Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1423 - Nine Houses' Successor Versions Arcane Deity, Restricted Area Affiliation, How To Destroy

Chapter 1423: Nine Houses’ Successor Versions Arcane Deity, Restricted Area Affiliation, How To Destroy

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The Nine Heaven Deity, who had been residing in the Arcane Deity Palace, opened her eyes when she sensed the presence of uninvited visitors.

However, she was not surprised by the visit at all.

“The girl requires more time to absorb the Jade Nectar. I shall guard her cultivation and see through the process,” the Nine Heavens Deity said with a smile.

Hence, she walked out of the palace with unrivaled beauty and elegance, stunning Eastern Sky Divine Daoist and the others.

“This energy presence, this beauty… If I’m correct, you’re the founder of the Arcane Deity Sect and the strongest deity under the West Matriarch Ruler’s wing, the Nine Heavens Deity,” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist said.

“I am.” The Nine Heavens Deity nodded. “You. You bear the presence of the Eastern Sky. You’re from Eastern Sovereign Immortal Hall?”

“Indeed.” Eastern Sky Divine Daoist nodded.

“When Her Majesty was crowned as the leader of the female deities, the Eastern Sky self-proclaimed himself as the leader of the male deities. Hmph. He’s not worthy of that title.”

The Nine Heavens Deity was not overly fond of the Eastern Sky House, hence the scornful remarks.

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist was not mad either. He calmly answered, “I’m getting the Opportunity of Fortune from this palace one way or another.”

He attacked right after he said that.

As he threw a punch forward, his vast Immortal’s Core energy transformed into a mighty sun.

The Nine Heavens Deity remained firm against the incoming sun. She swung her sleeve and released a vast surge of Immortal’s Core energy, overpowering the sun and blasting it into countless sparks.

“Your powers are almost depleted. You are but an energy manifestation, and as for your true self, it has died a long time ago,” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist said.

“It’s more than enough to deal with the likes of you.”

The Nine Heavens Deity pushed her hands forward and expanded her vast Immortal’s Core energy further. Immortal Sparks shimmered and surrounded her, granting her the image of an undefeatable war goddess.

“We attack together,” Eastern Sky Divine Daoist said.

Then, he raised his hand in the air, and golden light shone blindingly. It was the light of the sun bursting into every corner of the palace.


When the Grand Solar energy and the Arcane Deity energy collided, the void was ripped into shreds.

The Great Arbiter Divine Maiden joined the battle by releasing the life-death Immortal Sparks from her hand. “Arbitrary Art, Life Sentence!”

From her right hand, a dazzling ray of light shot forward along with life-death energy.

“The Arbiter energy? Another Nine Houses’ successor.”

The Nine Heavens Deity raised her hands up. Immortal Sparks intertwined with Daoist patterns and shot a torrential beam of Immortal’s Core energy at the dazzling ray of light.

The clash between the two lights was as overwhelming as two planets crashing into each other.

At that moment, Luo Yifeng attacked as well. “Luoshui Torrential Sword Art!”

As he threw his slash forward, sword qi carrying endless torrential energy blasted toward the Nine Heavens Deity.

The Nine Heavens Deity swung her other sleeve and shattered the incoming Immortal’s Core energy and the sword qi.

“God-Trembling Bell!”

Suddenly, a series of bell chimes rang.

The chimes felt strange but mystical, and they managed to shake the Nine Heavens Deity.

“This power is… Soul power? Violet Eye, people from the Restricted Area?” The Nine Heavens Deity narrowed her eyes.

The so-called Restricted Areas were places in the Immortal World or even the entire universe that forbid general access.

The Restricted Areas had forces that possessed massively powerful resources, rivaling even the strongest orthodoxies.

Based on the Nine Heavens Deity’s knowledge, there was a Soul Restricted Area somewhere in the Immortal World, where its residence remained mysterious until today. It was said that they specialized in researching soul power.

“I didn’t expect the inheritance from the Restricted Area to be kept intact after the great calamity,” the Nine Heavens Deity said.

“As expected of the most powerful deity, relating us to the Restricted Area. However, the Violet Eye clan isn’t part of the Restricted Area. We’re just affiliated,” Zhi Yuhan said as he rang the bell.

The chime echoed across the palace as its eerie and mysterious soul energy continued impacting the Nine Heavens Deity’s soul.

An Immortal Consciousness was part of the soul, or a manifestation of the soul, to be exact.

Coincidentally, the Violet Eye clan’s forte was to attack one’s soul.

‘This isn’t going well,’ thought the Nine Heavens Deity.

With that, she channeled her Immortal’s Core energy to defend herself against the bell’s corrosion.

At the same time, a silver lance appeared in her hand, and it started to buzz. Its glaring lance ray shone and swept across the field.

