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Chapter 261 - Purple Yang Clear Howl!

Chapter 261: Purple Yang Clear Howl!

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Do not look at how Ceng Cheng and Qiu Peng caused huge scenes normally. Zhang Jing sat firmly on the top seat of the Earth Barracks the whole time.

Zhang Jing was also the disciple who arranged for Ye Yuan to stay in the Earth Barracks on the day he entered the sect.

When Ye Yuan saw Zhang Jing on the platform, he was involuntarily dumbstruck. Zhang Jing was similarly stunned when he saw Ye Yuan.

The two stared at each other speechlessly.

After a while, Zhang Jing looked at Ye Yuan with a bitter smile and said, “I really didn’t expect the mysterious No. 52 to actually be you!”

“En? What do you mean? When did I become the mysterious No. 52?” Ye Yuan felt baffled after listening to Zhang Jing’s words.

Zhang Jing was stupefied and said, “You’ve already become everyone’s focal point after two rounds of competition. Don’t you know that? Look at all those seniors and juniors below the platform.”

“Ugh, I thought that they came here for Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang.” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

“Why would they? In the past competitions, it was always Platform No. 1 which won first. But you won the previous two rounds at virtually the first moment. It was tough for others to not pay attention!” Zhang Jing sighed admiringly.

Zhang Jing never imagined that this mysterious No. 52 was actually Ye Yuan.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan was only at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm currently. To actually be able to win with ease in the previous two rounds, how great was his strength?

Even though he was five minor realms higher than Ye Yuan, Zhang Jing unknowingly became rather guilty.

Thinking back to how he still felt superior in front of Ye Yuan, it was ludicrous thinking about it now.

However, Zhang Jing was also a magnanimous person. He felt at ease very quickly.

Recalling Senior Apprentice Brother Mo’s actions back then, he actually noticed that there were some abnormalities.

Most likely, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo already knew at that time that Ye Yuan’s strength had possibly already reached the level of Heaven Barracks, right? Otherwise, why would he hesitate on where to place Ye Yuan?

However, didn’t that mean that when Ye Yuan was at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he was already not his match?

This . . . was really something which made people miserable!

Listening to Zhang Jing, Ye Yuan came to a realization. “So that’s the case! I thought that Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang has good relations with people and that they came to watch Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang.”

“Haha, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is teasing me. How could I have such capabilities? Actually, in past competitions, the place which had the most people gathering around was Junior Apprentice Sister Tang Yu-er’s platform. But the people below our platform this time is likely going to surpass hers,” Zhang Jing also said smilingly.

Within sects, the ones who attained first were the masters. Although Zhang Jing was older than Tang Yu-er, his strength was much poorer. Hence, he also addressed the other party as senior apprentice sister.

Ye Yuan chuckled when he heard that and said, “I hope that Senior Apprentice Sister Tang Yu-er doesn’t blame me for snatching her limelight.”

While talking, the third round officially began.

After both parties saluted, Zhang Jing said, “When I saw Junior Apprentice Brother Ye back then, I really misjudged. To think that junior’s strength was actually so formidable! However, I’ll do my best later. I hope that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye won’t be stingy with guidance!”

Ye Yuan naturally hoped strongly for this. He smiled and said, “I dare not. This Younger Brother will obviously go all out as well!”



The pair each gestured to begin as their auras rose abruptly!

“Purple Yang Clear Howl!”

The sword in Zhang Jing’s hand shuddered violently and gave off waves of low cries. Countless azure sword qi extended out, heading straight for Ye Yuan!

Right away, it was an extremely fierce and sharp move!

“No way? Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang unleashed the Purple Yang Clear Howl right away. Isn’t this too ludicrous?”

“Such a fierce and sharp sword qi, has Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang already trained the Purple Yang Clear Howl to the Great Circle Realm? The Purple Yang Clear Howl is an extremely formidable move in the second layer of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art. Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang actually trained it to the Great Circle Realm already without anyone knowing it. Truly worthy of being the top seat of the Earth Barracks!”

“Just based on this move, Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang might squeeze into the top 10 and become a Heaven Barracks disciple!”

“Hehe, that’s really hard to say. That bunch of sickos in the Heaven Barracks can’t be measured using common sense. Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang is improving, but will they remain stagnant?”

“Now that you mentioned it, you’re right! However, can this No. 52 receive this Purple Yang Clear Howl?”

“This . . . Probably going to be hard? No. 52 is incredible, but both you and I know the power of this Great Circle Realm Purple Yang Clear Howl. Most likely, even that perverse bunch in the top 10 would choke on this!”

This was Ye Yuan’s first time facing an Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art sword move face on!

Him directly comprehending the sword intent on the Nine Heavens Road was equivalent to having a thorough understanding of this sword art. He did not need to exchange for the cultivation method in the sect.

In reality, the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was a set of cultivation methods. It encompassed many martial techniques in it!

The Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art that the Tranquil Cloud Sect had comprised of a total of four layers. Each layer corresponded to a major realm!

And several sets of sword martial skills were included in each layer of the cultivation method.

This Purple Yang Clear Howl was an extremely powerful martial technique in the second layer. The training difficulty was high, and the power was incredible!

To have been able to train this martial technique to the Great Circle Realm showed Zhang Jing’s remarkable strength.

Except, it was still somewhat lacking to use this move to deal with Ye Yuan.

Although Ye Yuan’s realm was way lower than Zhang Jing’s, when talking about comprehension towards the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent, Zhang Jing could not even catch up to Ye Yuan by whipping his horse!

That final sword on the Nine Heavens Road was the full comprehension You Wuya had towards the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent!

Ye Yuan fully comprehending that sword meant that he already stood on the same heights as You Wuya in terms of understanding of this sword intent!

This Purple Yang Clear Howl move from Zhang Jing was at most the standards of the first 10% of the last 333 steps on the Nine Heavens Road. The difference with the final sword move was too far.

Of course, Zhang Jing’s advantage was his cultivation realm!

Unleashing a sword move with peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength, even if it were a trash-like move, the damage to a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm would also be enormous; let alone the fact that the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art itself was extremely powerful!

Now . . . it was only to see Ye Yuan spinning around and sweep his sword horizontally!

What was released was not a single sword beam, but countless beams of sword qi!

In the air, beams of azure sword qi clashed with faint yellow sword qi. After each streak of sword qi collided, it would turn into nothing!

After several breaths, not a single one of the countless sword qi released by Zhang Jing actually bypassed Ye Yuan’s sword qi to reach Ye Yuan!

“My . . . My God! H-How did he do it? No. 52 only unleashed one sword strike! The Purple Yang Clear Howl was broken just like this?”

“Too inconceivable! Did you see that? That sword strike from No. 52 was not any even a technique. It was just a simple slash! But how can that sword strike possibly produce so much sword qi?”

“Ah! I can’t take it anymore! I can’t take it anymore! This No. 52 is too perverse! The Purple Yang Clear Howl is ranked third among all the moves in the second layer, and it was actually broken by him so easily!”

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