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Chapter 1046 - Powerhouses Gather!

Chapter 1046: Powerhouses Gather!

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Ao Qian saw it clearly in his heart. Actually, he had long perceived this outcome.

Therefore, although he looked like he was beating ruthlessly, he did not unleash genuine killing moves.

That Yue Xinping was at any rate a Void Mystic expert. Really forcing him into a corner, he probably would not be that easy to deal with either.

The reason why Yue Xinping did not utilize trump cards was just that he did not wish to expose himself too early.

If he revealed all of his trump cards at this time, he would not have much reliance upon entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden.

The Immemorial Medicine Garden opening this time already drew a large batch of experts over. Even Void Mystic powerhouses might not be able to gain any advantages either.

Exposing trump cards too early, either directly get lost, or go in and court death. There was probably no third path to take.

Ye Yuan looked at the three people and said with a smile, “I stimulated your potential with the Golden Needle Acupoint Piercing skill, letting you guys briefly recover to your prime. But right away, you all will be drained all over your body. For three days, your meridians will be swollen in pain, your entire bodies akin to being burned by a blazing fire. You’ll likely not be able to even twitch your fingers.”

The moment these words came out, the three people’s countenance instantly changed. This sort of taste was not too enjoyable!

They knew that the consequences were very serious, but they did not think that it would be so severe.

“M-Milord, is there any way to ease it a little?” Jiang Taicang said weakly.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “There’s no way! I can only make sure of not damaging your martial Dao foundations. But a tiny bit of anguish still has to be suffered.”

The three people’s expressions were incomparably ugly. But they also knew that what Ye Yuan said was the truth.

This kind of potential stimulating techniques commonly needed to pay an enormous price. This sort of price was not as simple as lying in bed for two days.

For Ye Yuan to be able to achieve this was already extremely heaven-defying means.

Just as they were talking, the three people suddenly spasmed, their entire bodies becoming rigid, then directly toppling down stiffly.

“I-It came … right away!”

The expression on Jiang Taicang’s face contorted, his entire person spasming non-stop, looking very pitiful.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “The three of you rest with your minds at ease. I’m going to enter closed-seclusion these two days to refine the Pure Source Infusion Divine Pill. Just treat it as a reward for you guys, huhu.”

Hearing these words, Ao Qian was still alright, but Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo, the duo trembled all over.

Although their whole bodies were spasming, their eyes went wide-open, staring fixedly at Ye Yuan.

They wanted to know whether Ye Yuan was messing with them or not!

Ye Yuan said with a smile, “Old Man Han that fellow is sitting on Cloudmarsh City. Since the Immemorial Medicine Garden has fluctuations, these two kinds of spirit medicines can’t stump him yet. It’s been hard on you guys these few days. The matter regarding the medicinal pills, leave it to me.”

Several days later, rays of light spilled over outside Cloudmarsh City. Essence energy powerful until it made people feel asphyxiated gushed out.

Everybody knew that the Immemorial Medicine Garden, which opened once every 500 years was finally opening!

At this time, a large group of martial artists gathered at the outer-regions of the Immemorial Medicine Garden.

“You guys, look! That’s the super holy land, Dawn Heavenly Palace’s people! The one leading is their vice-palace lord, Shu Yunqing! Also, that old man beside him is known as the number one person under the Grand Yan Divine King, Ding Zhanguo! Looks like the Immemorial Medicine Garden trip this time, they are hell-bent on it!”

“Also, over there, Heavenly Sword Sect’s vice-sect master, Sword Thirteen! I didn’t think that he actually came too! The other day, Jian Wushuang provoked Lord Qingyun Zi. As a result, he was beaten up until he was searching the ground for his teeth. Now that Sword Thirteen came, Lord Qingyun Zi will likely have huge pressure!”