Bang! Bang!

The fight continued and slowly escalated. The multiple clashes between Immortal Techniques and divine abilities shook the realm.

Several other sky-prides who went through the hill and finally made it to the Arcane Deity Palace bumped into a fight between Eastern Sky Divine Daoist’s group and the Nine Heavens Deity.

“That lady is so beautiful!”

“Of course! She’s the strongest deity under the West Matriarch Ruler, the Nine Heavens Deity.”

“She’s even more beautiful than rumored!”

The sky-prides were in awe of her beauty.

The Nine Heavens Deity frowned at the gathering crowd. “Why are there so many sky-prides here today?”

The Arcane Deity Sect was guarded by the souls of a million female cultivators, so it was not an easy task for outsiders to reach the deepest part of the palace. However, the number of uninvited guests proved her wrong.

Although the sky-prides were all injured, they should not be powerful enough to reach such depth.

“Wait. Could it be the Gates of Hell?”

A sudden epiphany rushed into her mind. She did sense the energy of the Gates of Hell earlier, and the Arcane Deity Sect’s Soul-Trapping Grand Formation seemed destroyed.

The Gates of Hell and the destroyed Soul-Trapping Grand Formation resulted in the souls of the female cultivators guided to the afterlife. Hence, it weakened the defense of the Arcane Deity Sect by a mile and allowed the cultivators a chance to get close.

After connecting all the dots, the Nine Heavens Deity still had a question that bothered her.

“The Gates of Hell and the Soup-Trapping Grand Formation destroyed… Who could have done it? Could it be a Ghost Emperor or King Yama?”

The Nine Heavens Deity was more curious than before.


The fist energy containing the Grand Solar energy gushed toward the Nine Heavens Deity.

“You’re fighting us, but your mind is somewhere else. You’re just a manifestation of your Immortal Consciousness. Don’t be overconfident in yourself!” the Eastern Sky Divine Daoist shouted.

Luo Yifeng, the Great Arbiter Divine Maiden, and the few from the Violet Eye clan ganged up on her.

Immortal Sparks shimmered brightly as the fight reached its fiercest state.

“This might be a problem.” The Nine Heavens Deity frowned.

That Immortal Consciousness manifestation of hers was far from her prime. On top of that, the Violet Eye clan had methods to inflict direct damage to the soul, which directly halved her combat capabilities.

Should the fight continue, she would face imminent defeat.

Her only hope was that Yu Zhi could finish absorbing the Jade Nectar before her defeat and get the acknowledgment from the West Matriarch Ruler’s treasure.

“The Nine Heavens Deity is being retrained! There must be a lot of Opportunities of Fortune in the palace. Let’s go in and have a look!”

Some of the sky-prides wanted to seize the opportunity to slip inside.

However, before they could set foot deeper, a rampant surge of Immortal’s Core energy came blasting out.

Qing Feng came out with the coldest glare.

“Those who come near the palace shall die!”

With her sword in her hand, she stood firm against the sky-prides.

“A Fifth-grade True Immortal!”

Those who saw through Qing Feng’s cultivation level were astonished.

It was worth noting that only a handful of sky-prides had reached the True Immortal Realm, let alone the Fifth Grade.

“So what if she’s a Fifth-grade True Immort? We easily outnumber her! Don’t be afraid!”

“Those who stand in my way shall die!”

All the sky-prides attacked Qing Feng at once.

Qing Feng might be a powerful Azure Phoenix, but being badly outnumbered soon placed her at a disadvantage.

Not only her, but even the Nine Heavens Deity was having a difficult time keeping up.

Meanwhile, Yu Zhi was doing her best in absorbing the Jade Nectar inside the palace and could not be distracted.

Qing Feng and the Nine Heavens Deity, on the other hand, were doing their best to stop outsiders from interrupting the process.


The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist threw a fist forward, blasting the Nine Heavens Deity away.

Similarly, Qing Feng was also blasted away by one of the sky-prides’ sword qi. Blood spurted from her mouth, staining her robes red.

“Is this it?” Qing Feng’s expression was thick with grief.

“Today would be the day the Nine Heavens Deity and the Azure Phoenix die!”

The Eastern Sky Divine Daoist stood with his hands behind his back, looking proud and composed.

“Oh really? I’d like to see how you’re going to do that in front of me.”

A cold voice echoed across the air.

An ancient sword with a white-jaded sword, emanating surges of glaring sword qi, swept across the sky like a meteor. It precisely plunged into the ground in front of Qing Feng and the Nine Heavens Deity, separating them from the attackers.

A vast surge of sword qi erupted from the sword and swept across the land, trembling mountains and rivers.

The sky-prides were horrified before they were torn to shreds by the sword qi.

Then, a transcendental figure in white arrived.

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