Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1983 - Won't Die

Chapter 1983: Won’t Die

Amidst the bone devil army, although Ye Yuan was startled, he did not lose his bearings.

With the Stellar War Banner erupting, it immediately shattered a group of bone devils to dust. Even Third Firmament True Gods were no exception either.

With Ye Yuan’s present divine essence strength, the power when controlling the Stellar War Banner was more than a level stronger than before. Third Firmament True Gods were completely incapable of lasting a single exchange with him.

The true threat were those Fourth Firmament True God bone devils.

But Ye Yuan was not worried. Relying on two empyrean spirit treasures, even Fourth Firmament True Gods would also find it hard to get close.

Ye Yuan was different from the rest; his divine essence was incomparably pure. His ability to have prolonged battles was extremely strong.

This degree of consumption was nothing to him.

But Zuo Mo and Feng Xiaotian did not think so. Seeing Ye Yuan demonstrate his invincible might with the stellar war banner, they only smiled coldly in response.

“Heh, relying on the power of a spirit treasure to linger on with your dying breath, but the consumption of spirit treasures on divine essence is tremendous. I want to see how long you can sustain!”

Zuo Mo smiled coldly, it was just that the sour note in his words could not be concealed no matter what.

Two empyrean spirit treasures! He was incredibly envious!

“According to this degree of consumption, at most an hour and his divine essence will be exhausted. At that time, he can only be at other people’s mercy.,” Feng Xiaotian also said.

While the two people spoke, the shock in their hearts was not any bit less.

There were at least five or six Fourth Firmament True God bone devils around Ye Yuan. But Ye Yuan actually did not reveal the slightest hint of defeat under the combined attacks of so many bone devils.

This kind of strength was already sufficiently shocking.

One had to know, when Ye Yuan was facing these five to six Fourth Firmament True God bone devils, he still had to deal with countless bone devils at the same time!

By the side, Song Yu’s expression was very ugly.

That endless skeleton army had no end in sight.

If it were him, he would likely have long been dismembered at this time.

Zuo Mo looked at Song Yu and said with a smile that was not a smile, “Song Yu, weren’t you implacable enemies with Ye Yuan? Now, seeing that he’s about to die, you should be happy.”

Song Yu gave a cold snort, gritted his teeth, and said to Guo Jingyang and the rest, “Do the few of you want to charge inside together with me?”

Hu Fei immediately answered without another word, “My life was given by Brother Ye, so what’s the problem if I return it to him?”

“Brother Ye’s high morality reaches the clouds, how can we watch by the side? Charge inside!” Guo Jingyang said.

Ma Chang nodded his head and said with a decisive look, “I’ll go too.”

“Okay, follow me!”

Finished talking, Song Yu took the lead and directly charged into the bone devil army.

When Zuo Mo saw this action of Song Yu and the rest, he could not help getting a big shock.

Were these guys … mad?

Just what kind of bewitching soup did Ye Yuan give these guys?

Inside mystic realms, who was not self-centered and selfish? Why would there be anyone who would go and risk their lives for their companions?

Saying that they were companions, everyone was merely cooperating out of interest.

Really reaching the juncture of life and death, they would abandon their companions without the slightest hesitation.

In reality, they had done so too.

Along the way, their companions got fewer and fewer. There were quite a few who were directly abandoned by them.

But now, Song Yu these few guys actually rushed into the bone devil army for Ye Yuan’s sake without heed for their lives.

Good heavens! They didn’t know without exchanging blows.

The moment they exchanged blows, even Song Yu, this Fourth Firmament True God, also felt the pressure skyrocket.

The surrounding bone devils were too many. They were simply unable to deal with the enemies.

There were blade lights and sword images everywhere.

Even if Song Yu’s strength was formidable, he was also teetering on his feet; let alone the others.

The few people pushed into a distance of several hundred feet and could not charge in anymore.

Matching up against a Fourth Firmament True God bone devil, Song Yu still had to deal with other bone devils, and he could only retreat as he fought.

