Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1808 - 1808 The Godly Weapon Wielders, Universal Godly Weapons’ Ten Directions Formation

1808 The Godly Weapon Wielders, Universal Godly Weapons’ Ten Directions Formation

The Ten Great Godly Weapons was an ancient legend in the Immortal World.

They were made up of Pan Gu Axe, Xuanyuan Sword, Yokai Refining Flagon, Shennong Cauldron, Nuwa Stone, Fuxi’s Guqin, Kongtong Seal, Kunlun Mirror, Eastern Sovereign Bell, and the Great Heaven Tower!

According to legend, the combination of those ten Godly Weapons had the supreme power to change the universe!

“You want to use the power of the Ten Godly Weapons to deal with Chu Kuangren!”

Hua Xi frowned as he looked at Fuxi’s successor.

She had the same idea before, but the Ten Godly Weapons were scattered everywhere in the universe, making it difficult to collect them all.

The most crucial thing was that the Fuxi’s Guqin was with Chu Kuangren now.

Hua Xi had no idea who had the ability to get the Fuxi’s Guqin from Chu Kuangren.


Fuxi’s successor nodded. Then, he seemed to notice Hua Xi’s worry and said with a faint smile, “I understand your concern. I’ve contacted the other Top Ten Godly Weapon wielders, and they should be here soon.”

As soon as he said that, clouds rumbled in the sky, and golden Immortal Sparks burst out.

On an auspicious cloud, the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist came over with the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden, and a noble aura was emanating from his body.

“Are you the Fuxi’s successor who contacted me to come here to deal with Chu Kuangren?”

A glint flashed in Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist’s eyes when he looked at Fuxi’s successor.

He could feel a vague pressure from Fuxi’s successor. If they were to fight each other, he was afraid that he might not be Fuxi’s successor’s opponent.

It was surprising that the Human Emperor Sect had such a powerful young elite!

“Heh, greetings, Divine Daoist.”

Fuxi’s successor stood up and greeted the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist.

At that moment, another person approached from not far away.

He was dressed in white and had swordlike brows and starlit eyes. In his hand was a huge seal, which was surrounded by runes and shone with Immortal Sparks.

“That’s the… Kongtong Seal!”

Hua Xi recognized the item in the person’s hand with just a glance.

“This is indeed the Kongtong Seal that I snatched from Chu Kuangren not long ago,” the young man in white said with a smile.

He thought too highly of his strength for thinking that he could snatch something from Chu Kuangren.

However, the young man in white was not embarrassed about the fact that nobody believed him. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, I happened to pass by when Chu Kuangren was killing Ju Wuming, so I picked the item up on the battlefield while he was not paying attention. I didn’t expect someone would know that it’s in my hand so soon.”

After that, he looked at Fuxi’s successor and said, “I heard Fuxi is good at deduction, and you, the Fuxi’s successor, are quite capable too.”

“Holy Longevity Imperial Commander, thank you for the compliment,” Fuxi’s successor said calmly.

Everyone glanced at the young man in white in amazement. They were surprised to know that he was Holy Longevity Imperial Commander, one of the six Imperial Commanders of the Immortal Hall.

“No wonder you managed to get the Kongtong Seal without Chu Kuangren noticing.”

“If having to take advantage of him not paying attention to obtain the Kongtong Seal has become something to be boasted about, I have to say, we’re quite pitiful.” Holy Longevity Imperial Commander laughed at himself.

His words displeased a few people present, but they did not refute him.

After the battle in the Ji clan, they knew very well what Chu Kuangren’s strength was like.

Even Xuanyuan’s successor, who had been wanting to win the throne of Human Emperor, dared not fight Chu Kuangren alone after witnessing his strength.

He could not deal with such a monster himself.

“You told me to come over to deal with Chu Kuangren. You also mentioned the Kongtong Seal and said that this item is crucial. Are you planning to use the power of the Ten Godly Weapons?” Holy Longevity Imperial Commander asked.

As the Immortal Hall’s Imperial Commander, he knew many ancient secrets, and the Ten Godly Weapons were one of them.

“Indeed. Why isn’t Endless Sky Imperial Commander here yet? His Great Heaven Tower is crucial for dealing with Chu Kuangren.”

