Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1663 - 1663 You Should Not Have Brought Me In, You Guys Lost, Kunlun Mirror, Unleash

1663 You Should Not Have Brought Me In, You Guys Lost, Kunlun Mirror, Unleash

A domineering aura swept across the secret realm following Chu Kuangren’s voice echoing in the sky.

The entire battlefield was instantly silenced.

Hua Xi looked at Chu Kuangren with a hint of admiration.

“I can’t believe he can remain calm and elegant even under such desperation. I’m no match for him. ”

“Should I say that it’s expected of the madman who overpowers the universe to have single-handedly stopped the messy battle from going on?”

“Could he come up with a way to escape this situation?”

The Drought Maiden licked her lips once more as she stared at Chu Kuangren, and her affection for the man rose.

After Chu Kuangren silenced the battlefield, his mind was flooded with countless thoughts. He was deducing a solution out of desperation.

The trap from another universe was set up beautifully.

The entire secret realm was used to trap hundreds of millions of soldiers and countless other sky-prides and Prodigies of the Pan Gu Universe, including several Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortals.

They had planned it out meticulously and invested a lot of resources into making it happen, including the sacrifice they had to make. It was flawless from every single perspective.

However, the other universe made a mistake by dragging Chu Kuangren into this plan of theirs.

“Lil Ai, how’s the analysis going?”

“Report. Analysis on the Void Annihilation Formation is complete.”

Lil Ai had started analyzing the runes on the leyline several days ago, which were also the runes of the Void Annihilation Formation.

It was indeed a meticulous and powerful formation. Back in Pan Gu Universe, no other spatial formation could rival its function and power.

The formation was indubitably powerful, and only with that was the other universe capable of ending it all.

“Hahaha! People from Pan Gu Universe, it’s your honor to die under the Void Annihilation Formation! This is the Central Heaven Universe’s strongest formation!” said a frantic Great Perfected elite from the other universe.

He was fighting one of the Pan Gu Universe’s great ones.

The great one’s expression turned grim when he heard the elite.

Hua Xi and the others could not help but feel defeated as well.

“Not only the hundreds of millions of soldiers but even a Great Perfected elite was thrown in here as bait to trap us all.”


A Great Perfected elite was the strongest there was and was second only to an Embodier or higher.

A Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal could rival hundreds of thousands of Trinity Flower and Five Qi-realm cultivators and was considered one of the strongest existences in the respective universe.

However, for the sake of the plan, such a powerful existence was used as bait.

The Pan Gu Universe lost with pride.

“Die? With me here, no one is dying!”

Chu Kuangren opened his eyes all of a sudden, and they were shimmering. The Immortal Sparks around him rumbled, lighting up the area.

“Central Heaven Universe, you people sacrificed hundreds of millions of soldiers to make this trap happen, but you will lose.”

Chu Kuangren’s words echoed across the sky.

Several other Arch Gilded Immortals from the other universe were surprised by his words.

Could Pan Gu Universe come up with a solution to escape certain death?

However, they were all surprised when they learned who spoke those words.

“A Trinity Flower-realm cultivator?”

“Hahah! The Trinity Flower-realm cultivator is really bold to say that!”

“Breaking through to the Arch Gilded Immortal Realm may not have been easy, but you alone cannot stop this. What a joke!”

The Arch Gilded Immortals of the other universe scoffed.

The great ones from Pan Gu Universe looked at Chu Kuangren in astonishment. They were somehow hopeful after hearing what Chu Kuangren said.

The others did not believe Chu Kuangren could single-handedly save them all from that impending doom.

However, when they recalled that Chu Kuangren was a man of many miracles, they started to believe him. Maybe Chu Kuangren could really come up with a solution to certain death.

“Kunlun Mirror, unleash!”

Chu Kuangren swung his sleeve, hurling out an ancient-looking mirror into the sky.

It was the Kunlun Mirror that he acquired a while ago.

Kunlun Mirror was a Spacetime Supreme Treasure that contained powerful spacetime energy. It could allow its user to traverse across space easily.

“It’s the Kunlun Mirror!”

“Is he trying to escape the storm using the mirror’s energy?”

“It’s unrealistic. The imploding energy is too strong, and given Chu Kuangren’s current cultivation level, he cannot escape even if he has the Kunlun Mirror.”

The Kunlun Mirror had teleportation capabilities, but it was not the strongest in the universe. Hence, it would still be suppressed by a stronger and similar source of power.

The imploding energy from the Void Annihilation Formation was tremendously powerful. Unless Chu Kuangren was an Embodier that embodied the Spacetime Dao, which would make him powerful enough to use the Kunlun Mirror to teleport away from the storm, he could not escape with his Trinity Flower-realm cultivation.

He was still far away from becoming an Embodier.

How could he use the Kunlun MIrror to bring everyone away?

Nonetheless, Chu Kuangren tossed the mirror out as if he did not consider the mirror and his own limit.

The Kunlun Mirror shone with a billion Immortal Sparks, shooting the shimmering sparks into the storm.

The cracking and messy space was like nothing to the mirror’s reflection.

“Lan Yu, Chu Hong, Brother Ye, and everyone else, stay behind the mirror and don’t leave its reflection,” Chu Kuangren shouted.

Lan Yu, Chu Hong, and those who were close to him would never doubt him, so they entered the mirror’s reflection and flew further away.

The others, on the other hand, were slightly hesitant.

Could the Kunlun Mirror alone help him to escape certain death?

“If you people want to die, I have no objections either,” Chu Kuangren said.

Having heard his final warning, the others bit the bullet and followed Lan Yu and the others into the mirror’s reflection.

Rather than staying back in the secret realm to face certain doom, they might as well take the risk.

With that, everyone started to move.

Even the Eastern Sovereign Divine Daoist, who viewed Chu Kuangren as his biggest enemy, followed the group and flew out. He refused to admit it, but his only choice was to believe in Chu Kuangren.

The other great ones were still hesitating.

“Everyone, Chu Kuangren is not to be measured with common sense. Since we will be dying one way or another, why not take the risk and believe him this once?”

“Fine. I’ll take a bet on him.”

Even the great ones chose to believe Chu Kuangren.

As the mirror approached the storm outside the sky, more and more people gathered under the mirror’s reflection.

Almost all the surviving Pan Gu Universe cultivators entered the mirror reflection’s trajectory.

Fortunately, the mirror’s reflection was spacious enough to hold everyone.

“What’s going on?”

“Are they so eager to die?”

“The spacetime energy contained in the mirror is not strong enough to resist the Void Annihilation Formations’ energy.”

The Arch Gilded Immortals of the other universe were stunned, and some of them looked at Chu Kuangren in awe.

“Who is he? Why would all the Pan Gu Universe cultivators listen to him?”

“Why is he staying back?”

Strangely, as more and more people gathered under the reflection of the mirror, Chu Kuangren stayed back to continue giving the orders. However, he did not make a move.

“Whatever they are up to, we must stop them!”


Even though the soldiers and elites of the other universe believed the Kunlun Mirror was not strong enough to break through the storm outside the sky, they could not sit back and do nothing either.

Just when the soldiers went after those who flew toward the mirror’s reflection, a tremendous surge of energy erupted from Chu Kuangren.

“Do you people really think you can go after them?”

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