Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1692 - Golden Sword Pact!

1692 Golden Sword Pact!

At the Ye Manor, a burst of hearty laughter came from inside a hall.

“Hahaha! Truly refreshing! This old man fought with Ruo Xu that punk for so many years and couldn’t do anything to him. You only used three months, and you cleaned him up properly,” Coldfeather said with a big laugh.

Zheng Qi also smiled and said, “That old punk, I’ve also had enough of him when I was the Martial Tower’s head elder these few years. Now, it feels all better.”

The Martial Tower was under the control of the Pill Tower. This was something that could not be helped. Whoever came could not change this situation either.

Hence, no matter whether Coldfeather or Zheng Qi became the head elder, the result was all the same.

Even if their strength was stronger than Ruo Xu.

Three months’ time passed. Ruo Xu came out of the God Refining Abyss but discovered that everything had changed.

The entire Heavenly Eagle Imperial City was not receptive to him.

Even those Pill Tower elders who looked to him for instructions in the past also all dove into Ye Yuan’s camp.

Using Ruo Xu’s words to say, this was going to lick Ye Yuan’s stinky boots.

Yet, everyone gladly endured the hardship.

Coldfeather the three of them simply prostrated in admiration towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was clearly different from them, these martial arts and alchemy fanatics. His means emerged in endless streams.

Dealt a blow, gave a sweet date.

Struck another blow, gave another sweet date.

He did not keep people a thousand miles away and did not bring you in either, just letting you wait at the entrance.

These elders and deacons obeyed and carried out whatever Ye Yuan said now.

Ye Yuan said head east, they absolutely did not dare to head west.

The method of political games, Ye Yuan played it to perfection.

Coldfeather they all were also dumbfounded with amazement from watching these few days.

Was this kid really only several hundred years old?

This was simply an old cunning demon!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Ruo Xu this person’s desire for power is too strong. This kind of people wielding power, the internal friction will be too much. I’m not willing to join in this kind of struggle. But since I promised City Lord, I naturally have to do it well.”

Xuan Yu nodded and said with a smile, “You’ve already done sufficiently well! Right now, the Pill Tower has already gone onto the right track under your management. You handle affairs fairly, show no partiality to either side. Even though the time was short, you already won people’s hearts.”

Coldfeather also nodded and said, “You, kid, indeed have some skill, much more capable than the few of us old fellows. Now, regardless of whether the Pill Tower or Martial Tower, they are convinced by you, Head Elder Ye Yuan! Hahaha, just nice! This old man will also be retiring having made my mark.”

Ye Yuan being head elder did not appoint people on the basis of favoritism.

A few days ago, someone was haughty from being conferred favors and was even fiercely punished by Ye Yuan.

Ever since then, Ye Yuan’s prestige was also truly established.

The current Heavenly Eagle Imperial City could be said to be strongly united as one.

Ye Yuan looked at Coldfeather and said, “Brother Coldfeather, so many years have already passed. You still haven’t touched that threshold?”

Coldfeather smiled bitterly and said, “How can it be that easy? This half step is as hard as ascending to heaven!”

Although Coldfeather was called an unprecedented prodigy, wanting to break through to the Celestial Deity Realm, it was still somewhat beyond his reach too.

These few hundred years, even though his realm soared wildly, his foundation was also completely used entirely during these few hundred years.

The Celestial Deity Realm could not be broken through just based on one’s foundation.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Say that it’s hard, it’s also hard. Say that it’s not difficult, it’s not difficult either!”

One sentence made Zheng Qi and Coldfeather’s bodies tremble at the same time.

Ye Yuan’s words had a hidden meaning!

Xuan Yu who was by the side seemed to have thought of something and said in shock, “Ye Yuan, are you … are you … able to refine the Supreme Jade Void Pill already?”

“Supreme Jade Void Pill! This … Ye Yuan, it isn’t real, right?” Coldfeather’s entire body trembled violently, his eyes revealing a look of disbelief.

Rank three had the Vastsun Universe Pill, while rank four had the Supreme Jade Void Pill!

