City’s city lord, Su Yi, who was also Su Peiyun’s father.

Su Yi’s expression was grim until it was almost dripping water.

Behind Su Yi, several heavenly alchemists were all blushing with embarrassment, but they could not find the words to retort.

The Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit this time, they really had a complete loss of face.

“Sun Yunjing, don’t you be arrogant! This Nine Cities Heavenly Pill Summit is only halfway through!” Su Yi said with a cold snort.

Water Billow City’s city lord, Sun Yunjing was indifferent and said with a loud laugh, “Huhu, yes, it’s only halfway through. But as far as I know, Ge Ling is already your Calm South City’s strongest grade three heavenly alchemist, right? Who else are you planning to send onto the stage later?”

Su Yi could not help choking when he heard that, he discovered that Calm South City actually had no one that they could use anymore!

Even the strongest was defeated. How could they even fight?

The host was shaved bald. It was really utterly humiliating!

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