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Chapter 259 - Instant Victory!

Chapter 259: Instant Victory!

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In the second round, Ye Yuan’s opponent was No. 49.

Due to Ye Yuan winning the first round, he automatically entered the victor’s group.

The martial artists in the victor’s group established the position of core disciples.

While the disciples who were defeated in the first round must undergo the duel in the loser’s group. The loser group likewise had to continue competing nonstop, all the way until five failures were produced in the final round. They would undergo a match with the top five outer-sect disciples!

The victors continue to retain core disciple status while the losers would automatically be eliminated and become an outer-sect disciple.

The victor’s group had to continue competing similarly, all the way until the top three were born.

The top three disciples would carry out a duel with the last three among the elite disciples. The victor would advance to elite disciple, and the loser became core disciple.

Such a cruel ranking system, no matter how talented you were, you would also not dare to slack off at all.

Just ease up slightly, and you would be surpassed by others.

Even a loafer type core disciple like Ceng Yu would also spend large amounts of time to cultivate. Or else there would come a day where they would be eliminated.

If Ye Yuan won this round again, he would enter the top 50!

Do not look at how there were 200 core disciples. All of those who could win two consecutive rounds and enter the top 50 were all formidable people.

People who try to fish in muddied waters would basically be eliminated in the second round even if they were lucky enough to past the first round.

Ye Yuan’s opponent was called Wang Dong, an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

The Pill Barracks’ Yang Hao was similarly at the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. But his strength was not even worth mentioning when compared to Wang Dong.

Wang Dong’s strength was in the upper tier in the Earth Barracks. Other than those Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm experts, Wang Dong was basically considered the strongest.

In the last grand competition, Wang Dong had a crushing defeat in the second round.

Now that his strength had another substantial improvement, the goal he set for himself this grand competition was to enter the third round!

When he saw the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm Ye Yuan opposite, he could not help feeling greatly relieved.

This was truly a gift from heaven!

“Eh? You’re No. 52?” Wang Dong suddenly recalled. Wasn’t his opponent the No. 52 who was the first to win in the first round?

Ye Yuan knew what he was thinking about and could not help chuckling and saying, “Of course. Otherwise, why would I be standing here?”

Wang Dong could not help being greatly astonished as he said, “Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength. How were you the first to pass the first round? To actually be faster than Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu?”

“My opponent just happened to have fought with me a few days ago. He knew that he was not my match, so he directly admitted defeat,” Ye Yuan did not conceal it and answered honestly.

“Ah? So that’s the case. Then your luck is really too good! I reckon that your opponent was one of the weakest few from the Human Barracks, right? Otherwise, with your strength, it would be very hard to win.” Wang Dong involuntarily sighed emotionally.

He was sighing that Ye Yuan’s luck was good and also that his own luck was good.

To be able to meet such an opponent in the second round, wasn’t this heaven’s will?

Wang Dong could not help fantasizing that if his luck was slightly better and the opponent he bumped into during the third round was slightly weaker than him, perhaps he could even enter the fourth round!

This would be a historic moment in his life!

Ye Yuan’s name was already wide-spread among the Pill Hall elders. But among the core disciples, he was not actually all that famous.

While there were elders finding him non-stop these few days, Ye Yuan had never shown his face. Hence, there were not many people who really recognized Ye Yuan among the core disciples.

Of course, even if Wang Dong knew Ye Yuan, it would not affect his judgment of Ye Yuan’s strength.

Trash like Ceng Yu, Wang Dong could settle him with one hand. Although this junior apprentice brother’s strength was incredible and could cross ranks to battle, he was clearly still a little too unskilled to try to cross four minor realms to fight him.

How could Ye Yuan not know Wang Dong’s little scheme? He did not expose it and just said with a smile, “Yeah. Luck is indeed not bad.”

The other party was happy that his luck was good. How was Ye Yuan not filled with emotions with his good luck too?

There were a number of rounds for this sect grand competition. The opponents at the back would become increasingly stronger. If he directly bumped into an expert, the exhaustion would be huge.

Those peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and half-step Crystal Formation Realm opponents were not so easy to defeat.

And presently, Ye Yuan’s goal was none other than Tian Yu and the other two.

Right at this moment, Elder Feng’s voice echoed once again, “Round two begins now!”

Ye Yuan and Wang Dong saluted each other. The second round officially began!

After saluting, Wang Dong did not move. He stood with his hands behind his back and said generously, “Junior Apprentice Brother, make a move first. I’m afraid that after I make a move, you won’t have the chance anymore.”

Perhaps he felt somewhat apologetic for coming across such a weak foe, Wang Dong felt that Ye Yuan should attack first.

Ye Yuan did not expect Wang Dong to be so generous to pass the initiative to him. He could not help being stupefied as he asked, “You sure?”

Wang Dong nodded. “Of course! I, Wang Dong, never go back on my words!”

Ye Yuan said uncertainly, “Then, I won’t be courteous.”

As his voice fell, Ye Yuan’s figure instantly transformed into nine.

“Nine Swords Stance!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. Nine streaks of swordlight flew out disorderly and headed straight for Wang Dong.

Wang Dong still had the bearing of an expert in the beginning, but when he saw the nine sword beams blotting out the skies and earth as they flew over, he immediately cried bitterly.

If he took the initiative, he could still tussle with Ye Yuan for a while.

But how could Wang Dong ward off Ye Yuan’s big killing move from a defensive position?

One had to know when Ye Yuan was still at the Essence Qi Realm back then, he once used this move to force Yuan Fei back!

Now that Ye Yuan was already at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, how could the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm Wang Dong defend against the might of this stance?

Wang Dong dodged three sword beams and used his weapon to block two sword beams before finally being hit by the sixth sword beam.

Then, the seventh, eighth, and ninth sword beam opened up wounds on his body like easily breaking a dead branch from a tree. The enormous impact directly sent him flying out of the platform.

If not for Ye Yuan showing mercy, he would already be a corpse now.

In a twinkle, from the time Ye Yuan struck to Wang Dong flying out, not even a breath of time had passed.

Crushing with one blow! Instant victory!

“Platform No. 49, No. 52 wins!” Elder Feng’s voice was the first to sound out again.

“No way? Who is this No. 52? Why is he the first to win again?”

“If the first round was luck, then how do you explain the second round? Just where did this unknown No. 52 pop out from?”

“Too peculiar! Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu and Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er haven’t won yet, and this No. 52 won already?”

Ye Yuan’s victory caused another uproar.

Tian Yu’s expression fell slightly, and the sword in his hands accelerated.

After three moves, Tian Yu sent his opponent flying.


Tian Yu’s foe in the second round was a Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. His strength was quite good. He forcibly hung on until the tenth blow before being defeated.

Compared to Ye Yuan’s victory in one move, he was naturally much slower.

On Platform No. 2, a graceful silhouette danced along with the wind.

But when she heard Elder Feng’s voice, her movements clearly lagged for an instant.

Immediately after, only to see that lithe figure speed up multiple times!

Similarly, after three moves, Tang Yu-er won!

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