Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1425 - God-Trembling Bell Shattered, A Sword Mark, Separating Life And Death

Chapter 1425: God-Trembling Bell Shattered, A Sword Mark, Separating Life And Death

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“Where did this monster come from?!”

The Nine Heavens Deity was bedazzled by Chu Kuangren’s plethora of divine abilities and Immortal Physiques. Even a top-notch Arch Gilded Immortal from ancient times like her could not help but be overwhelmed by the sheer number of techniques and abilities he just used.

An Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique was considered rare even in ancient times, but Chu Kuangren owned multiple of them and showed high mastery of all the divine abilities. He was simply inhuman!

“No wonder the sky-prides are afraid of this man! What he can do is beyond any human!” the Nine Heavens Deity shook her head in disbelief and awe.

Meanwhile, Chu Kuangren used all kinds of Honorable Supreme Immortal Physiques’ divine abilities against the Divine Daoist and Maiden from the Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall, overwhelming them and forcing them to the edge.

“This monster is scary!”

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist wore the grimmest look on his face. He had a feeling that even if he mastered the Grand Solar Art to its peak and mastered the Supreme Yang Grand Solar energy, he might still not be a match for Chu Kuangren.

The Divine Samsara Overworld circulated Chu Kuangren as he stood in the air, protecting him from the Grand Solar Flame that tried to burn him.

“Your fire is weak. Why don’t you try mine?”

His hand raised with the reddish-gold Phoenix’s Flame appearing above his palm. The Phoenix’s Flame he possessed had absorbed a large amount of other divine flames from the Divine Fire List, and its power had grown to an unmatchable level. One strike from the flame could burn off worlds!

The Grand Solar Flame was swiftly extinguished as though it met its bane.

“Phoenix’s Flame, too?!”

The Nine Heavens Deity was not even surprised anymore.

Not only did he have a plethora of Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique, but he also had the Phoenix’s Flame that only Godly Phoenixes could master.

It was her first time seeing such a freakish genius.

Having been forced back by the Phoenix’s Flame, the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist channeled his Immortal’s Core energy to the limit and concentrated the Grand Solar Flame onto himself to counter the invasive Phoenix Flame.

“Zhi Yuhan! Do something!” he shouted.

Zhi Yuhan’s eyes gleamed when called. “Chu Kuangren, taste the power of the Violet Eye clan!”

Then, he rang the God-Trembling Bell violently, blasting countless strange and eerie soundwaves at Chu Kuangren.

Other sky-prides would not have endured the soul-attacking soundwaves without any damage. However, Chu Kuangren remained standing, composed and calm, as though they were just bell chimes.

“What?! How?!”

Zhi Yuhan’s eyes widened in fear, but he refused to believe that his attacks were useless. With that, he injected more Immortal’s Core energy into the bell and rang it even more violently.

Now, even the other sky-prides who were not the target were caught in the sound waves, and it almost tore their skulls apart.

“The chimes are attacking our souls!”

“Damn it! Ugh!”

“We’re not even the target, and it’s already so excruciating. Yet, why isn’t Chu Kuangren suffering from it at all?!”

The sky-prides, including Zhi Yuhan, were deeply baffled.

“Is his soul energy strong enough to ignore the God-Trembling Bell’s attack?! Has his soul energy reached the peak of True Consciousness? No, the bell should work even against peak True Consciousness.”

“Gilded Soul? No, no, no. It’s one realm different from True Consciousness, but the difference is day and night, like True Immortal and Gilded Immortal. There’s no way he’s reached theGilded Soul at this stage!

“The only explanation is that he has something or some technique that allows him to withstand attacks to his soul!”

Regardless, it was a fact that the God-Trembling Bell was ineffective.

“It’s getting noisy,” Chu Kuangren said.

Then, he pointed his sword hand sign forward and shot a sword qi toward Zhi Yuhan.

Zhi Yuhan’s expression turned bitter. He might be a Seventh-grade True Immortal, but he was no expert in cultivation-based combats, especially against a powerful sword qi like that.

Once hit, he would probably suffer some severe injuries.

“God-Trembling Bell, go!”

Before the critical moment, Zhi Yuhan instantly decided to throw the bell out.

In front of Zhi Yuhan, the bell grew massively in the wind and collided with the incoming sword qi.


A deafening explosion later, the sword qi faded, and the God-Trembling Bell also released one last chime that shook heaven and earth. It was as if that chime could reach the deepest part of hell and rock the entire netherworld.

That chime was far more powerful than any previous soul attacks.

Even Chu Kuangren furrowed his brows. “Violet Eye clan’s soul-attacking method is indeed a strange one.”

He could feel even that his Gilded Soul was shaken.

“Now!” Zhi Yuhan shouted.

Both the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden immediately channeled their Immortal’s Core to the limit and unleashed their strongest attacks.

“Grand Solar Art, Nine Suns Sky Scorch!”

As the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist shouted, the Grand Solar Flame around him gathered in the air to form nine suns that rained down endless beams at Chu Kuangren.

Each sun was as big as the real thing.

The combined might of the nine suns scorched not only the sky and land but also the universe! Everything across a million kilometers were in flames.

“Arbitrary Art, Life-death Heavenly God Finger!”

Countless Daoist patterns and runes swirled around the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden’s fingers and soon transformed into a massive finger which she pointed at Chu Kuangren.

A finger shadow rose in the air and perforated the void.

Its boundless and domineering might left the realm trembling fiercely.

“You people are too weak.”

Chu Kuangren remained still on the spot while Life-death Immortal Sparks lit up in the sky. The black and white light then intertwined to form a ring that released endless life-death energy, attempting to flood the realm with its destructiveness.

It was the Universal Life-Death Cycle!


Three different energies clashed and caused a massive and destructive explosion.

Even the space started to crumble and reveal black spatial cracks that spread rapidly across the sky as though doomsday had arrived.

The other sky-prides were deeply astounded by the scene.

“Such terrifying powers.”

“They’re all top-notch Prodigies, especially Chu Kuangren! He’s definitely one of the strongest and second to none among the younger generations.”

Some concentrated on the fight, while others placed their attention on the palace while the fight was going on.

“Now! We should use this chance to go inside and get whatever we can!”

“Yeah! Risk it or leave it! Let’s go!”

Those who had the thought executed it right away.

Several streams of lights attempted to fly into the palace. However, when they crossed the sword mark that Chu Kuangren left behind, the Descendant Self’s blade buzzed and released sharp sword qi into the air. Following that, multiple Proclamation Seals appeared.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sneaky figures exploded into clouds of blood mist in the air.

Not one of the sky-pride could block Descendant Self’s sword qi.

“How is that possible?! How could the sword possess such power?”

“No, it’s not the sword. It’s Chu Kuangren. He left his sword qi in the sword and used it to hunt trespassers!”

The sneaky ones got scared and decided to step back.

Suddenly, the sword mark on the ground became real instead of just an empty warning.

One sword mark to separate life and death, and those who crossed the line would die!

It took one sword to stop them from invading and strike fear into their hearts.

No one knew how many more sword qi Chu Kuangren had left in the sword.

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