“He’s in a closed-door meditation, but he said that he would make a move when it’s necessary.”

Fuxi’s successor nodded.

Following that, the void split open, and a man in black armor stepped out. He was filled with a terrifying yokai qi.

The moment the crowd noticed him, they felt a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood rushing toward them!

For a moment, they thought they saw a ferocious black dragon roaring at them!

“It’s the Black Dragon Long Xuan, the Young Overlord of the current Subspecies Restricted Area!”

Hua Xi and others narrowed their gazes.

Long Xuan was a Peerless Prodigy of the Dragon Palace and possessed the Subspecies Black Dragon’s bloodline.

Decades ago, he was defeated multiple times by Chu Kuangren. However, he was later enlightened by Xue Kunpeng to study in the Subspecies Restricted Area and cultivated the Evil Dragon Emperor Heart Scripture to the Expert level!

Moreover, he held the position of Young Overlord even though the Subspecies Restricted Area already had a Young Overlord.

That was why the Subspecies Restricted Area had two Young Overlords, which was a rare case.

“The giant axe in his hand is the Pan Gu Axe!”

Hua Xi noticed the huge pitch-black axe in Long Xuan’s hand and the light it shone with contained a surge of frightening energy.

The Pan Gu Axe was of the highest level among all the Ten Great Godly Weapons, and it was also the most powerful offensive Supreme Treasure!

Pan Gu was the pioneer of the Pan Gu Universe.

It was said that the treasure he used was a Chaos Supreme Treasure called the Heavenly Sky Splitting Axe!

After the creation of heaven and earth, the Great Dao destroyed it like how it destroyed the Chaos Green Lotus, leaving only a few fragmented pieces. Then, it turned into another Heavenly Axe, which was the Pan Gu Axe!

Although it was only the leftovers of the Heavenly Sky Splitting Axe, the power of the Pan Gu Axe should not be underestimated.

Over the years, Long Xuan built a great reputation for himself with the Pan Gu Axe, making him a powerful competitor of the Immortal World Ruler.

“It seems like many people have come.”

An indifferent voice sounded.

A young man was gliding across the air with endless spiritual qi surrounding him, forming nine huge whirlpools.

The endless spiritual qi from the whirlpools was constantly injected into the young man’s body.

Such a conjuration was extremely astonishing.

“He’s the Heavenly Spirit Restricted Area’s Young Overlord, the Exquisite Nine Immortal Stone’s Shi Jiuqiao!” Long Xuan said indifferently while glancing at the person who came.

“Subspecies Restricted Area’s Young Overlord Long Xuan, you’re here too,” said Shi Jiuqiao.

Immediately after, he took out a mirror that flowed with spacetime energy. It was none other than the Kunlun Mirror.

A glint flashed in the eyes of Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist, Hua Xi, and others when they noticed the item.

Back when they were threatened by the Void Annihilation Formation in the passage between the two universes, Chu Kuangren had sent them out using that item.

Yet now, they were going to use it to deal with Chu Kuangren.

At that thought, they felt slightly bothered.

However, the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist was not affected by the item because he hated Chu Kuangren.

So what if Chu Kuangren had saved him once? It was nothing compared to the humiliation he gave him!

Hua Xi, on the other hand, sighed.

Was it good to repay kindness with revenge?

“I heard that this item can deal with Chu Kuangren.”

Shi Jiuqiao played around with the Kunlun Mirror, which was a rare treasure that he had snatched from Lan Yu.

He wondered why Lan Yu did not refine such a Supreme Treasure and allowed him to take advantage of it.

Although he was severely injured by her, it was all worth it.

“Well, except for Endless Sky Imperial Commander, all the Godly Weapon wielders are here.”

Fuxi’s successor smiled and then said solemnly, “Let me start to explain in detail how we can deal with Chu Kuangren.”

Everyone’s expression turned solemn when they heard his statement.

Then, Fuxi’s successor raised his hand to release a divine light, which evolved in the void and formed a huge formation!

“This is how we can use the power of Ten Great Godly Weapons, and it’s named the Universal Godly Weapons’ Ten Direction Formation!”

“It’s our most powerful weapon to deal with Chu Kuangren!”

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