Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 678 - Breaking the Gods Seals, The Heavenly Tormentors’ Action, An Eventful Period

Chapter 678: Breaking the Gods Seals, The Heavenly Tormentors’ Action, An Eventful Period

Divine power energy waves began to radiate from several of Firmament Star’s prefectures.

The expression on Heavenly Imperial Su’s face changed. “Some of the Gods have broken their seals! D*mn it. The Gods Seals are elaborate seals that require extraordinary methods to break. It must be the God Worshipping Cult!”

Her figure turned into a flash as she dashed toward the far side.

Chu Kuangren followed suit as well.

However, when they arrived at one of the Divine Sealed Lands, all they saw was a huge crater on the ground, and the Gods in question were nowhere to be found.

It was the same occurrence for the few other Divine Sealed Lands.

“Lesser God of Fire, Lesser God of Water, Lesser God of Frost, and an Intermediate God of Thunder… A total of four Gods have broken their seals.”

“As for the remaining Divine Sealed Lands, there are signs that they were assaulted recently. But luckily, those few places have a more stable seal, so they haven’t been broken. It should be fine once we get someone to patch it up.”

“Now, let’s first discuss how to deal with those Gods who have broken their seals. Three Lesser Gods and an Intermediate-God… It seems like we need to request the Heavenly Imperials for backup.”

The Emperors were communicating through their Emperors Thoughts, exchanging opinions on how they should approach the problem.

Even the most ordinary God had combat strength equivalent to a Heavenly Imperial, so they were not opponents that any Initial Emperor could take on.

Now, there was only one Heavenly Imperial in all of Firmament Star, and that was Heavenly Imperial Su. Although she could fight against a God, she could not divide herself into multiple clones to deal with the others.

“I’ll report the breaking of the Gods Seals to the Heavenly Imperials. It’s about time the Heavenly Imperials come down for some activity.”

Heavenly Imperial Su said.

Then, she gathered all the Emperors who went to the divine palace and requested them to surrender the things they found inside the palace.

“You may keep a portion of this stuff, but I have to take the rest of it away to aid the front line,” Heavenly Imperial Su said.

The Emperors at the front line had the heavy burden of ensuring their respective bloodline’s survival, so they could never be stingy in terms of resources.

This time around, aside from watching guard over the Gods Seals, the Emperors’ reason for being here in Firmament Star was also to collect some valuable resources to aid the front line.

The Divine Secret Realms were their primary target for that.

The Gods had collected way too many treasures in the distant past.

Seeing the floor scattered full of treasures, some Emperors felt a little reluctant to give them up. Conversely, Chu Kuangren was fine with it. After all, that divine palace had a prohibitory seal. If not for the suppression of the Heavenly Imperial’s mini-universe, they would never have gotten those treasures in the first place. Besides, these resources would be handy to the Emperors at the front line, so it made sense for them to give them up.

Those guys were fighting to their deaths for the realm. How could they not provide them with the necessary resources?

“I’m claiming this one.”

“The Blood Coral belongs to me then.”

“This gem is mine.”

The Emperors were selecting their respective desired items.

Chu Kuangren glanced at that white crystal that he took from the palace. Of all the treasures, this crystal had the most intense energy wave. However, no one was willing to claim it.

He felt somewhat puzzled.

Either way, he shall claim it for himself since the others did not want it.

“Huh? Brother Chu, are you picking this Divine Emblem?”

Heavenly Imperial Su looked at Chu Kuangren in surprise and said, “This Divine Emblem is an energy crystal. Although the energy within this thing is massive, it is extremely arduous for a human to absorb it.”

“No wonder nobody picked this.”

Chu Kuangren mumbled to himself.

However, he chose not to forgo his original choice. This Divine Emblem may not be very useful to others, but for him, it was priceless.

With this item, his cultivation level would surely increase by leaps and bounds.

Heavenly Imperial Su saw how adamant Chu Kuangren was in picking this item, so she stopped advising him against it. However, she allowed him to choose a couple more treasures. It was clear that she was giving him special treatment because he was a Heavenly Tormenter.

Everybody else knew this for a fact, but nobody questioned anything.

Deep inside the ocean.

Bei Ming Xuanse once again arrived at the Deep Ocean Valley with the Godly Weapon.

