Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1719 - Murderers Will Be Killed Eventually

Chapter 1719 Murderers Will Be Killed Eventually

The corners of Xiahou Yun’s mouth curled slightly, revealing an evil smile as he said coolly, “Then … bring it on!”

No idea why, Gao Shun’s heart suddenly clenched!

He was frightened by this evil smile.

Damn it, I’m merely a minor realm away from him. Furthermore, my strength also stands out among the rest among Fifth Firmament Divine Lords. Could it be that I don’t even have the courage to make a move?

No way! Since I came, how can I retreat without a fight?

At most, just admit defeat!

Gao Shun’s long sword swung, his figure rushing out.

“God Yi Heavenly Thunder Sword!”

Gao Shun’s figure became erratic, his speed extremely fast.

Lightning flashed around him, his aura incomparably daunting.

“Sword Dao laws fused with thunder law, Gao Shun is indeed powerful!”

“Looks like he doesn’t dare to be the least bit sloppy when facing Xiahou Yun! The moment he made his move, it’s a big move!”

“Looks like Gao Shun’s strength isn’t weaker than Song Tianqiang. Even if he can’t win Xiahou Yun, he also has the strength to have a fight!”

Seeing Gao Shun’s strength, everyone also became filled with shock.

Previously, no one could force out Gao Shun’s strength at all.

Clearly, he was also a very formidable existence among Fifth Firmament Divine Lords.

At this time, Gao Shun already rushed to 1000 feet in front of Xiahou Yun. He flagrantly stabbed a sword out.

Sword energy wrapped with electricity, the commotion incomparably shocking, shooting straight for Xiahou Yun.

A hint of a disdainful smile revealed at the corners of Xiahou Yun’s mouth. Only at this time did he slowly squat into a horse-stance and assumed a punching posture, looking incomparably clumsy.

“What’s he doing? Also taking it too lightly, right?”

“This Xiahou Yun is also looking down on Gao Shun too much, right?”

“Can this punch kill people?”

Xiahou Yun’s move, even mortals could execute it. Furthermore, his surroundings did not have the slightest divine essence and world power undulations.

It looked like fighting with mortals.

At this time, everyone could not help but somewhat doubt Xiahou Yun.

Could it be that this guy did not live up to his reputation?

Then didn’t everyone who forfeited previously all fell into the pit?

But below the stage, Ye Yuan’s gaze turned sharp, instantly feeling suffocated.

“This guy is so strong! Gao Shun is in danger!” Ye Yuan was startled.

Everyone’s thoughts did not last long, because at this time, Xiahou Yun already made his move!

A punch rumbled out, everyone’s countenance suddenly changed.

A force that was horrifying until it made people’s hearts palpitate burst forth from Xiahou Yun’s fist.

Everyone below seemed to have their throats clutched, complexion instantly turning ashen-pale.


A loud noise came over, Gao Shun’s attack was instantly annihilated.

However, the momentum of Xiahou Yun’s punch did not reduce, heading straight for Gao Shun!

Gao Shun’s pupils constricted, wanting to escape. However, it was already too late!


Gao Shun screamed, directly exploding into scraps!

Xiahou Yun pulled back his fist and stood there, saying disdainfully, “Too weak, couldn’t even receive a punch.”

Below the stage, quite a number of people were transfixed like wooden chickens, looking at this scene blankly. They did not come back to their senses for a long while.

That judge’s expression also changed slightly and he announced, “Xiahou Yun wins! Gao Shun, defeated and dead!”

“S-so strong! I-Is this destruction law?”

“Destruction law is known as the law with the strongest offensive power. But this is also unbelievably strong, right?”

“Gao Shun actually didn’t even have the chance to concede!”

Those contestants all turned deathly pale. They were scared silly by Xiahou Yun’s punch.

Some people were even shaking.

The impact that this punch brought to them was too strong.

If Gao Shun was just some unknown person, he’s dead, then he’s dead.

But Gao Shun was a very powerful existence among Fifth Firmament Divine Lords.

One could say that apart from Xiahou Yun, he was virtually a top-three existence in this group.

However, it still could not change anything.

Killed in one punch!

On the grandstands, Jian Ping was excited until he was practically about to yell out.

He completely did not expect that Xiahou Yun’s strength was actually so strong!

However, his expression suddenly changed and he gritted his teeth and said, “This punk is too arrogant! Ye Yuan saw that his strength is so strong, so how can he possibly still have a head-on confrontation with him?”

What Jian Ping was worried about was that if Ye Yuan directly admitted defeat, then his plan would be dashed to pieces.

Xiahou Yun walked down the ring and went straight for Ye Yuan, saying with a faint smile, “Now, still want to challenge me?”

Ye Yuan did not answer, but he answered with a question: “You want to kill me?”

Xiahou Yun froze slightly and laughed in spite of himself as he said, “Somewhat interesting! Looks like you’re scared.”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “It’s Jian Ping, right?”

Xiahou Yun’s gaze turned intent, finally becoming a little shocked.

How did this kid know?

Ye Yuan looked at him and suddenly grinned and said, “Originally, I only wanted to have a battle with him. But … I changed my mind.”

Xiahou Yun said, “Oh? Looks like you’re planning on directly admitting defeat?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Murderers will be killed eventually! You should be prepared!”

The moment Xiahou Yun heard, he immediately laughed and said, “Huhu, are you joking with me? Do you think that by defeating Song Tianqiang that trash, you have the qualifications to pick a fight with me? You’ll never know how great the disparity between you and me is!”

Ye Yuan gave him a glance and said coolly, “You’re thinking too highly of yourself.”

Xiahou Yun smiled and said, “Brat, your mouth is very tough! I want to see what you’ll use to come and kill me! The day after tomorrow, hope that you don’t directly run away.”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Relax, even the Jade Emperor can’t make me run away too!”

The two people, chiming in one after another, stunned everyone.

Ye Yuan actually threatened that he was going to kill Xiahou Yun!

“This kid is crazy, right? Didn’t he see Xiahou Yun’s punch just now?”

“His strength is strong, but it’s also merely that fine thread higher than Song Tianqiang, right?”

“Really courageous! Xiahou Yun obliterated Gao Shun with one punch, and yet he actually still dared to provoke him.”

“Tsk tsk, looks like the day after tomorrow, another genius is going to fall.”

Regarding Ye Yuan’s actions that were ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth, it naturally aroused everyone’s ridicule.

Ye Yuan and Song Tianqiang’s fight clearly already reached the limit.

While Xiahou Yun’s strength was clearly much higher than Ye Yuan’s limit.

Someone who was able to challenge Xiahou Yun was only the second arena’s Jiang Nan, right?

Old rules, three rounds of battle and ceasing, resting for a day’s time.

Over there, Ning Tianping similarly made it through six rounds. Now, he was already a favorite to win the championship.

After the match, Jian Ping went to find Xiahou Yun straight away and said somewhat reproachfully, “You were too impulsive! This way, Ye Yuan will definitely avoid you and not fight!”

Xiahou Yun smiled and said, “Brother Jian Ping, he already knows.”

Jian Ping’s expression changed and he said, “W-What does he know?”

“Knows everything! This punk is rather interesting! I’ve never revealed killing intent in front of him before, but he detected it. Furthermore … he even guessed that you were behind it,” Xiahou Yun said coolly.

Jian Ping’s pupils constricted and he said in disbelief, “Are … Are you kidding me?”

Xiahou Yun said coolly, “Relax, Brother Jian Ping, not only does he not have the intention of avoiding the battle, he even threatened to kill me. Heh heh, this young master … is looking forward to it greatly!”

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