Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1758 - Trash Missions

Chapter 1758 Trash Missions

“There’s no way to preach anymore! That Ye Yuan is simply bullying people to the extreme! Going too far!”

The moment Elder Li entered, he started bellowing.

There were currently several elders in the house right now. Stonefeather, Ni Kun, Ku Mu, and the rest, were all present.

When the few people heard Elder Li’s roars, they immediately knew what had happened.

“Elder Li, that punk is making a problem again?” Ni Kun said in a solemn voice.

Elder Li smiled coldly and said, “Otherwise? This old man hasn’t even preached halfway and that brat interrupted ten times! Ten times! How to preach still?”

Quite a few elders immediately felt the same when they heard it and criticized Ye Yuan.

“That Ye Yuan really has no respect for his elders! The last time I was preaching, it was rebutted by him until I couldn’t step down!”

“Isn’t that so? Ever since this brat became a priest, the temple hasn’t had peace from top to bottom!”

“Seems like each of us elders has a grudge with him. Each time we preach, he’ll ask some strange and outlandish questions, really infuriating to death!”

These elders were all incomparably indignant. But the words expressed and the implied meaning all revealed a hint of helplessness.

Because of Ye Yuan’s questions, they really could not answer.

The faults that Ye Yuan found, they also had no way of disputing.

It was also precisely because so that even though they gnashed their teeth in hatred toward Ye Yuan, they could not do anything to him.

No reason other than he was impressive!

Not convinced, you debate it with him!

The elders normally all stood high above the masses, receiving the worship and respect of priests and priest trainees.

But Ye Yuan only came a few days and completely crumbled their settings.

These elders naturally felt like they had no face.

Ni Kun snorted coldly and said, “This punk is simply too outrageous! Who does he think he is? At this rate, the entire Priest Temple will be turned upside down!”

Clearly, Ni Kun’s sermons had also been questioned by Ye Yuan before. Furthermore, the number of times was not a few.

Ni Kun was not pleased with Ye Yuan to begin now. Now, he could not bear the sight of him even more.

The moment Elder Li heard, he said, “Elder Ni, this punk must be taught a good lesson! Otherwise, his nose is almost pointing to the sky already!”

“How to punish? Asking questions during sermons, this is a tradition since ancient times. Could it be that we’re forbidding him from speaking? If this were to spread out, how will us elders still keep a foothold in front of priests?” Ku Mu said.

Ni Kun suddenly grinned and said, “This brat, this old man has long wanted to take him down a peg or two!”

Ni Kun’s words immediately aroused the interests of the elders.

“Elder Ni, you have a way?”

Ni Kun smiled and said, “Eternal Chess Game ‘Ask Not’, could it be that you all forgot about it?”

The moment the elders heard, they immediately revealed knowing smiles.

Elder Li even laughed loudly and said, “Brilliant, Elder Ni! Truly brilliant!”

Ye Yuan did not know that these elders were currently scheming against him. After preaching, he went to get missions.

In the Priest Temple, wanting to earn contribution points, one naturally had to receive pill refining missions.

For the same pill refining mission, the higher the quality of the medicinal pill, the more the contribution points obtained.

In this half over year, Ye Yuan would frequently take on some of the temple’s pill refining missions. Presently, he was already more and more well-versed in refining demon divine pills.

But Ye Yuan’s pill refinements were different from the other priests.

The other priests all turned their noses up at those low-difficulty missions. But what Ye Yuan took on in this half a year were all some extremely low difficulty missions.

Among them, some missions did not even have contribution points, because they were too easy.

These missions, some missions that could not be resolved by capital cities below, or even counties.

Reaching imperial cities, the difficulty of this level of missions were too low. No one cared about it at all.

But Ye Yuan completed each one with the greatest care.

“Heh, Lord Ye Yuan came again, what level of mission do you plan on taking on this time?”

The ones in charge of missions were a few priest trainees. They had long had some understanding of Ye Yuan’s habits already.

Even though they were very disdainful in their hearts toward this, Ye Yuan’s identity was extraordinary, they naturally did not dare to slight him.

Ye Yuan said, “Uh … I’ll get ten 2-star difficulty missions this time.”

As he said this, Ye Yuan started choosing the 2-star missions he preferred more from the mission list.

These missions that Ye Yuan picked were naturally pinpointed and not blindly chosen.

If the mission did not have much help to his pill refining standard, he would not pick it.

Just as Ye Yuan was choosing the missions, a cold laugh suddenly came from behind.

“Heh, actually doing these trash missions that nobody does! What temple’s number one genius? I think that he’s simply a knock-off, right?”

Ye Yuan turned his head to look and it was a gray-robed youth. He could not help rolling his eyes as he said, “Whatever missions I pick is none of your business! A meddlesome busybody who doesn’t understand anything!”

The gray-robed youth’s face turned dark and he said, “Brat, do you know who I am? To actually dare speak to me like this?”

Ye Yuan was speechless as he said, “What has it got to do with me who you are? Do you think that I’m the same as you, poking into other people’s affairs without knowing anything?”

When the others heard Ye Yuan’s words, each and every one of them was silent like cicadas in winter.

Too domineering!

The rest all recognized that this gray-robed youth in front of them was called Kong Yun, known as the number one priest!

Being repeatedly rebutted by Ye Yuan, Kong Yun said angrily, “What a razor-tongued brat! Heh, the dignified temple’s number one genius is actually doing this sort of trash mission. Really making people die of laughter! This priest has been in closed-seclusion these few years. I didn’t expect that such a ridiculous thing actually appeared in the temple.”

In reality, before Ye Yuan appeared, the temple’s number one genius, this title, had always belonged to Kong Yun.

But last time, Ye Yuan one-shotted Chi Feng on his second time refining demon divine pills. This made the temple’s number one genius title quietly transfer hands.

Kong Yun had always been in seclusion. Who knew that the moment he exited seclusion, his number one genius title was gone.

Upon inquiry, it turned out that a punk called Ye Yuan appeared.

Today, Kong Yun came to get missions. Who knew that he just happened to run into Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan gave Kong Yun a glance and said coolly, “How many star missions can you take on?”

The moment Kong Yun heard, this kid had the intention of challenging him!

Heh heh, interesting!

Kong Yun said proudly, “With this priest’s strength, all 5-star missions are nothing difficult. Why, could it be that you want to compete with me? With just … the likes of these trash missions? Hahaha …”

Regarding this, Kong Yun was still extremely confident.

His closed-seclusion this time, his Alchemy Dao strength made great improvements.

5-star difficulty missions include some level five difficulty medicinal pills, as well as a small number of simple level six difficulty medicinal pills.

With his current strength, he could basically sweep across 5-star missions.

And this aspect, other priests could not do it at all.

Ye Yuan looked at Kong Yun like he was looking at an idiot. He turned his head to that priest trainee, and said, “Give me the 7-star difficulty mission list!”

Kong Yun could not help being taken back when he heard, bursting into laughter soon after as he said, “I heard that you’ve never done missions passing 3-stars before in this half a year. You actually want to do 7-star missions now? Are you trying to spite me? Haha, spitting also requires strength!”

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with him and settled on a few of the most difficult ones among 7-star missions before saying, “Tomorrow noon, I’ll come to hand in the missions. When you complete these missions too, then come and raise a hue with me. Now, scram further away for me!”

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