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Chapter 2466 - What a Large Pig!

Chapter 2466: What a Large Pig!

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“Now, are you satisfied?” Ye Yuan was covered in fresh blood, looking at Lin Chaotian as he said in a cold voice.

All the Dao Ancestors exchanged glances and smiled, clearly all setting their minds at ease.

Meridians completely severed and divine sea being crippled, there was already nothing to fear about Ye Yuan.

This mortal calamity was finally resolved!

“Huhu, satisfied, very satisfied!” Lin Chaotian said with a smile.

There was a kind of smugness that could not be concealed in the smile.

Ye Yuan was really someone hard to deal with.

Although he was the number one Dao Ancestor and that he was powerful to the extreme, he still dreaded Ye Yuan immensely.

In the last battle, Ye Yuan escaping from under the teaming-up of the nine of them seriously greatly exceeded their expectations.

It was also precisely because of this that his fear toward Ye Yuan reached its peak.

So this time, he was determined to succeed!

Obtaining the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain was naturally a part of the plan.

But finishing Ye Yuan off was the matter that he was most, most concerned about.

In fact, it was even above obtaining the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain!

There was a ripple in the void, Ancestor Fire’s figure appeared in the hall.

“All left! Brother Chaotian, is it inappropriate for us to do this?” Ancestor Fire said with a frown.

The matter this time already completely went out of their control.

Right now, the entire Heavenspan World was berating them, the nine great Dao Ancestors!

The nine great Dao Ancestors were naturally not people of the mortal realm.

But they still could not escape mortals and exist on their own.

Lin Chaotian did not take it to heart and said coolly, “Huhu, mortals are all forgetful! With this treasure, our strength will definitely be able to improve further! At that time, when we exterminate those few fellows from the divine race, with this kind of great achievement, are you still scared that they won’t prostrate in worship towards us?”

The eyes of all the Dao Ancestors lit up, gazes when looking toward the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain was full of searing heat and thirst.

Clearly, they already could not wait.

But Ye Yuan laughed loudly when he heard that and said, “Lin Chaotian, you’re also thinking too highly of yourself! You think that by obtaining the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain, you’ll be able to improve further?”

But Lin Chaotian did not dare and said coolly, “You can, so why can’t I? This treasure contains heaven and earth Great Dao. It’s virtually a miniature Heavenspan Mountain! Obtaining it, with this ancestor’s talents, I’ll definitely be able to improve further!”

Ye Yuan laughed loudly and said, “People are different, each one being unique!”

With regards to the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain, Ye Yuan had absolute confidence.

It was absolutely impossible for Lin Chaotian to improve further!

When Ye Yuan just entered the Heavenspan Mountain, he suddenly had an inspiration, and entered Great Dao with Alchemy Dao, creating the Chaos Heavenspan Canon with astonishing talent. That was how he had today’s strength.

But the nine great Dao Ancestors’ foundations were already set. They had long already formed innate ideas with regards to the journey of Dao and could not change at all.

It was not that Ye Yuan was convinced that his talent was outstanding, far surpassing that of the nine great Dao Ancestors.

It was just that unless Lin Chaotian had tremendous courage and could give up all the inherent understanding, and start all over again!

Otherwise, even if he comprehended until heaven and earth turned old, it was also impossible to break the shackles.

Making a Dao Ancestor cripple his own small world and start all over from the top?

Who could have such tremendous guts and courage?

Ye Yuan was confident that if he was a Dao Ancestor, it would also be impossible to take this step!

Let alone that even if Lin Chaotian really started over from the top, he also did not have time to cultivate to the Creation Realm anymore!

The system that Ye Yuan cultivated and the Heavenspan World’s inherent cultivation system, was of completely different concepts.

His cultivation would not disregard cultivation realms and advance by leaps and bounds because Lin Chaotian was a Dao Ancestor.

Time and fate!

It was impossible for Lin Chaotian to ever break the fetters!