In the end, Song Yu and the rest were actually forced out.

These bone devils did not pursue relentlessly. After exceeding a certain range, they would return once more.

The expressions of Song Yu and the rest were extremely ugly. Only at this time did they know how powerful Ye Yuan’s strength was!

He could actually deal with so many bone devils on his own.

Zuo Mo and the rest were also extremely alarmed when they saw. There was no damage without a comparison.

He fought with Song Yu before and knew that Song Yu’s strength was not much worse than his.

If he went down, he naturally could not gain any advantage either.

But Ye Yuan could actually remain safe and sound being besieged by so many bone devils. One had to admit that his strength was formidable.

Later, Song Yu and the rest attempted to charge several more times. But each time, they were forced back.

There were even quite a number of wounds left on the few people’s bodies.

In a twinkle, an hour passed, the expressions on Zuo Mo and Feng Xiaotian’s faces became more and more interesting.

They kept on harboring the attitude of gloating over others’ misfortune, waiting for Ye Yuan’s divine essence to be exhausted.

But until now, Ye Yuan did not show any signs of his divine essence drying up.

This one hour, Ye Yuan actually charged out a distance of several thousand feet and was already not too far away from the borders.

“I-Is this guy still a human? Such a great expenditure and he’s actually completely fine!” Zuo Mo said with a look of disbelief.

Feng Xiaotian’s expression was also very ugly as he said in a solemn voice, “Just what kind of cultivation method does this punk cultivate? Even if it’s a Heavenly Emperor inheritance, it’s also impossible to not have any reaction to this degree of consumption, right?”

They were really unable to understand just how much divine essence was stored within Ye Yuan’s body. Could it be that it was inexhaustible in supply and would never be used up?

Song Yu and the rest already gave up on charging in. They also discovered Ye Yuan’s anomaly and had excited faces.

“Hahaha! Didn’t you guys say that Ye Yuan’s dead for sure? Open your dog eyes and take a look. Is he dead?” Song Yu said with a big laugh.

Zuo Mo was triggered by these words, immediately turning bright red as he became angry from embarrassment and said, “He didn’t die, so could it be that you also won’t die? Brother Feng, let’s join hands and exterminate the few of them first, what do you think?”

Ye Yuan failing to die caused Feng Xiaotian to be in a bad mood. He said in a solemn voice, “I have precisely that intention.”

In reality, they had long wanted to take action.

But they had been harboring the mentality of watching the show all along. That was why they did not make a move.

Now, Song Yu’s one sentence thoroughly infuriated these two.

The two people did not say another word, directly squaring off with Song Yu.

This group of people had been constantly making wisecracks by the side, Song Yu was long pissed by it. He immediately raised his sword and stepped forward, fighting one-versus-two.

But Song Yu was not Ye Yuan. Fighting one-on-two was clearly very taxing.

Zuo Mo and Feng Xiaotian were not some rookies. They were people with top-notch strength among peers.

The remaining Guo Jingyang and the rest, although their numbers were not many, their strengths were a great deal stronger than the other party.

Both sides had fire pent up. This fight was fought very fiercely.

Ye Yuan there felt something. Seeing Song Yu and the rest get surrounded and attacked, he was also greatly anxious.

But the bone devils around him were too many. He simply could not break through in a short while.

Song Yu fighting one-on-two became more and more strained, with danger arising incessantly.

“Song Yu, you’re at any rate Fourth Firmament True God too, to actually willingly be a dog for Ye Yuan!” Zuo Mo said with a loud laugh.

“F*ck your mom’s dog fart! Us and Ye Yuan are friends! People like you will never understand!” Song Yu let loose a torrent of abuse.

“Friends? Heh heh, put your life on the line for Ye Yuan then! Brother Feng, you come and hold him back. I’ll prepare for a bit and annihilate this fellow, fulfilling this guy’s friendship!”

After he was done talking, the aura on Zuo Mo’s body skyrocketed. Everyone’s expressions changed.

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