Looking at the white stone tablet in front of him, he raised the black ax in his hand high up in the air. Then, he mustered every ounce of energy in his body and battered down forcefully!

With a loud smash, the white stone tablet instantly ruptured!

Soon after, the entire Deep Ocean Valley began to tremble violently.

“Haha, the seal is broken at last!”

“After so many years, we’re finally free again…”

The entire ocean was in a ruckus.

All of a sudden, the Deep Ocean Valley was ripped apart by an invisible mammoth force, and a huge whirlpool formed in the deepest part of the ocean.

Two tall figures walked out from the whirlpool.

One of them had a crocodile head with chitinous armor, while the other was a humongous, vicious python that spanned almost ten kilometers in length.

These two were the Greater-Gods sealed in the deep end of the ocean.

They were the Crocodile God and the Sea Serpent God!

The Crocodile God stared at Bei Ming Xuanse. A glint of light flashed past his blood-hued eyes before he gently raised his arm in the air.

The black ax in Bei Ming Xuanse’s hand suddenly vibrated and swooped into the Crocodile God’s grasp.

With the Godly Weapon in his hand, the Crocodile God’s poise amplified further.

Bei Ming Xuanse gulped. He felt like he was a mere puny ant in front of these two Gods.

“Scaled Tribe fella, you’ve done well. This is the divine fragment that we’ve promised you. Take it and refine it well.” Crocodile God took out a rhombus-shaped azure crystal that contained immense energy and all kinds of mysterious Dao patterns on its surface. With just one look at the crystal, Bei Ming Xuanse was completely enchanted.

He looked absolutely ecstatic upon receiving that crystal.

Yet, he did not notice the obscure look in Crocodile God’s eyes.

“Thank you, my two Gods. What is the next stage of your plan?”

Bei Ming Xuanse inquired.

“We shall reside in the Scaled Tribe for a while and get a grasp on the current affairs that are ongoing on the Firmament. After all, we have just returned from a deep slumber, so we shouldn’t act too flamboyantly. If we draw the attention of a Heavenly Tormentor, things won’t look too good on us.”

Upon mentioning the Heavenly Tormentors, a spiteful look flashed across Crocodile God’s eyes.

Beside him, Sea Serpent God smirked. “Heavenly Tormentor? They have been mortally wounded during that battle where we got sealed. How many of them are still alive today, you reckon? What is there to be afraid of?”

“We mustn’t act in such haste,” Crocodile God remarked calmly.

His appearance may paint him as an obstinate and reckless person, but in truth, he was careful and meticulous in whatever planning he had.

Somewhere far from the Firmament Star.

Nine light wisps were drifting in the cold, dark universe.

Within those light wisps were what seemed like human apparitions that were moving.

“Those Gods have awoken.”

One of the light wisps commented.

“Yes, but the wounds on our bodies have not fully recovered. We could well handle those Lesser-Gods and Intermediate-Gods. Even Greater-Gods would not be a great challenge. However, I’m afraid we still don’t have the capability to overpower a Venerable God, and this will spell trouble.”

“Can’t we send somebody else to deal with them?”

“We can’t. Things aren’t looking too good on the Extraterritorial Battlefield. The Blood Tribe has been stirring up problems more and more frequently these days. We can’t afford to divide our forces at this crucial moment just because of the Gods. It’s best we handle these Gods.”

“I agree. It has always been our solemn duty to keep them in check.”

“My wounds were the least severe. After so many years of recovery, I think mine has almost healed now. Let me go and tackle the issues on Firmament Star.”

One of the light wisps said.

“Alright. Also, I recently heard there is a young Emperor who can master the Heavenly Punishment energy. I take special heed in this matter. Old Seven, why don’t you go and have a look into that as well?”

“Sure.” A response was heard from ‘Old Seven’. His light wisp turned into a flash of light that glided across the cold, dark universe and toward the Firmament Star.

Some of the great ones in the Extraterritorial Region had already picked up this movement.

“The Heavenly Tormentors have begun their move.”

“We shall leave the Gods for them to settle.”

“It’s still an uphill battle at the Extraterritorial Battlefield, and the Gods have started to wreak havoc on the Firmament Star. Sigh. What an eventful period.”

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