Of course, the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain was a precious treasure. After the few great Dao Ancestors obtained it, their strength would definitely increase.

It was just that, there was no possibility of wanting to break the shackles at all!

Lin Chaotian’s brows furrowed together.

Ye Yuan’s wave of cold water made him very unhappy!

“Humph! You’re already a cripple, and yet you still dare to be arrogant in front of us? This ancestor will send you on your way right now!”

Ancestor Fire was enraged, a terrifying aura engulfed everything and swept over.


But right then, the Treasure Pig in Ye Yuan’s shirt woke up unhurriedly.

Treasure Pig opened its bleary eyes and suddenly felt a powerful killing aura.

With this, Treasure Pig was completely startled awake!

It was only to see its eyes go wide, the hair all over its body directly standing up.

A burst of fury erupted from Treasure Pig’s eyes.


An aura that did not lose to Ancestor Fire suddenly erupted.

It was only to see Treasure Pig’s figure suddenly become large, becoming larger, just like a constantly inflating balloon.

Seeing this scene, regardless of whether it was Ye Yuan or the nine great Dao Ancestors, they were all shocked until they could not close their mouths!

No one could have thought that this adorable pinkish piglet actually had such terrifying strength.

Rule powerhouse!

Ye Yuan opened his mouth wide, a look of disbelief on his face.

Treasure Pig was actually a rule powerhouse!

Furthermore, his aura was actually not the slightest bit weaker than one of the nine great Dao Ancestors, Ancestor Fire!

What kind of situation was this?

Furthermore, the current Treasure Pig was clearly in a state of madness. How was there still any cute appearance?

His expression was savage, eyes ferocious, just like an enraged wild boar, wanting to level this world!


Treasure Pig suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of flames, closing in on Ancestor Fire!

The terrifying temperature seemed to want to burn heaven and earth.

Ancestor Fire’s expression changed wildly. He did not expect that in this world, apart from him, there was actually still someone … a pig, that could unleash such a terrifying flame attack!”

Without the slightest hesitation, Ancestor Fire also shot a flame out!

Two power of rules collided in the great hall.


A terrifying flame directly blew up, blasting the great hall into nothingness.

The battle of two great rule powerhouses also instantly spread to the entire Origin Enlighten Mountain.

For some time, the casualties were countless!

And Ancestor Fire actually staggered under this blow, and was almost knocked over!

“What a terrifying flame temperature! What’s going on here? In this world, apart from Ancestor Fire, there’s actually still someone who can cultivate flame law to the realm of rule?”

“This aura, hang on! Sacred Ancestor High Priest has clearly already left! So where did this tenth rule aura come from?”

“You guys, look! What a large pig! A pig is actually a rule powerhouse? This … How is this possible?”

… …

The battle of rule powerhouses was too widespread.

Many powerhouses already left Origin Enlighten mountain pass gates, but did not go far.

Currently, they looked from afar, only to see an enormous pink pig, facing off against the nine great Dao Ancestors from a distance.

Its aura was actually not the least bit weak!

This discovery made all the powerhouses extremely shocked.

There were no rules in this world, this was the consensus of all of the Heavenspan World’s powerhouses.

Apart from the nine great Dao Ancestors, no one could reach the level of rules.

Someone as strong as Heavenly Emperor Profound Secrets did not reach this step too.

But now, a pig that appeared from God knows where! It was actually a rule powerhouse. How could they not be surprised?

They were surprised, but the nine great Dao Ancestors were even more surprised than them!

No one could have thought that that pink lump piglet that burrowed into Ye Yuan’s embrace was actually a rule powerhouse.

Forget that it was a rule powerhouse, this pig was actually even stronger than Ancestor Fire!

Ancestor Fire’s expression was ugly to the extreme.

F*cking hell!

He cultivated for countless years and even reached the realm of Dao Ancestor, and yet he was actually inferior to a pig?

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