“Hiss … The Seven Absolute City’s people came too! The Seven Absolute City’s deputy city lord, He Dajiang, is a Void Mystic Realm powerhouse too! What’s even more damnable is that the patron behind Fiendblade Mountain is precisely the Seven Absolute City! If Yue Xinping joins hands with He Dajiang to deal with Lord Qingyun Zi, the situation will be bad!”

“Out of the Eight Great Super Holy Lands, three came at once! As for Rank One Holy Land powerhouses, there are even too many to enumerate. The Immemorial Medicine Garden opening up this time is truly extraordinary! It’s just that I still feel worried about Lord Qingyun Zi. His enemies this time are far too powerful! In his present state, dealing with so many experts all at once, how to hold out?”

The Immemorial Medicine Garden opening, all the major factions flocked in with great numbers. The spectacle was extremely shocking.

Wanting to meet one of these Void Mystic Realm powerhouses was difficult normally. But today, there was quite a number the moment they appeared.

Of course, these were still just the super holy lands’ Void Mystic experts. The people all knew that the Thundercry Divine King and Extreme Sword Divine King both came too. As for the Void Mystic powerhouses still hiding in the dark, god knows how many there were!

Right at this time, Ye Yuan brought along a group of people and finally showed up at the Immemorial Medicine Garden’s entrance area, immediately stirring up a commotion.

His fame was too great, and his prestige in Cloudmarsh City was too high as well. Areas that he passed through, there was none who did not give sidelong glances.

Ye Yuan appeared very warm, nodding his head to gesticulate to his worshipers, responding with a faint smile.

Seeing the stir on this side, Jian Wushuang’s expression suddenly darkened and instinctively wanted to make a move against Ye Yuan.

“Hold your horses, Wushuang! Our objective this time is the divine rank spirit medicines in the Immemorial Medicine Garden! We mustn’t suffer a great loss because of some small gains!” Sword Thirteen’s voice sounded out by Jian Wushuang’s ear.

Right now at the Immemorial Medicine Garden, various forces were swarming, keeping each other in check. Nobody dared to make a move first either. The moment a great battle began, others would be like a fisherman benefiting from a snipe and clam’s tussle.

Jian Wushuang said hatefully, “Uncle Thirteen, I just can’t take this lying down! I say, why is Ji Qingyun’s life so tenacious? Ji Canglan killed even his father, this brat is actually not dead yet! It’s also fine if he didn’t die, but on what basis is he able to obtain a divine artifact?”

Sword Thirteen said coolly, “He carried a divine artifact and swaggered through the streets and has already been targeted by many people. He’ll be taken care of by someone who has the intent sooner or later. When we enter the Immemorial Medicine Garden, after everyone scatters, find a suitable opportunity and finish him off will do. As for now, better wait for the Immemorial Medicine Garden to open. Put your mind at ease.”

Jian Wushuang was helpless and could only nod his head.

Over here, Yue Xinping was ready to make trouble too. He saw that the Jiang Taicang and Wu Luo beside Ye Yuan already broke through to peak divine king, and knew that Ye Yuan found those two kinds of spirit medicines through another way.

This guy could clearly find the spirit medicines and still wanted to beat him half to death. It was definitely on purpose!

His thought arriving here, his temper flared up at once.

He Dajiang said coolly, “At present, the situation is messy and convoluted. You’d better not have wicked ideas anymore! If Ji Qingyun was so easy to kill, he’d have died countless over. How could he wait for your arrival?”

The moment Yue Xinping heard, his bluster instantly weakened.

Yeah, he thought that the Ye Yuan after reincarnating was a soft persimmon, and wanted to knead a bit.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan was still a tough nut to crack, breaking off a mouthful of his teeth!

“I got it! But after entering the Immemorial Medicine Garden, I must find an opportunity to eliminate this fellow!” Yue Xinping said hatefully.

Right then, another group of people arrived at the horizons. Each and every one of them wore black outfits, their auras imposing.

“I-It’s the Medicine King Hall’s people! That person in front is the Medicine King Hall’s former deputy hall master, Sun Man!” someone cried out in shock.

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