This medicinal pill was naturally used to help martial artists break through to the Celestial Deity Realm.

Except, like how Three-star Alchemy Gods could not refine a Vastsun Universe Pill, for Four-star Alchemy Gods to want to refine a Supreme Jade Void Pill, it was simply a fool’s talk.

To Heavenly Eagle Imperial City, no one had ever thought of wanting to go and refine this medicinal pill either.

Hence, when Xuan Yu said this name, Coldfeather two people palpated with eagerness.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “As for now, it’s still too early. But … this day shouldn’t be far either.”

After breaking through to the Divine Vortex Realm, the majority of Ye Yuan’s effort was placed on researching Alchemy Dao.

For him to be able to refine the Tenghai Space Splitting Pill, such a high difficulty medicinal pill so quickly, this was naturally inseparable from his hard work too.

Except, rank four divine pills were indeed a massive watershed. The refining difficulty was god knows how many times harder than rank three divine pills.

Even if it was Ye Yuan, wanting to refine level nine difficulty rank four divine pills in a short time, it was still somewhat beyond his power.

However, although Ye Yuan’s words were spoken out nonchalantly, in the other few people’s ears, it was akin to a bolt out of the blue.

Xuan Yu smiled bitterly and said, “You brat, U really don’t know what to say about you! This old man studied Alchemy Dao for 100 thousand years, but I haven’t even touched the borders of level eight difficulty. You just broke through for several decades and are already almost able to refine the Supreme Jade Void Pill. If this old man’s skin was a little thinner, I’d really hit my head and die!”

When the few people heard, they all guffawed with laughter.

Although it was teasing, Ye Yuan’s alchemy talent indeed made them visibly moved.

“It’s just that … the few primary medicines that the Supreme Jade Void Pill requires are all extremely hard to come by treasures. Our Heavenly Eagle Imperial City doesn’t seem to have a complete range, right?” Coldfeather suddenly said.

A clever housewife could not cook a meal without rice. Even if Ye Yuan had the ability to refine pills, without spirit medicines, he still did not have a way.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You guys set your mind at ease about this. On this trip out, this Ye collected quite a few precious spirit medicines. Disregarding other things, helping the two of you breakthrough is no big problem.”

The moment Coldfeather two people heard, they were wildly elated in their hearts.

Coldfeather said, “Ye Yuan, if this old man can break through to the Celestial Deity Realm, this old life will be considered sold to you!”

Zheng Qi smiled bitterly and said, “Grandmaster, my life was saved by him in the first place. This grace is hard to repay even with ten thousand deaths.”

The few people were currently talking when a layer of ripple appeared in the space. Two figures slowly walked out. They were City Lord Zuo Shujie and He Chong.

“Paying respects to City Lord! Paying respects to Grand Elder!” Coldfeather and the rest hurriedly went up to salute.

Zuo Shujie’s expression was rather ugly as he said in a solemn voice, “All sit down. This city lord has something to tell you all.”

Seeing Zuo Shujie’s appearance, Coldfeather and the rest of their hearts involuntarily thumped.

Looks like it was not some good thing!

Zuo Shujie reached his hand out, a small golden sword suspended on his palm.

“Golden Sword Token! This … This is Utmost Peace Imperial City’s Golden Sword Token! They’re going to activate the Golden Sword Pact!” Zheng Qi’s expression changed greatly as he said.

Zuo Shujie nodded and said, “This seat has just received Utmost Peace Imperial City’s Golden Sword Token. They’ve agreed upon to launch the Golden Sword Pact ten years later! Looks like this time, they will not rest until they are dead!”

Coldfeather few people’s faces instantly became ugly to the extreme.

“They … They are bullying others too far!” Coldfeather gritted his teeth and said.

“Utmost Peace Imperial City, among us low-order imperial cities, their strength is very powerful! Activating the Golden Sword Pact, who can stop them?” Zheng Qi said full of bitterness.

Zuo Shujie heaved a sigh and said to Ye Yuan, “Ye Yuan, Utmost Peace Imperial City is aiming for you this time! Why not … you leave Heavenly Eagle first and avoid the limelight for the time being!”

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